An ode to mutual feelings

This is an ode to the people who share the same feelings i do. And i don’t mean the romantic ones. I mean the excitement i share with my childhood best friend when we see each other after years without contact when his face lights up with joy i can’t help but feel we belong to the same power plant. This is an ode to the people who think like i do, to my sister who can figure out the ending to an episode of Supernatural within the first 10 minutes of watching it, because i figured it out too. This is an ode to the friends who appreciate you as much as you appreciate them, or when someone new extends themselves into your life to create that platonic tectonic relationship we are one moving in the same direction. Mutual feelings are more than love and lust. They are understanding. Knowing that I’m not alone in the way i think or feel. It’s how we connect to each other to create this ever expanding community. We feel it together. And i think, that’s the best feeling of all.

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Expect The Unexpected

If we are expected to be perfect.
We wont be ready.
To fail.
To cry.
To say not now, this is too much.
Give us time.
Give us that single moment.
That serene moment of being safe in our own minds and bodies.
Now, our futures aren’t foretold.
Expect the unexpected they say.
But they never say what could happen.
How could one possibly know?.
How could you expect when you’re suddenly sitting in a room, looking at those distant memories and reminiscing in the glow of your life.
Thinking about a life that was long ago.
Smiling faces that are forever captured, the laughs that you can still hear.
It’s hard to say what we all won’t be able to see till it finally comes.
So how does one know when to expect the unexpected?.
For once we all look in fear but we do not tremble or cower.
But brace for the unknown.

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Light (And Not) 5/5 (1)

I look up and I see a trail, singing with the sounds of stubborn birds,
an illuminated beam of sunlight falling on the trees.
A scratching carpet of leaves form below, asleep for winter.
Colors materialize all around, warm amber and cool gold.
There is life everywhere, in all arrangements and stages.
We sense moving, an oscillating rhythm, a non-threatening ritual.
It is indeed radiant, blossoming and luminous;
In truth, it seems almost perfect

And yet, I am aware of something else here too.
We are aware that where there is light there must also be shadow.
Still nothing, no matter how beautiful, can evade that truth.
In this swirling world of intricacies hides a villainous adversary:
It is something looming, waiting in shadow.
Concrete and wires creep up out of the foliage, out of the life.
And we still mourn for the words, never heard,
Swallowed in this oblivion

McCallum Highschool


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O Fishing

O fishing, I do adore-
You’re always on my mind.

When we go camping
I make sure I bring my rod and tackle.

O fishing, when I should be sleeping-
I stay up just to get one more thrill.

O fishing, every day I am praying to go fishing.
You are the fish in my eye.

O fishing, the sweet sound of your drag screaming….fishing
The splish, splash of your tail helps me go to bed at night.

O fishing, the sweet smell of the bait I love so much
O fishing, the blood, sweat, and tears I put into you.

O fishing, I think you talk to me in my dreams.
O fishing.

Gorzycki MS


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Opposite day

There is something I need to tell you jad
You are not very pretty
You make my stomach turn sower
You arnt very intelligent
But I mean you are a blonde
Your present makes me upset
I don’t love you anymore
Please go back to not knowing me
You even have a bad personality
Your just not a Good looking person
I hate all your flaws
Oh wait, my bad I forget to tell you something
It’s opposite day
I love you with everything I got
And I got you.

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Ode to Whoppers

Oh, thy glorious whopper,
I am your desired shopper.

How you taste in my mouth is indescribable.
If you weren’t in my life, that would be horrible.
How you dance on my tongue makes my taste buds go crazy,
Eating you makes me want to be lazy.

Your loud crunch makes me shiver,
Sharing your delight makes you the giver.
When I place you in my mouth,
You sizzle and dissolve.
The taste of your sweetness will evolve.
When the taste is gone my feelings go south,
There is nothing but sadness in my mouth.
Oh, thy glorious whopper,
I cannot live without.

Gorzycki Middle School

6th grade

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Do you ever think about what’s out there?
All the stars and planets like,
Black Holes forming and stars dying like,
Infinite space and infinite flying like,
Being the only ones or not knowing who’s out there like,
Space will give you space because it’s infinite and growing like,
Oh my god time is infinite and present like,
It’s scary but it’s also so beautiful like,
The big bang is the theory that it started it all like,
All of these atoms and us were made out there like,
I’m standing here in this classroom when there’s something there like,
Space is so beautiful and so amazing like,
Ninety-nine point nine nine of it won’t get explored like,
It’s so big and so crazy like,
Where are we in this big universe like,
It’s infinitely big and it just stares at me like,
I will exist forever past mankind like,
A Mastermind, undefined, were combined and rare like,
All I ever think about is space and time like,
Do you ever think about what’s out there?

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