We all dare
Dare to live
Dare to breathe
Dare to tell lies
Dare to tell the truth
We smile
We laugh
We cry
We support each other
We cry for each other
But still we are alone
We are lost in our own
We echo in the wells of our own prison that we dug ourselves. That we’ve trapped ourselves in. Because no matter what you do, it will echo back to you.

Fulmore Middle School



I step up onto the block
heart racing rapidly in my chest
I take a quick look around
studying my competition
‘don’t be intimidated’
Goggles on
swim cap pulled over
I slowly lean down into position
my head hovering above my knee
arms prepared to go flying
I glance up at the flags above me
remembering my first swim coach
‘fly out not down’
deep breath in, out, in, out
I’m ready
Then I hear the words
“Timers and judges ready?”
the judges signal with thumbs up
“Swimmers take your mark…”
The buzzer sounds loudly
sending me soaring through the air
instantly, the frigid water engulfs me
like an enormous, unexpected wave
in an instant, my world above is gone
The water is a crystal blue
and my hands glide through it
creating a line of tiny, frantic bubbles
hurrying to get out of my way
as I kick up towards the surface
My arms shoot out, propelling me forwards
as I push myself along the water
stroke, stroke, stroke, breath
then I repeat
as I quickly approach the wall
I suddenly close my eyes
and for a split second
I can feel my world turn upside-down
And my legs quickly push off the wall
as I swim hurriedly back to where I started
My lungs burn, and my arms throb
but I keep pushing on
the water encourages me
and the wall up ahead motivates me
and I go faster than before
I can see in the corner of my eye
a body parallel to me
I’m exhausted, but I know
if I don’t swim faster
she will win
I’m almost there
and I can feel the adrenaline
rushing through my body
with one last, powerful kick
I slap the wall and poke my head up
I see my coach smiling
my arms feel like noodles
as I struggle to pull myself out of the pool
I stand up
tired but satisfied
I feel a tap on my shoulder
and I whirl around to see a judge
holding a bright green ribbon
I accept it, joyfully
and think to myself…
It feels good to win


By: Luke Hanna

The song of a players
Emotions coursing out their fingers
Into the strings

The rhythmatic
Poetry of music
Being sewn into the atmosphere

Complex artistry
Coming together
Into one full

Years of
Evolution to
Come the
Piece of art
It is today.

Guitar is not just a instrument,

It is a way of life.



Four Season

There were four sisters
Each had magical powers
They all cared for each other
Winter the coldest
Hearted sister she
Was yet the oldest
Only kind to her sisters
She hid from everyone
Autumn the second to oldest
Always the loneliest
Never liked Summer
She was always a bummer
Spring was able to
bring life to all plants
helping small creatures like ants
Only the youngest
Yet the funniest
Summer always made it hot
Never liked Autumn
Always hit her in the bum
The third oldest
Always responsible
Yet not that likeable
Together they manage the seasons
Always switching
Always fighting

Animals of Emotion

Fear is the thing that haunts you.
It keeps you up at night.
It protects you from hate,
But not from fear itself.
It is the thing that warns you
Of the future and its dangers.
Fear is the black panther.
Love is a feeling
you get when you meet
the one person in your life
who makes you feel whole .
It makes you feel happy.
It makes you feel sad.
It has many meanings.
One is where you feel empty.
Love is the white dove.


My teacher said to write a poem
But my pencil was stolen
And my fingers are swollen
So my poem is unspoken
My pencil just broke
While I’m drinking a coke
And I’m telling jokes
About my folks
And I’m losing hope
So I’m going to finish my poem
My pencil wasn’t taken
And I also like bacon
And I don’t want to go to Akins

She Was

She was the girl that no one noticed
The girl that sits in the background.
She was the girl that spent her time reading
While all the other girls went into town.
She was the girl that ate by herself
Would sometimes starve herself too.
She was the girl that needed money
While the other girls wasted theirs on shoes.
She was the girl that never went to parties
Nobody invited her anyway.
She was the girl that nobody cared about
Which is why the girl is here no more.