My Dreams

Whoosh! I went dashing through the water
Like a fish chasing bait through the water

Faster faster faster, Suddenly I am at the end
Its coming Faster faster faster

I run through the safari, I am as slow as a cheetah
I run till my legs hurt, Faster faster faster

Cackling as if it were a hyena, it jumps on me
tackling me to the ground, Janhvai janhvai janhavi!

Janhavi says, my sister, Come down for breakfast
I jump off the bed, It was all just a dream!!!

Gorzycki Middle School


My family

My family is a rose
It has a lovely scent and beautiful petals,
But it has thorns too
My family is a rose

My family is rich in culture and love
We are the Amazons
With crocodiles and hippos
Panthers and geckos
My family is diversity

My family is the night sky
Darkness mystery
Compassion, misery, love
My family is curiosity

My family, we are the planets
Each different and enlightening
With the sun, moon, earth and more
We are so alluring

Through the pitch black space
We have each other
That’s why we are family

My family, we are snowflakes
Different but still unique
That’s why we are family

Gorzycki Middle School


Left then Loved

A letter to myself when I was born …

You will be born I say,
August 28th is the day.

No need to be scared when you come out,
Even though there will be a ruckus about.

After two years have passed,
The love from your family will last.

And last.
And last.
And last.

Gorzycki Middle School


I Love Video Games

I love video games,
I love them a lot,
I play them for fun, relaxation, and plot,
the best video games are made by Nintendo,
at the end of each game you’ll be begging for a sequel,
theres Mario, Zelda, and Kirby galore,
if you want to be happy just step through the door,
after your first game you’ll be wishing for more,
the world of Nintendo is as big as a war,
you will enter a world of everything fun,
your life will be filled with glory and sun,
discs, and cartridges they’re screaming to be played,
the second you start your dreams will be made.

Gorzycki Middle School


Ode To Fat Cat

Oh Calvin Cat
You are so fat

You are so lazy
But sometimes crazy

You are the fattest feline
And we have such a good time

You don’t get off the chair
When it moves do you even care

You look like a cow
And you have a weird meow

You are so fat
My dear Calvin Cat

Gorzycki Middle School



Once they come they never stop
Beautiful things roam in my head
Like Mustangs racing through the grass
Dolphins surfing the waves

As my mind takes me places
I would hardly imagine being in
As I see the sunset before me
I try to soak in but its too much

I catch my breath
Beep Beep! My alarm goes off
My imagination is put on a hold
Until next time…

Gorzycki Middle School



E.L.A is so fun and exciting.
There are lots of amusing things to do.
Reading books and writing poems
Is very fun and relaxing.

Brainstorming and typing are also very fun.
Writing has no limit, so be creative.
An endless void of ideas to discover.
It’s always reaching out to you so you can explore it .



Ouch! That really hurts

Through the field, I run with pride
Scoring goals and passing as I go
I am playing soccer of course
The game is going well I suppose

But when it’s my turn to pass
I tripped and fell on the grass
It really starts to hurt
Because I fell face first

My nose starts bleeding
There is blood everywhere dripping
My friends go run and tell the couch
I have to sit out, while everyone else is scoring goals
Ouch! That really really hurts

Gorzycki Middle School


A heart beat

To be or not to be, such a strong verse
It could mean love or a devilish curse

It means whether to be alive or die of a horrible deed
But at the end of the day why does it matter
Its all just in a heartbeat

When I was in theater that day, I thought to myself
What is life?
Life is love, hope, sacrifice, honor, doubt, anger anxiety sickness
Exhaustion, laughter, happiness, affection, excitement, warmth,
coldness, harshness, sadness, and depression

From a mother’s womb to an old man or a dog or cat, even the grass is alive
Because mother earth is a life, and she carries us to make us one

To be or not to be…. My voice echoed through the theater
Everyone cheered and applauded me the actor

Me, ten year old me, stood there in silence
I smiled because I know at the end of the day…
The life and death are not that different after all
Because its all just in a heartbeat

Gorzycki Middle School