Bloodletting 4.67/5 (3)

And they watched as he bled
Dripping into a big plaster bowl
They waited for signs of blackness
Thickness, Corruption, death in a living man
They knew it would drip from beneath his turban
And into his eyes

They knew the name of Allah would be carved deeply into him
The color of dead men
And they knew that when it had gone he would wake
A clean man

They discovered a man beneath a pool of blood
Bone and skin and lung like any other
A still man with blue lips and red blood
But not a drop of black within him

They looked in sadness at the slack face of this man
Allah’s hold had been too tight on this one
They knew this now
A shame he had died filled with the sticky darkness
Of a people capable of murder

Eyes clouded with answers
They still could not


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Tinted Blue 4.33/5 (3)

Tinted Blue

I press the pads of my fingers against the rough bricks

And a breeze kisses my cheeks

And lies against my lips

My eyes close I hadn’t worn these shoes in years

They were scuffed and the heels were worn down

From bouncing on the floor

I’d always been going somewhere then

My heels were always bouncing

There’s a yellow house below me

It has a tin roof and big windows

I wonder if they’ll see me

Through those big windows

I remember the day my mother got a call from school

I’d been gone And she hadn’t known

I wonder how many calls she’d get before

They stopped calling

Before she stopped listening

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Minimum Requirement

When dose minimum requirement become maximum effort.

Each poem 10 lines that all you have to write or is all you can write.

Not 9, not 11, 10 that’s all I need to make something that gets to the point and that gets a grade above a B.

But when dose 10 lines become all that you can create to to make a something that you think is great.

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I believe

I believe in happiness, enjoying your own quirks,
the stars and the infinity beyond.
I believe in expression, showing yourself,
your true self, not the downgraded you.
I believe in pride,
not onlt gay pride,
but the pride within yourself.
I believe in me,
that I can do what I want.
I believe in me,
I believe in me.

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I close my eyes and lay back
I know I’m not on the right track
Broken heart shatter like a mirror
My soul is empty and it turns me into terror
This is not me but this is what I’ve become
I was like a flower into the sun
Then darkness rolled in and step on my root to start over
It doesn’t stop it keeps going
Every time my life goes good it becomes broken
Pain, hate and revenge I seek in my eyes
Saying I love you,Oh I know that was a lie
You look at me cry, tears down my face
I know you wouldn’t care at this case
I wipe my tears, pick my head up
I’ll tell you the truth straight up
You hurt me once but not again
Because this is where I begin



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Titanic 5/5 (2)

You’re the full on collision ,I faced everyday
you’re the glacier that sunk me
I had to swim my way back to happiness
The shivering and loneliness that entered my system made me realize i didn’t need you
My mind was my life vest
My family was the last life boat available
Happiness didn’t come until after the fallout
The struggling I did for three years , you didn’t care , you sunk me everyday, you shot me down, you stabbed me with what i thought was love, little did I know you got what you wanted
You have something I wish I never gave you
I want to thank you, not for wasting my time but for making me stronger
I had survived the titanic just hope you can do the same, because like all the tears that had fallen because of you, we aren’t falling for you again.

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Fae Lifetime

He rests his hand mid thigh
And the tree beings to quiver
The wind grows colder
The tree begins to sigh as it gets older
Give way
To rot and decay
Collapse under hand
Where barley a breath has passed
For him
Long live the fae
For what
Does eternity know of an hour?
In one breath span
Dead and back again
Still he sits
In a forest younger than him
Dead and back again
Each human lifetime a wink
They’ve forgotten
Like amnesia
All the important things
But then
What does eternity know of an hour?
Dead and back again
With barley a glimpse of what the fae know
With barley a glimpse of what the stories tell
Dead and back again
A life for show
To dead men

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Opposite day 5/5 (1)

There is something I need to tell you jad
You are not very pretty
You make my stomach turn sower
You arnt very intelligent
But I mean you are a blonde
Your present makes me upset
I don’t love you anymore
Please go back to not knowing me
You even have a bad personality
Your just not a Good looking person
I hate all your flaws
Oh wait, my bad I forget to tell you something
It’s opposite day
I love you with everything I got
And I got you.

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