I’ll Be There

Rain or shine, I’ll be there
Love or hate, I’ll be there
I will be there, I’ll be there

Mad or sad, I’ll be there
Worried or brave, I’ll be there
I will be there, I’ll be there

Hot or cold, I’ll be there
Opened or closed, I’ll be there
I will be there, I’ll be there

Boone Elementary



Love sounds like happiness in the air.
Love smells like sweet perfume in the city.
Love feels like my red fluffy shirt .
Love looks like one hundred blooms on a rose bush.
Love tastes like an ice cream sundae with a cherry on top.

Boone Elementary


My Dog Ate My Chicken

My dog was walking down the the grass when a sudden chicken scraped her back. She ran away like the frightened mouse on the back of your house.

My dog went back and had the chicken on the ground like the ferocious beast she is in the night. Blood on my shirt everywhere if you mess with this beast you can’t go to sleep.

In the shadows in the night it looks like she is going to bite you for life. She ate the chicken said it was nice and hopes you have a good rest of your night.

Boone Elementary


My Crazy Cat

My crazy cat loves to sleep
But most of all she loves to eat
She’s very calm and lazy at first
Until at night she likes to bite

She scratches all our furniture
She meows so loud it’s like a giant roar.
And then she goes to scratch the door
Then she meows even more.

Then there’s cat hair everywhere
Some over here and some over there
But we still love her and that’s a fact
Because she’s my one and only crazy cat.

The Color of the Sky

When the sky is as blue as a blueberry,
As blue as the water,
It is the color of joy and peace.
But when it is grey,
It is the color of death and disappointment.

What does it mean when the sky is orange?
What does it mean when the sky is purple?
The color of the sky can always mean a bunch of things.

That is the joy of peacefulness
and the disappointment in the color sky.

When the Wind Blows

When the wind blows, it comes to you and me.
When the wind touches me, it feels like a cool breeze on my skin.
The wind makes things move like a tornado and a hurricane, too.
The wind blows, and the whole world breaths it in like you and me.

The wind is dust and air, but it is still the air.
And when trees dance as the wind blows, it is the best gift on a hot sunny day.

It is the the cool breeze with everything we love put together to make the wind blow, blow, blow.
The wind might make a path like a stream or a river, but it doesn’t matter. What matters is
the wind blows to you and me.

Boone Elementary


My Brother Nash

My brother, smart for a baby,
But what do you know?
He’s completely crazy.
Not a surprise,
He likes sports,
He even sprints across a basketball court.
Runs out the door, no stopping him now,
the only thing you can do is try to chase him down.
All he wants is candy,
All he wants is lollipops,
and if he gets none, he will throw a fit.

He screams at night when he doesn’t want to go to bed, and when that happens,
his face will turn completely red.
“Don’t cry. You have to go to bed,” my mom always said. My baby brother, free at last,
We all say, “You’re growing up so fast!”

Boone Elementary



Night is a void of darkness
as pure as the universe itself.
No one can see in that void of darkness,
and all that is heard is the soothing
hoot of an owl.

That is the Night
as the clock strikes 12
all the windows go out
like a deep empty abyss of nothing.

That is the Night
While chasing the blazing sun
the night is
creeping over the Earth
inch by inch waiting for sunfall.

Boone Elementary


Waves of memories

She walks through the door,
There is blood on the floor,
They are both fine,
But the room is getting tighter,
As she cleans,
They both make a scene,
They are both staring ,glaring, and snarling.

Later that night,
They get in a fight,
Breaking it up I watch and listen,
While looking at a ocean of memories washing away,
It’s all the water going down the drain.

Now she has a new home,
Happy as can be,
We’re a little sad,
But still show a little glee.

Casey Elementary


The Taco Fiasco

I ate one too many tacos last night
It’s like my mouth is burning, on fire
I tried to cool my mouth down with some sprite
I screamed the highest note in the choir

I think that I just need some ice cold drinks
Or I could just put some ice in my mouth
I think I am cursed with a spicy jinx
I need the coldest thing you’ve got in-house

I have a plan to cool down my hot tongue
All I have to do is go to the store
Milk is the trick to solve all that is wrong
Now all I have to do is pour, pour, pour

I drank the milk and now my mouth is cool
Now my mouth is not a spicy whirlpool

Highland Park Elementary