The Talking Parrot 5/5 (1)

One day I went to go buy a parrot,
then I went to go buy it some carrots.
I took my parrot home to go play,
we played lots of different games.
I sat down in a chair and asked my parrot “how old are you?”
He said, “grrrr, how old are you?!”

My parrot has really colorful feathers like green and pink.
But his favorite thing is to copy, he also likes to jump, that’s why I called him Hoppy.
He loves me and I love him, we’re friends.
I also have other animals, they’re hens.

He is really nice to me and I’m nice to him.
We’re best buddies, I will always be his buddy.


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Solar System 5/5 (2)

Eight planets around the sun, listen as I call each one:
Mercury? Here’s number one, closest to the sun.
Venus? Here’s number two, shining bright, just like new.
Earth? Here’s number three, Earth is home to you and me.
Mars? Here’s number four, red and ready to be explored.
Jupiter? Here’s number five, largest planet that’s no jive.
Saturn? Here’s number six, with rings of dust and ice that mix.
Uranus? Here’s number seven, the planet closest to heaven.
Neptune? Here’s number eight, with one dark sport who’s size is great.


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Mario, Luigi and Joshi 4/5 (1)

Mario and Luigi were brothers and the liked to play with Joshi.
Joshi was the best one at playing games, that made Mario and Luigi sad.
Mario and Luigi were mad.

Mario and Luigi quit playing games.
Joshi was sad because he did not have anyone to play with.
Then Mario and Luigi remembered, to never quit!
So, Joshi was happy because he got his friends back.


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I’m Bored

I’m bored.

I want to play video games,
but the game is broken.
I want to use my mom’s phone,
but she’s not home.

I try to play soccer,
but the ball is flat.
I try to watch TV,
but the cable doesn’t work.

I want to play with my dog,
but he’s at the vet.
I want to play with my toys,
but I left them at my grandma’s house.

I want to go to sleep,
but I’m not sleepy.
Finally, it’s night.
I’m still bored.
Wait… I hear a knock at the door. It’s my family!


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