For You 3.75/5 (4)

To your mother –
your father –
your sisters.
To me.

Your soul enlightened each and every day.
A soul too eager;
too intellectual –
too beautiful.

I saw the way you felt;
about life –
graceful, everchanging.
About the universe-
unsuspecting, unreasonable.

You cherished
creativity through voice.
Your expression,

We used to talk
talk about things we barely understand:
nirvana –
love and happiness –

We agreed:
we had no idea where
we would end up.
It didn’t matter.

As long as there was
in every fiber of our being.
Through every action
of every day we lived.

You loved the idea of
starting over.
Moving on to a new life
encompassing contentment;

You let yourself fill with
Only seen,
if you allowed.

It built up,
But you never let it out.

I wish you would have let it burst.
I wanted you to let it explode
and pour out of your mind.
Like sand –
release the weight inside.

Yet instead,
you tied a knot.
One that will never be undone.
sand turned into rocks
and pulled you to the bottom of the ocean.

You would never let
taint how you loved the world.
dull the flame inside you.

The perfect release,
you found your nirvana.
Expelled beauty through your existence
and the world soaked it up.

When folding clouds roll
across a rose and lavender
stained sky.

When the moonlight
tears the ocean in half;
and the waves try to heal themselves.

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Memory 5/5 (2)

Orange trees
painted white one-third
of the way up,
supposedly to keep the ants
and scorpions
from indulging.

I never believed that.

The smell of chlorine
punctured the air,
and the water evaporated within
of touching the pavement.

Running barefoot.
Black-bottom feet, impervious to the gravel

We were always barefoot.

Peanut butter sandwiches
on potato bread washed
down by bitter iced tea
soaked up the heat.

There was no such thing as “sweet” tea.

Skin so tan,
almost the same shade
as the dirt;
hair so bleached,
almost as pale
as the sun’s glare.

We never used sunscreen.

An endless 12 foot deep pool
held ultimate diving contests
from the once-blue
diving board;

goggles and water wings never forgotten.

Laying on rafts with cupholders,
blankly gazing
into the everlasting
azure sky.
We made up stories as the temperature

rose to 112 degrees.

The heat makes the day
glide through honey;
roads release
apparitions and cars

Bowie HS


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Society’s Outcast

Red clashed with yellow.
Blue clashed with white.

thoughts of white and grey
floated across
the sky
like a herd
of castaways.

Trees of all races
stood exhausted
in their kingdoms
of grass.

Leaves of all ethnicities
to the ground.

Grey staled the pale
aged concrete
placed without meaning

A rainbow of wrappers
flee’d their bonds of death
clinging to the freedom
of nature.

The light breath
of a warm winter
strained against
the arms of the trees.

And there
opposed to social norms
scattered the inhabitants
of higher standing.

Colors only matched in the eyes
of complexity.

Movements could never be
by the simplicity of nature.

Yet everything seemed connected.

Where do I fit in?

Bowie High School


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The truth on life(Star wars poem) 0/5 (1)

Life will not always be a pretty picture, life is sometimes filled with great conflicts that bring chaos into our world these conflicts are sometimes created by people that are sometimes misled. These people are sometimes confused and troubled, these people are at times filled with hate, and anger over lost loved ones and more so are filled with fear. Fear is the devil himself waiting to see you fail. He is waiting to see you give up, he is waiting to take the life and soul that God created for you. You must conquer your fears, for fear will get you nowhere, trust your instincts, Embrace the life that God has given you. Embrace your family, Embrace your environment and surroundings, Embrace your friends but keep your friends close and your enemies closer. For sometimes your enemies will sometimes led you to the truth and your inner peace. Who is the wisest man is it the one who fights for unwise and greedy reasons. Or is it the one who fights for justice, honesty and truth for his family. The wisest man is the one that will do absolutely anything to protect his family, he is the one that may be average but he is not afraid to stand up for himself and for his family. A real man stands up for himself and a real man will also stand up for others. In order to conquer your fears and hate you must learn to forgive and let go of what happened in the past. You must also learn to forgive the ones that caused great pain for you and betrayed you. You must learn to Embrace God and the things he has created for you. Embrace and cling to your future let go of what happened in the past, for the past might have been bad for you but your past does not make you who you are. Although you may not see it but in the eyes of God you are a great person, it is never too late to mend your ways. Know that despite all the horrible things you did that were wrong. If you yourself admit to God that what you did was wrong, God will forgive you, but you yourself must learn to forgive yourself and know that there is good in you and in the eyes of God as well. Every mortal on this earth is responsible for their own destiny, you are who you choose to be, cherish your life for it does have meaning in it. You may not at first discover your importance but God will help you discover who you are. More so he will help you to find your destiny, Embrace God and what he has given you, and God will be their to guide you on the right path of good.

