Roses are Red………

Roses are red, Roses are red,
Violets are blue, Violets are blue,
Watch out, Don’t eat that!
There’s a tiger behind you! That’s Glue!

Roses are red, Roses are red,
Violets are blue, Violets are blue,
I’m running out of ideas, The tiger is still
What should I do? Chasing me,
I am now it’s food!

Roses are red, Roses are red,
Violets are blue, Violets are blue,
It’s weird in his belly, It was all a dream,
Is that glowing goo? Phew!


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True to You 4/5 (1)

You may want to be cool like your friends,
Stock up on all the latest trends.
Do you have a style,
Do you love to smile.
You gotta be you,
You gotta be true.
Do you have a big heart,
But your friends are mean?
Play your part,
And you will be seen
You are unique,
Not part of a crowd.
You are yourself,
You gotta say it loud!
A true friend will like you for who you are,
So go with your passion, and go with it far.
You gotta be you,
You gotta be true.
You may feel so little,
Like you are so brittle.
But you can change the world.
You are a flower, you have unfurled
Yes, you can change the world
You gotta be you
You gotta be true
To you
You are you
You are great
You gotta be true
Don’t underrate
Yes, don’t


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My Dad is So Stubborn 1/5 (1)

My dad is so stubborn! He keeps telling me to write my poem now! He does not understand that poetry is not an art that cannot be easily grasped, for though she is a dove in her beauty, she’s a slippery eel to possess. Yet eventually she turns from her persisting nature for the pursuit to fall into your silvery grip after only the longest of chases. Now that I told you how stubborn my dad is, my main problem is the poem I have not yet wrote for the poetry contest. Wait… didn’t I just write it?


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Week feelings

do I have to go back to school?
Learning makes me drool.
Grab my toast and leave with a “you’re gonna be late.”
Then a push on me and my brother Nate.
here comes the week!
Leaving anxious with a kiss on the cheek.
Ooh I have violin today.
Violin is fun to play.
Look I’m at the top of the hill!
Monday Tuesday up with a shrill.
Thursday Friday down but I’m on top!
I’m half way through and not ready to stop.
Waiting waiting for tomorrow.
But that doesn’t mean it’s full of sorrow!
Speeding up down the hill steep
Speeding up on the week
Finally here finally here the end of the hill!!
My bucket of hopes for the weekend is yet to fill!
Time flies through the day.
Can’t wait to hang out in the Friday cafe.
Saturday & Sunday-
Look at my list of fun to dos!
Wait this is only a list of zoos
Looking looking for my list.
When I find it it’s blank this adds a bit of a twist.


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Ode to the stuffed mouse 5/5 (2)

Without you little friend,
I would be lost,
By all costs,
You hug me at night,
And without a fright,
I fall asleep shamelessly,
You have fame among my friends, I admire that,
little friend.
Now back to the bed,
Where I rest my head,
the monsters may be gone,
But that doesn’t stop both of us from fretting
about the bed bugs.


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the world of feelings

the world of feelings has violence
the violence ends with silence
no flowers ever bloom
nothing but doom doom doom

but sometimes there is happiness
then there is no war or stress
there they wave their flag
pride fills the air, then there is no lag

then there is worry
with worry, everyone is in a hurry
people worry because because they could be late
they rush for their own sake

at last there is mystery
things that are lost in history
feelings have been free
they’ve been carried on like a bee .

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Constellations 4/5 (1)

Orion chases the Seven Pleiades
Cassiopeia hangs from her throne
Sirius shines bright
Cygnus flies high
Leo roars, his mane whipping around
The Hydra, with his head in stone
The twins, Castor and Pollux gleam
Then there’s Hercules with his great strength
And Pegasus too
All the Constellations shining in the heavens



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