Where I’m From 0/5 (1)

I am from video games and basketballs
from homework and books
I am from the house of project central
I am from the big and huge home and
I am from the apple tree and the oak tree
I am from the neighborhood full of boys and girls and fun
I’m from making tamales and eating them on Christmas Eve
I’m from Robert and Gabriela and
CQ and Rhyea and
Polo and Chewy
I’m from the fireworks and block parties
I’m from “I’ll give you something to cry about”
and “Love you!”
I’m from believing in heaven
I’m from the Army and
I’m from San Antonio, Texas and
Mexico City
I’m from pizza and
Ice cream
I’m from peace
I’m from nieces and parents
I’m from pictures on the wall
I am from road trips and the military!



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