Christmas Morning

My hand skyrockets from under my covers
I check the time
6:00 on the dot
My heart starts beating
My head fills with questions

I rendezvous with my sister in the hall
Two sets of eyes peer over the banister at a glistening Fir laden with ornaments
We stare in awe at the amount of gifts bestowed upon us

Two sets of feet race down the stairs, creating a drumroll like sound
We are off towards the tree like two lions pouncing on a helpless zebra

364 days pass
The process repeats


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How Did I Get So Lucky 5/5 (1)

I’ve never had a best friend,
At least not one like her.
She is loving, she is funny, she is everything.
There’s no one like her.
Our never ending adventure.
Our never ending laughter.
Makes me want to live life with her,
She’s the light of my life,
My reason for happiness.
I would be lost in the middle of nowhere without her guidance.

My life wouldn’t be the same without her.
I wouldn’t get that indescribable joy without her.
I wouldn’t experience this happiness without her.
I know she is always on my side,
She will support me through anything and everything.
I come to her when I need to smile,
I know she’ll get the job done.
I can’t help but smile when i’m with her.
She is perfect.
I’m lucky to have a best friend like her.
There is nobody else like her.
How did I get so lucky?

I love you Olivia.


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I Want You Back 5/5 (1)

You were everything.
You were the sun.
I want you back, your warm hugs and loud laughter.
I want it all back.
I thought you were happy.
You took your life away
With no warning.
When was the last time I had said I loved you?
I don’t know.
I want to know.
I miss you.
You said you’d be there in a second
But instead you pulled the trigger.
It’s okay.
You had your reasons that I don’t understand.
I’m glad you’re happy now.
But i wish you were happy here.
With me.
But you’re gone.

I love you.


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In Life, there are good days

And there are bad, there are happy moments,

And there are sad, no matter how hard you try

You get both

Each one intertwined with the other,

If you get one

it is followed by another


We can’t pick and choose the emotions we feel

Or The order in which we feel them

We can only choose to push past the situations

That make us feel the opposite in which we’d like


You see life is a never ending series of events

In which we can’t and never will be able to


Life, is millions of moments put together to create

One common goal

That goal,

is YOU


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There they were

Ten blindfolded men standing still silently. Not knowing what will happen,

Pure quietness until…


They all fell down with blood gushing

From there faces.

People in the background crying “NOO


The bullets shot like lightning

Destroying anything in its way as if it were paper. Why? The little girl cried, why?

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