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You’re the full on collision ,I faced everyday
you’re the glacier that sunk me
I had to swim my way back to happiness
The shivering and loneliness that entered my system made me realize i didn’t need you
My mind was my life vest
My family was the last life boat available
Happiness didn’t come until after the fallout
The struggling I did for three years , you didn’t care , you sunk me everyday, you shot me down, you stabbed me with what i thought was love, little did I know you got what you wanted
You have something I wish I never gave you
I want to thank you, not for wasting my time but for making me stronger
I had survived the titanic just hope you can do the same, because like all the tears that had fallen because of you, we aren’t falling for you again.


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why i cant tell you

Why can’t i tell you how i feel it’s probably because i don’t know you that much but i want get to know you man why do i have to be shy it makes me want to cry that i dont have the courage to talk to you and get to know you makes me feel like little and weak and i know this is high school and i shouldn’t put so much energy and emotion but i can’t it’s o or 100 and i dreaded the answer because it’s usually,”can’t i only see as a friend”or“maybe when you lose weight’’ these answer felt like getting dommed by a stone and i’m like how can a person get owned and pwned and the same dang time or maybe i’m overthinking it and this person will say yes which would make me feel like the best than the rest and jump start my heart man i hope i don’t fart

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The one that intimidates me the most
Was the one I once adored.

Consumed by many emotions,
Like a preteen.
The thought of you dances in my veins and
I adored its choreography.

I don’t know which to favor,
The infection of love
Or the agony of heartbreak.

He drove many miles
In a taxicab to see you.
He was once consumed by fear
That someone might see him slip away.
Surrounded by millions of people,
with not a single witness.

O lady from the East,
Why do participate in adultery?
Are you blinded by the aroma of Cartier?
Do you not see it’s infectious disease,
That’s already obliterated me?

I pretend to know nothing of unfaithfulness
But that’s a deceiving lie.
It may even kill me.

The factuality of it all
Runs deeper than love,
Even the mistress can sense
She’s not the only one.

It’s midnight across the city,
Frigid, but not cold enough to freeze,
People out walking, the city still living.


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A child

Loved and adored

precious and pure

So very young

Thinking about the years ahead

vulnerable with every step

Crying like the pouring rain outside the window

Laid to peaceful rest, silence

In a blink of an eye it all ended

The End

In a blink of an eye it all ended

Laid to peaceful rest, silence

Crying like the pouring rain outside the window

vulnerable with every step

Thinking about the years ahead

So very young

precious and pure

Loved and adored

A child


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Badland 4.86/5 (7)

Its majesty brushed

with browns and reds.
Towering saguaro piercing
the land. Visited by screeching;
bats in search

of the insects illuminated
by the moon.
Sonoran paradise.
A wasteland: sweltering
with hazy apparitions by day,

frozen over by relentless
cold at night. Summer air invites
a silent killer.
It begins as avid wind-
agitating the dry crust
on the blushing rocks.

The devils begin to stir.
Survivors vanish-
into the cracked clay.

The horizon. The suns
resting place, enlightened
twice; now a darkened cloak.
Consuming everything,

Sand slices like shards of glass.
Wind shrouds the rocks,
dulling their glow. Overwhelms
the snakes and owls.

An eternity of rolling
dust encases everything,

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BLM 5/5 (1)

They don’t ask for much
Simply equality.
They don’t want your pity
They want the bullets to have a reasoning.

They simply want justice for Brown
Apologies for Sterling
Change in the name of Garner
And reconciliation over Crutcher

Stop silencing them
Stop preaching for all lives matter
They get that, they understand
But their lives matter too

Don’t ignore their calls
Their cries and protests
Don’t degrade their anger
Stop splitting their families

Stop being the broom of justice
Sweeping them under the rug of white supremacy
Listen, just open your ears
Listen and make a change

Just once a day
We can educate our friends
Teach our families
Stand together to fight their oppression

We should be one
We should be equal
Please, stand with them
Please preach for change

That’s all they ask
To be fully freed of their oppression
To see eye to eye
To all citizens


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