Math is the path to go to college.
College is the path to get more knowledge to be smart
Being smart is the path to learn how to make art.

Blanton Elementary School



Poems are fun to write
They can be about anything.
Everything, even your kite.

You can write haikus,
Doesn’t even have to rhyme,
Just 5, 7, 5.

Or humorous works,
If you make it funny.
Like, I’ll write,
A flea ate a bunny!

If your brain is empty,
Free verse is best.
You don’t have to rhyme,
Or even put rhythm like I…

Could Go On And On Without Breaking Any Rules Because This Poem Is Free Verse!

If you’re feeling dancey
Try lyrical, and write a song.
It could start like this,
Then go: boopy bop bing bong bong!

Also try narrative,
If you like writing stories.
It can rhyme, or have rhythm,
But it also tells a story.

Blanton Elementary School