Zooming through the air
You are the spotlight

When somebody kicks you, you take flight
It’s quite a sight

All your tricks
That nobody can predict

Your great designs
That has a lot of shine

Nobody could survive without you
It is quite true

You bounce and jump all over the field
You’re on the go so much, you start to peel

It is quite true, nobody could survive without you
You are the one, the only, SOCCER


I am a Dreamer

I AM a dreamer.
I WONDER wonderful things.
I HEAR voices inside me, talking in my dreams.
I SEE angels helping.
I WANT nothing more.
I AM a peaceful dreamer.

I PRETEND nothing, for everything is real.
I FEEL very peaceful dreamer
I TOUCH the clouds in my dream.
I WORRY not much.
I CRY only happy tears.
I AM a peaceful dreamer.
I UNDERSTAND almost anything.
I TELL myself “I can…”
I DREAM of anything and everything.
I DESIRE to meet the angels.
I HOPE for peace in the world.
I AM a dreamer.


“Ode To Popcorn”

Popcorn, popcorn, so buttery and sweet
To eat you all day would be such a treat
I could eat MILLIONS of you, all day and night
And eating MILLIONS of you is right
Popcorn at needed at every movie
Popcorn is needed while you’re watching TV
Popcorn is needed everywhere
Because popcorn is delicious, you can eat your share!
Popcorn, popcorn, could you taste any better?
The answer is YES! Just add some more butter
Popcorn, popcorn, with a taste that’s not small
If you could stand up and jump in my mouth,
that would be the best of all


Ode to Swimming

Oh swimming,
For you I’m trimming
Down my free time
Because you require the dedication of a lifetime.

A friend’s party may await,
But for you I will be late.

I kick and pull,
And swallow many a mouthful
Of your crystal blue flowing wool.

If I pause for just one day,
You chase me ‘cause
Without you, I’m astray

You take much dedication
To travel across the nation
And compete
To attempt an amazing feat.

So thank you, swimming,
You are my light
Without you, I’m missing
A part of me and it doesn’t feel right.


The Waterfall

Roaring waters, gushing down,

Churning, thrashing, the water pounds.

A pulsing, bubbling white glow

With gushing bright bubbles that quickly flow.


I couldn’t remember it being any hotter

So with a great big SPLASH! I jumped into the foamy

white water,

Which seemed like quite a solution,

But there was just too much pollution!


So shaking my head at the magnificent site

And doing my best to be polite

I left in a sorry plight

For what I though to be pure delight


‘Twas just a sorry sight.