My Memory Book 4.17/5 (6)

My memories are photographic
Never worded
Always seen
Containing glimpses of the past
coated in stardust and sunbeams

The cold and empty vessel still haunts me
not the belief that it scared me
but that I can still see it
Sunshine through the trees
on the baby beaches
Provide me with a photo of happiness
times never forgotten.

The photos I keep within are

Sandy beaches
Fairy tales

They all stand vivid in my mind
never to share with anyone

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A miracle 4/5 (5)

I fill the air with colors
They smile wild and free
The world seems to shudder
At the thought of losing me

I am the rock to hold the ship to sea
A force too complex and ready
To color the world with melody
And keep the beat so steady

I am the way you say goodnight
Or how you wave hello
I am your mothers smile
Or a daisy doused in yellow

I can be forgotten
Tossed away and left
Or I can grow
And be kept and kept

I can speak the wind
Without a single sound
Yet I stretch all the world high
And back down into the ground

I surround the moon and stars
And love and laughter too
But the way I share myself
Is up to you

So, you, young boy or girl
Woman or man
Come roll around in the world so bright
And never truly understand

For when you realize who you are
Only then can you walk in your land

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Her True Place 4/5 (5)

From coves of deep blue to blinding true light
This beach is now falling asleep
For the small girl will appear here tonight
And return to her cove, her home to keep
The sun will shine and the sky will be blue
Her heart will take flight and soar on the high
Salty winds that take her closer to you
When night falls she drifts off to a sweet land
Closes her eyes and smiles bright; for she knows
She will soon be on the beach with your hand
Holding hers and skipping, her face a rose
But now she sleeps under mother’s sweet face
And dreams and dreams and dreams of her true place.

The Liberal Arts and Science Academy


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You were new at our school, yet you weren’t shy
A flurry of colors beat in your heart.
You always warned and wanted to know why
Hearts and minds are at war and should stay apart.
Friendship flowered into watercolors:
Delicate petal pinks, soft baby blues,
And with the brightest of yellow wonders
Icy-pale winters turned into light’s muse.
But watercolors are temporary,
Running like rivers and fading away.
Now I never stay, I’m always wary;
Maybe your goal was only to betray.
You were wrong, both my heart and mind agree:
You’re on the other side of the world to me.

L.C. Anderson High School


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Man’s Best Friend

Man’s Best Friend

Long before man ‘fore he took his great height
The earth was but earth unburdened unkept
Trees stood mightily in day and dark night
Unfettered wildness in wilderness slept.

Now rocks we climbed high both rough and rigid
The Plains our playground in days stretched with fun
Mountains their majesty tall and frigid
The forests with paths to be found and run.

But trees bend,and break to the axe of greed
Plains once splay now stripped, striped for planes
Mountains cut, slashed for man’s great need
Last wilderness wildness bound and in chains.

sr’nity forsaken for savagery’s demise.
The worlds nature bought what money now buys.

Anderson High School


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Drowning Fish, Falling Geese

Look at the way the waves roll

Look at the way the water rises

Look at the way the foam clears See how the sea goes

When she sets foot on the shore.


Look at the way the fish drown

Look at the way the geese fall from the sky

Look at the way the moon hides her face

See how the flowers feel ashamed

When she walks nearby.


Look at the way the mist curls

Look at the way the fog fades

Look at the way the haze leaves

See how the fume dries

When she parts the ferns to look at them.


Look at the way the skies weep

Look at the way the clouds cry

Look at the way the sun sheds tears

See how the stars dim and dull

When she laughs.


Look at the way the rivers flow

Look at the way the streams run

Look at the way the brooks surge

See the way the creeks overflow

When she plays her flute.


Look at the way the mountains crumble

Look at the way the hills collapse

Look at the way the valley dissolves

See the way the cliffs fall apart

When she waves goodbye.


Look at the way the china cracks

Look at the way the porcelain breaks

Look at the way the vases shatter

See how the winecup fractures

When she walks away.


Look at the way she wipes her face

Look at the way she holds in her tears

Look at the way she rips her hair out

See how her tears slide down her face, and

Then she doesn’t look back.


A thousand knives slice through a heart

A million streetlights can’t brighten a pair of eyes anymore

A billion fireflies dart here and there

And a trillion butterflies flap their wings, waiting for

Winter to end, and for Spring to finally come,


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People are always drifting

They fly here and there and anywhere.

So let me remind you

Of the time I broke my wings.


Angels go everywhere

You can never see them but they’re there.

The feathers that fall on the ground

They came from somewhere.


Maybe the sky was built on a few dreams

And yet I can’t seem to ever remember.

But, say, if I saw you again

Would you try to find me a second time?


If I walked past you

Would your heart take you to the past?

Maybe you’d feel a flicker

And suppress it with a smile and walk on.


And maybe the river runs in torrents

Faster than we can blink our eyes.

See that the sun now burns brighter

When there are no clouds in the sky.


Let’s take the river to the sky

We’ll swim through air to our past.

Let’s take the train with no return

And let old memories fade fast.


Walk on dried tears

To leave behind our fears.

Go headfirst through a drain

To find our childhood again.


If you find me it’d be in vain,

I don’t think I would be the same.

And I don’t think you would disagree

That you’ve also changed.


Everywhere I go

Scenes from a tale told long ago

Run through my mind

Brushing cobwebs off wounds

Spinning new stories

And never forgetting the old ones.


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A being consists of more than one hue,

The impenetrable black of the night,

One of the colors is the pigment blue.

Can block the passage of our soul’s bright light.


In February songbirds like to sing,

Sunsets and sunrises can be dark brown,

Anticipating a vibrant new spring.

But let’s all not be sorrowful and frown.


Few things on Earth go faster than a car,

Rivers run by us in a hurried pace,

But you’ll find time is more fleeting by far.

Washing away and burying the past.


People’s hearts may not all pine for the same,

We should feel neither blame nor any shame.

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Addie > Boy

I’ve always dreamt of finding a true love .
A boy whose heart in purest place ready
To join with mine that we may reign above.
We’d live it out as our love was steady.
He would be my fairytale; my charming
And daily swear to be forever mine.
But boys like this are often alarming.
Lies are spoken to impress – as they do.
Truth hides a greedy boy who doesn’t care,
Who plays the royal yet ‘perfect’ I see;
He takes his treasure then gets out of there.
Hopeless as it seems there is one for me.
Now it may not be a dashing mister,
But thank God I was given a sister!

Anderson High School


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Blue 4.75/5 (4)

It taught her to see in color
To see the world anew
Her life used to be much duller
But now gray was replaced by blue

Days that used to be a blur
But now time stands still
Dreams of happier times would defer
Her life was only going downhill

Happiness was wrapped in a capsule
She holds her entire future in her hands
More soldiers to fight her battles
She begins to push through the badlands

A world one surround by black and white
She is now unstoppable, she found her reason to fight

L.C. Anderson High School


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