Witching hour, pitch black, the moon is howling.
Windows closed, tight blinds pulled down,
Close the curtains and turn off the lights.
It´s time for the fright.

Lock the doors, turn on the alarm and doze off to bed.
Knock, knock.
Why is someone at the door?
The door creaks as I open it.
Wow! There is no one at the door.
I wonder who was knocking?
I’m just going to go back to bed.

Knock, knock. Creak.
Now who is at the door?
Don’t worry.
I’m tucked in tight.
Oh no, I didn’t close the front door!

Boone Elementary

4th grade

The One Thing

The one thing that always keeps me awake,
The one thing that never ever goes away,

Stays down in the basement where nobody strays,
Stays below when day to stay in the shade,

Waits till dark to finally make his way,
Climbs up the stairway covered in his cape,

Looks for someone who stayed though it’s late,

To march up the stairs and come where I lay,
To slip his teeth into my throat and take me as prisoner far far away

Kiker Elementary



As the light slips away from the sky
The haunter of dreams begins to rise

One by one he collects his beasts
To invade the minds of children fast asleep

Witches, demons, even the dark, start to enter the dreams of children near and far

The children squirm on their beds as the devilish creatures control their heads

Then in the morning when the sun starts to appear,
The ghastly beings flee the scene until finally, their master fear comes near

Kiker Elementary



Just a girl
No, so much more.
No idea how much she impacts
the lives of others,
bringing happiness and light.

I look at her
I feel like a bomb of emotions about to explode.
Happiness and warmth inside
Frustration and confusion inside,
I love her smile.

When she looks at me
I get this feeling
like I just ate a whole bag of pop rocks.
Her drawings and paintings
all over the walls
remind me
that no matter how mad or upset I am
at her
I will always love her
and she will always be
my sister.

I can’t imagine how different my life would be
if she wasn’t in it.
She’s my world,
my other half,
she’s my sister.
Never, just a girl.

Ridgetop Elementary



A hero doesn’t have to be
someone with powers.

Anyone that you believe in,
anyone that is an influence in someone’s life.
Everyone can be a hero.

All you have to do is believe,
believe in yourself,
believe in others.

Everyone deserves a hero
maybe it’s your mom or your dad.
Or maybe you can be your own.

Make an impact in your life.

Ridgetop Elementary


Ice Cream

Ice cream!
It tastes so good.
It feels like you are chewing lots of different flavors.
Ice cream feels like a cloud
With endless possibilities like caramel, strawberry, chocolate, vanilla. There’s even ice cream that has candy in it.
Whenever you chew ice cream it feels like you are in ice cream world it is so chewy like a browny.
And also the ice cream has a little cherry on top of it and the cherry looks like a little hat the cherry is ;o so cute and the ice cream looks very delicious.
some ice creams are decorated with goody’s,
like chocolate chips in them
and sprinkles in them and some ice creams have
candies like nerds
and also little chocolates candies
some have strawberries some have marshmallows
and some have nuts they are really good .
Ice cream feels really cold
and sometimes ice cream is hard
but when you lik the ice cream it feels really soft
sometimes the ice cream feels really squishy, and sometimes soggy .
The ice cream smells like a bunch of flavors
and it also smells like so many kinds of candy.

Boone Elementary



In AD 79,
In the town of Pompeii,
A volcano rose up
And blew it away.

The people weren’t silent,
they were very loud.
The sky was all dark
like a giant black cloud.

The eruption was violent,
as you can see.
One of the biggest eruptions
in history.

Boone Elementary