Trail of Tears 4.11/5 (9)

A million tear drops to be found
Falling empty to the ground
Forced to leave the rivers, forest, freedom and their homes
And nature speaks thru them all alone
but makes no sound
Their steps are no where to be found
Oh their sadden souls
That nobody else would come to know
Just their lost shadows
Who knew would come to grow
Maybe their melodies would echo their goodbyes
But you can still hear their soulful cries

David Crockett High School


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Color Guard 5/5 (2)

Shining sabres in the sun

Twinkling maces so much fun

Rifles spinning and whirling

Flags tossing and twirling

Elaborate costumes and glitter galore

All over the stadium floor

The band blaring as they move

Across the field, they start to groove

Dance and technique is our number one goal

As we spin and dance, pouring out our soul

Our elaborate hair and sparkling boots are a hit

Our precision tosses timed to the music are a perfect fit

We step onto the field for our last and final show

Our stomachs flutter rapidly as we start to go

Onto the field with a huge commotion

Performing a near-perfect show filled with emotion

The marching season is over and finally ends

We have all become close, forever friends

United by hours of blood, sweat, and tears

Our marching band and color guard memories will play in our heads for years


James Bowie High School


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ADDICTED 4.38/5 (8)

My phone is my Heroin,
My charger is the needle,
My Brain is the plug.

I’m no drug addict.
I’m just addicted to
My phone and all the
Things it has on it.

My phone tends to make
Me stay inside more.
It tells me watch videos,
Send messages,etc.

I’m always looking down
At my phone.And it tells
Me to keep looking down
And don’t look up.

I don’t have the fun times
In my Brain.Because they
Are all saved on my
My phone is basically my brain.
It controls me.

Akins High School


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