The Forest

Like a garden rose,
it’s style is pose.
Like the sun’s light,
it’s just bright.

Like water moving
and owls hooting,
What a child sees
It’s all just a dream.

With trees and flowers
and water that’s gold.
With animals and insects
of new and old.

Two doors as bright as the sun
and with light beyond the Ocean
leading back to the city.

This may be a dream.
Is it real?
We will never know,
What’s in the forest.




Can one explain how
love works
Can one know that
One must know how love is
However it can fill two
With this magical joy
As old as
And love is always
Maybe we’ll soon have
The courage
To say I love




When someone dies, my heart rings,
I wish I could spread my wings
To the place wehre the angels sing
But I can’t – it’s a part of life

We sing and dance as we begin anew
Skip in the grass and run in it too
But it’s the sad parts that make us blue
Death is real-it’s a part of life

We wish to see them, visit them, we long.
But they can be remembered in celebration, or song,
In other words, their spirits live on
In our hearts – it’s a part of life




So now we start this poem anew
It was 1965 and things were looking blue
For the targets, they lived like apes
No water, no toilet as they picked grapes

However, that was not the case
For the oppressors, all trimmed and laced
When you see the target, it’s easy to see
The oppressors only keep them to make money

A man named Cesar Chavez: he decided to try
To fight for workers, he was their ally
In an old theater, they decided they they
Would go on strike, make the grape owners say,

“All right, you did it. I surrender, You won.
You want fair pay, water and toilets? Done!
I’ll do everything you ask
When you come back to work, I’ll do the task.”

While that was going on, Cesar said, “Yo,
We still need to push on to Sacramento.
While we’re doing good scream or yelp
We definitely need the government’s help.”

In Delano, work they did not.
On the vines, the grapes started to rot.
When the news of the march hit publicly
The oppressors were unhappy, no money!

Then, a grape owner name Schelwyn
Gave up and said, “You win.”
Instead of a scream and a whine,
They decided to display
The black eagle sign.

The strike went on for 2 years, yup.
Cesar and his crew would not give up.
The oppressors gave up the money they lacked
And agreed to sign the Farmer’s Contract.

So now, I hope you read it all
And this teaches a strong moral
When you keep at it, you see,
That your opponent will soon agree.




Day 1

I am a worker with
No clean bathrooms
No clean water
Very little money
They, the growers
Treat me like I am not human
I am.
My kids
Are starving
I need safety
I need liberty

Day 2

I hear people yelling
The music gets louder
I look
Tons of people are yelling
Join us!
I join them
Cesar welcomes
I see Kennedy
I will march miles
I will do it



The Greenbelt

The boy takes pictures
Of the waterfall
The trail with his father
The grass that sways
Like a tilted kayak
On the creek’s flowing water
The boy’s first time climbing
Up the moderate hill
Gradually getting steeper
They stop for water
Back up the bumpy slope
Returning, he thinks to himself
Of the amazing scenery
He will undoubtedly come back
To the breathtaking greenbelt

Brentwood Elementary


My Magic Box

I will put in the box
The whispering of wind through trees
A curtain made of gold
Colors no one has ever seen before.
I will put in the box
A feather from the bird of fire
The wings of a pegasus
A prophecy hiding the fate of the world.
I will put in the box
The brightest star in the galaxy
A starfish from the deepest seas
A silver sunflower that has everything.
I will put in the box
The shadows of those who came before
A priceless chandelier from the poor
The beauty of Autumn, never fading away
My box is accomplished dreams and glittery bubbles
Heavenly lights and sapphires as blue as the ocean
I shall fly in my box
High up in the clouds
Warm and fluffy like cotton candy.