A trip to the Ocean 4.2/5 (5)

A trip to the ocean
By Gaél Quintanilla

At the ocean,
I had no idea what I’m getting into,
Watching the sea,
In one split second,
My head Was in the in the water.

Watching a school of fish ,
That’s when i saw it .
A moving motor,
Faster than a jet,
Right next to my head.
I started to panic,
Was nervous and afraid.
Thought it was the end.
In a moment of zen,
They hoisted me up,
So relieved,
Safe again.

Zilker Elementary


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The Best Thanksgiving 3.33/5 (3)

As we rushed out the door this late Thanksgiving night
To eat a big feast that is hot and nice
We just said our ‘thanks’ and I decided to ask,
“Can we please have a bite to feast on?”
My parents said yes
So I ate and ate
And I would have to say
it was The Best Thanksgiving ever.

Baranoff Elementary


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The Best Place on Earth 5/5 (9)

The place on earth
Is somewhere close by.
Now, you may sit and wonder
“Where is this place, Sky?”

It’s a good thing you asked.
Let me tell you all I know.
It’s the best place on earth.
It’s my favorite place to go.

What’s that sound I hear?
It’s the donkeys out there
Going hee haw hee haw
Jumping around like they don’t care.

I see milk and Oreos.
No, that’s just the cow.
Their names are Ana and Kristoff.
Isn’t that cool?! Wow!

Baa Baa white sheep
They’re so fluffy and cute.
I love them a lot
In their black and white suit.

Holy piggy!
That’s Charlotte the pig.
She eat everything in the world
That’s why she’s so big.

Sparkle the horse
Is so pretty and sweet.
She has a baby in her tummy
And she stomps her mini feet.

One, two, six
Wait there are eight and now ten
I keep counting Corgis
All the way to the end.

Birds, cats, and guinea pigs
There are so many animals to see.
This magical place is my Mema’s.
It’s the best place to be.

baldwin elementary


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