Will You? 3.33/5 (3)

Will you be there?

When I was five and you thought I had cooties
I wondered if you would still want to be friends.

When we started middle school and you started having feeling for girls
I wondered if you would still stand by my side or leave for the first girl that walked by.

Will you be there when we go to high school and I grow into my body?

Will you notice me?

Those little hints I threw at you,
Will you follow the trail,
Or go towards someone else’s gingerbread house?

Even when you have fallen for me I wonder if you will stay.

Will you be there once we get married
Or do I not give you enough?

Will you still be there even when you have seen me at my worst?

Will you pity me?

Will you be scared of me?

What will you do when I am at my lowest point?

Will I be too much to handle?

Will you comfort me?

What about when we have spent years married together?

Will you wake up one day and decide you don’t want me anymore?

Instead of reassuring me of my insecurities,
Will you find the constant need for approval annoying?

Will you see the stretch marks trailing down my arms and legs,
And see them as the ugly scars reminding you of how fat I was?

Will you look at me and just see a stranger lying in your bed?

Will you walk to the bathroom,
Stare back at me through the mirror,
And decide…

You don’t love me anymore.

And you never knew if you did.

Will you?

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I Believe In Darkness, I Believe In Light 5/5 (3)

I Believe In Darkness, I Believe In Light

Fear. Evil. Screams. Tears. Hate. The Fallen. Exhaustion.
Destruction. Poison. Harm. Wicked. Silence.
Sin. Pain. Slipping. Trapped. Crime. Immortality. Fear. Damnation.
Anxiety. Panic. Insecure. Fire. Fault. Addiction.
Demons. Storms. Death. Scared. Chaos. Sadness. Darkness.
I have fallen in love with the immoral.
Seeking comfort within the shadows.
There is something interesting about sin.
Like dancing with the devil.
The rush that comes from being bad.
I have fallen in love with the darkness.

I believe in darkness.
But I also believe in light.

Brave. Good. Laughter. Smiles. Love. Rise. Lively.
Creation. Heal. Pure. Life. Beginnings.
Warmth. Whimsical. Comfort. Secure. Hope. Family.
Happiness. Yours and Mine. Protection.
Positivity. Color. Present. Calm. Compassion. Light.
I have fallen in love with the righteous.
Finding joy in my innocence.
Constantly searching and discovering.
Like flying with angels.
The calm that comes from stability.
I have fallen in love with the light.

I believe in darkness.
But I also believe in light.

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I Am Dead 5/5 (4)

I am dead

I wonder what it is like to be alive
To feel
I know I am not alone
I hear the silent screams of others when they are alone
The silent plea for help
I’m like them
When alone the tears fall like a waterfall

I am dead

I pretend to be okay
How are you feeling
How has your day been
No one can tell
It’s a mask
The perfect mask
I am cracked, broken
But fine

I am dead

I feel invisible, unwanted
I touch and break everything in my presense
I just want to be loved
But don’t deserve it
I worry I am not good enough

I am dead

My mind is a dark place
If you were to enter it you would get lost in a sea of horror and terror
The night terrors
Inner demons scary enough to cause a heart attack
They have haunted me for years
Silently creeping through the night
Moving for hours
When they leave peace comes

I am dead

I am a coward
Act strong
It’s true
The truth always surfaces
I’m afraid, frustrated , anxious, UNHAPPY
Conceal it, conceal it, conceal it
Let them know and you fail
Let them know and it makes you stupid
I’m scared
Scared for those I care about
Scared of myself
Scared of my mind
The potential it has to get lost in itself

I am dead

I feeling it building
Uh oh, the lump starts to form
My eyes hurt
Be alone
You have to make it
A tear falls
Almost there
Now find a place to hide
The bathroom
Lock the door
The bedroom
Block the door
Now let it out
Don’t make any sound
They can’t hear you
It ocerwhelms my heart
It aches
It hurts physically
Relieve it
Relieve it
Scratch over and over again
It hurts but feels good
It’s red but feels good
They rise
Focus on that
Keep going
Focus on the new pain
What emotional one?
Oh no
It’s worse than I thought
Don’t worry
It’ll just rise then fall
Rise then fall
You’re okay
It is getting better

I am dead

Oh no

It’s building again
My breath shakes
I need a distraction
My arm sure itches
I begin to run it
I use my nails and dig into my skin
It feels so good
Scratch harder, faster
My arm turns red
I continue moving faster
What was that?
I look down and see raw skin
That’s going to hurt in the morning
It heals
But it leaves something
A reminder
A scar
Anxiety is a pain

I am dead

They always seem to follow me
Their curiosity
Piercing my soul
Whats your name
Don’t look at them
Please don’t say something else
Where did you dmtransfer from
Short and simple
Thank God
It is over

I am dead

Pretty soon you start to believe it
You just have to keep telling yourself it
Say it over and over again

I am dead.

