My Sister Ate My Homework 4.33/5 (3)

My sister ate my homework.
It’s actually kind of a funny feeling
It makes my toes tingle
To where my feet begin to dance
Because my sister ate my homework
How could that be?

The dog and I worked on it endless hours
He helped me with my multiplication
And especially with the division
Oh my, that’s a whole other story

He’s quite the tutor or should I say tooter?
Anyway, maybe that’s why she got so jealous
Because he’s so much help
And smells a lot better!

I left my homework on my desk
I swear
I looked everywhere
Even at the dog
Who was definitely innocent
I swear

I turned to look at my sister
And I saw it with my own eyes
She swallowed it whole
All my hard work gone
In one bite!


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My Dogs

My dogs are bad they get into my toys
When my dogs are bad they like to eat my food
When my dogs are upset they make a lot of noise
But sometimes my dogs could just be very rude

When my dogs are happy they run around the shed
When my dogs are sad they usually cry
When my dogs are sleepy they like to sleep in my bed
When my dogs do something bad they act very shy

Even though my dogs rip up my toys
And sometimes annoy me
That does not mean they are not my everything


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Running Late

Oh no! There’s only 10 minutes until it’s time to go.

I must have slept through my alarm clock, I’m in total shock!

What will I wear, this is a nightmare!

I guess I’ll just throw this ugly t-shirt and jeans on, I should already be gone!

I can’t find my left shoe, what will I do?

Look at my hair, this just isn’t fair!

How can this be, nothing like this ever happens to me?

Mommy wake up, we need to leave to school immediately, we are running late, can’t you see!

Wait… What did you say? Today is Saturday!


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