2017 The Interviews

This year I had the honor of being among some of the most talented young creative writers in Austin. Young people of all ages crowded a banquet room brimming with beautiful floral bouquets, dressed tables, and a mini red carpet just for them. Vision + Voice has had an impressive 4 year run and as the years go by the number of student poetry writers increases and amazes. I had a chat with several of these young writers and couldn’t help but fawn over the mix of adorable and well thought out interview answers, many of which impressed me. Continue reading “2017 The Interviews”

V+V Deadline Extension

Vision+Voice has extended the deadline for submissions until Jan. 27th! Get your poem on!

Vision+Voice offers K through 12 students a literacy experience that celebrates creativity and expression. It also fosters multiple venues for students to become published authors, with greater access to share their work with audiences. Students are free to determine the topic and type of poem to submit. Poems of any language from grades K-12 are accepted.