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Tailored Suits 5/5 (1)

Your ironed suits,
Always at your best,
And your sons and daughters
Following in your footsteps.

You may be slow on land,
Only waddling.
But in the water,
Slice it, dice it, splice it
Away from those land predators
Who call themselves
Experts, Explorers,

Their suits crumple within hours
So they
Iron it, starch it, dye it,
Never satisfied until
It’s perfect,
For them.

Filling, wasting, trashing
The Earth
They don’t realize
We live here, too.

And they cage us,
Throw us,
Into a flying machine
And are flown
Across oceans
To San Francisco
Where there are animals
From everywhere
And nowhere.

Slowly all of our suits will disappear,
And they will try to match us
But nature doesn’t answer to anyone.

Farewell, tailored suits

L.C. Anderson High School


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Wings 4.75/5 (4)

Birds’ wings flutter in my chest
Their high trills
And songs fill my lungs

They tell me I’m sick
They tell me I have trouble breathing

So I am not allowed to run,
Go up stairs quickly,
Jump rope.

But I know the truth,
I am alive.

And birds sing
In my lung’s trees.
The beautiful trees
Filled with red syrup,
Pulsing with light.

I am told my lungs
Just don’t work.
I’ll need to replace them.

But I’ll miss these birds

They sing
Even though I can’t.
They fly
Even though I can’t.
They can live
Even though I can’t.

L.C. Anderson High School


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A Furry Friendship 4/5 (1)

The loud, impatient scratching at the door.
A blur of fur from window to window.
Jumping, barking, spinning, smiling and more.
Oh, the excitement when you show.
Kind, gentle eyes that beg for attention,
Floppy ears listening to every word.
A wet nose, sniffing what you didn’t mention,
They speak in a way that isn’t heard.
Happily wagging their furry tails,
Slightly tilting their head as you speak,
Internally laughing at your fails,
Walking in, for it is you that they seek.
An everlasting bond that never ends,
Is a friendship formed with mans best friend.

Anderson High School


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Raining Blues

It’s raining cats and dogs.
The sky is sad and gray.
The windows have a touch of fog
And no one’s out to play.
But soon the sun will shine
The smell of wet, sweet pine
And no one will have a clue
I had the Raining Blues.
And when the sun does shine
The smell of warm, sweet pine
Outdoors will be just fine
And be filled with great delight.
And when the sky is a blue
River of sparkling jewels
Then there will be no use
On having
The Raining Blues.

Ann Richards School


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A Simple Flower

Just like a flower
my heart unfolds
to find a place
so cruel and cold.
They feed me with
a bitter kind
but it can change
a child’s mind
And as I grow
the world it darkens
Threatening scenes
my petal shockens
And as I wither
I’m often mindless
A scarring thriller
for the wound widens.
My roots will dry
un-crumble down
You’ll spot a seed
upon the ground.
You’ll pick it up
and truly see
what it can do
to you and me.
Just like a flower
my heart unfolds
to find a place
so cruel and cold.
Don’t be a flower
stuck on the ground
Just find the power
and be the crowned.
A simple flower
Is all it takes
to show the world
Its great disgrace.

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The Light in the Dark 5/5 (2)

I am the light that wakes you each morning
I am the darkness that haunts your dreams

When you think of me, all you see is happiness
When you think of me, tears stream down your face in fear

You trust me to shield you from harm
You try to stay away from me in fear of being harmed

I give you hope for a better day
I give you worry of a day wasted

The only fear you fear from me is not making the most of the light
The only trust you give to me is my consistency

You know me as good
You know me as bad

Yet I know only lies
And I know only truths

Keep me close in times of need
Keep me far for life and peace

I know who you try to be
I know who you want to be

So trust me to know and protect you
So trust me to know and protect you

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Crystal Eyes

your eyes shine like the stars above you
they sparkle like a thousand diamonds gleam
colors shift between shades as the winds blew
shining lights echo from every dream

blind to the changing world around us all
as i gaze upon your heavens gemstones
can you catch me when we finally fall
falling in your gems endless ocean tones

but the dark clouds start to conceal the light
hiding the precious stones from my gaze
you become hidden from my searching sight
stolen from me into a hidden blaze

as the winds change my sight will never shift
but the winds will never cause us to drift

Bowie High School


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