Waves of Emotion

There are times
When the waves
Are made of anger.
They tear up the sea
With each crashing
Stroke and die down
Only when the storms
Of frustration leave.
Then they become
Calm and satisfied
And the waves
Can carry and support
The people who need them
But at any moment
They swell with joy
Or fall with rage
Or sway with sadness.
We have
An ocean
Inside us.



My Family is the Universe

My Family is the Universe
My mom is the Sun, keeps everything going
My grandparents are the Moons
Always providing more light and love
My big sister is the Stars
Not always visible, but still giving love and beauty
My little sister is the flares on the sun
Beautiful, yet dangerous
My cats and dog are the shooting stars
Comforting and calming
I am the Earth
Friend to many and lover of all

Gorzycki Middle School