Where I Come From 4/5 (1)

I am from tea and stroopwafel and
Science and art and
Soccer and volleyball
I am from corn and potatoes
I am from the trampoline to swing
I am from a big and colorful home and
I am from the peach tree and the big trees
I’m from swimming pools and golf carts
I’m from Sinterklaas and traveling
I am from Wilhelmus Geerts and Deb Zippe and
Lena, Frances and Annie
I’m from water balloon fights in the summer
and children playing.
I come from “Hunger is the best sauce” and
I’m from Jesus Christ
I’m from New Mexico and Holland
I am American and Dutch
I come from sandwiches and corn and
Oliebollen, hagelslag
I’m from cousins and grandparents .
I’m from pictures kept in the closet
I’m from road trips to far away places and generosity.



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