A special treat

Each year since the beginning of Vision+Voice five years ago, I have looked forward to the reception. We unveil the posters that unite our V+V poets’ work with ACC art student creations. We hand out the coveted anthology of the year’s poems. We’re treated to our poets reading their poems, to congratulations and addresses by dignitaries like Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Cruz, thank-you’s to parents and teachers. And we have really, really good food.

Right to left (I think): Dr. Cruz, Brad Richard, me, Polly Monear (the Executioner), and of course, Dr. Joker Rhodes. There’s one in every crowd.

This year’s reception was especially lovely, with a return appearance by Brad Richard, whose reflections on the V+V poems brought tears to my eyes. (And I wasn’t the only one.) Brad has done so much for poetry that it’s hard to know where to begin a thank-you note. Maybe this will be a start?

As I told Dr. Rhodes at the reception, a great idea without a great team to make it come true is a day-dream. I have so many people to thank for making Vision+Voice the blaring celebration it is. Where to start? Of course there’s our poets and artists, whose visions and voices are everything. There’s our creative writing students, who read and relish each and every poem on the way to selection. There are countless teachers on whose work our work depends. (If you’re reading this, thank a teacher!) There are parents who support kids to dream, and then dream bigger.

But there’s also my team, past and present, hanging posters and arranging anthologies, and watching the kids faces when they see themselves on the Big Screen. You are amazing.

One of the gifts all of you give me is that I get to walk around, laugh with people, cry at Brad’s reflections, take in the visions and voices, and eat great food. (The cajun edge to the wings was amazing — but then again, you can’t go wrong with Sharrion,  Travis, and Chef Coi.)

Original art by Alchemy, author of “Whale,” V+V 2017-18

And then, there’s Alchemy, one of our poets. Picture me, with little or no actual responsibility except to take in the joy you see on every V+V poet’s face.

So, there I am, loving everything about this evening, wading through poetry and poets, people with plates and proud parents — and Alchemy hands me this original work of art.

Thanks, Alchemy!

And there’s you, Polly. What can I say. You slay me.

Join us for V+V again in the fall!

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Get Ready to Celebrate!

I hope you’re all planning to attend our VERY BIG PARTY on April 13th. Please bring your friends and family to enjoy the festivities, and don’t forget to invite your teacher!

The program will feature speakers from ACC, and will include KLRU-produced videos of students reading their poems. Our Master of Ceremonies for the evening is Brad Richard – an award-winning poet and educator who is coming all the way from New Orleans just for this event.

We will have a great buffet of tapas-style food designed by our chef and served by students in ACC’s Hospitality Program. There will be a red-carpet with paparazzi including students from ACC’s Professional Photography Department, and a video crew will be there to document and live-stream the program.

All Vision+Voice honorees will get a goody bag with special treats — including the 2018 Vision+Voice Anthology and a certificate of achievement. Of course, we will have lots of this year’s poetry posters to give away.

See you soon!
– Polly

Doors open at 7pm, the program starts at 7:30pm.
ACC Eastview Campus, 3401 Webberville Road, Room 8500

Park in any student or faculty spot in Lot G or Lot E.