Batch Submission Instructions

Thanks for your support, teachers! Without you, this would be impossible.

We welcome batch submissions. Email scans of the forms below to, and we’ll take care of the rest.

As you know, we must verify that each student has parent permission to participate in Vision+Voice, and in particular, to have poems published (on this website and elsewhere!). For that reason, poems must be accompanied by a permission slip from the student-poet’s parent or guardian. To help us with the clerical work, please submit both the parent permission form and the poem submission form together in the same email! You’re welcome to send entries and permission forms from multiple students in the same email.

If you have a High Achieving Poet who wants to submit more than one poem, we only need one parent permission form for each student poet. If you are batch-submitting poets with multiple entries, send one permission form, but please put each entry on a separate entry form. Thanks!

Typically, scans of these forms can be emailed without problems. If you find that your email is too large to send, send your submissions a few at a time or use an upload service like google docs or dropbox. As long as you share the upload link with us, we’ll take it from there.

If you have questions about batch submissions, please contact us at

Thanks for supporting Vision+Voice!