Paradise 4.5/5 (12)

What a flawed concept.
Perfect places
Do not exist
is a falsehood
There will always be turmoil
and sadness
and despair.
crams your mind
with imperfect perfection.
like air
inside the lungs.
dried streams
in a storm.
This concept
Of idealism
will never
good argyle.
Even universes
of our own creation
What a flawed concept.

Lamar Middle School


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When Plate Tectonics Move 3/5 (3)

When Plate Tectonics Move
By Rachel Paiz

When plate tectonics drift apart
They leave behind a permanent scar
They eventually form as an ocean ridge
Which can lead up to a mountain bridge
That nobody knew would ever exist

Oh when plate tectonics converge as one
An earthquake has begun
In the earth’s surface
Present and in past
Isolating and diverging
Valleys start to form at last

From the deepest ocean trenches
To the highest mountain tops
There is a rising volcano that never stops

Beneath the earth
The rocky inner layer core rises up more
Like it never did before

Boundaries transform moving side by side
Eventually connect and glide

David Crockett High School

9th Grade

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Jake’s House 2/5 (3)

Jake’s House

There was a man whose name was Jake
Who had a house upon the lake
Every morning he would wake
And for breakfast have a piece of cake

He had a private fishing hole;
He always used a long cane pole
He fried his fish on red hot coal
And served it in a great big bowl

For a pet, he had a cat

Wolcott High


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Trail of Tears 3.83/5 (6)

Trail of Tears
By Rachel Paiz

A million tear drops to be found
Falling empty to the ground
Forced to leave the rivers, forest, freedom and their homes
And nature speaks thru them all alone
but makes no sound
Their steps are no where to be found
Oh their sadden souls
That nobody else would come to know
Just their lost shadows
Who knew would come to grow
Maybe their melodies would echo their goodbyes
But you can still hear their soulful cries

David Crockett High School


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Sure 2.5/5 (2)

Sure, like the wind is sure
when it blows a little breeze.
Sure, like the sun is when
it shines down upon us.
Sure, like an architect is sure
when he looks at blueprints.
Sure, like a mother bear is sure
that her kids are safe.
Sure, like when the universe was sure
it could support life on some planet, somewhere out there.
How can we be sure, but still be uncertain?



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The jungle 4.15/5 (41)

Take a deep breath, and you’ll see why you did

The jungle is filled with amazing tricks

The monkeys swing side by side

While the snakes hunt mice quickly but sly

The parrots and toucans are high in the sky

When the panthers and jaguars hunt with pride

Oh the trees the beautiful trees

The mango banana and avocado trees

So take a deep breath and you’ll see

The jungle is filled with amazing tricks

Bernice Kiker Elementary


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Flow of life 4.78/5 (40)

The sun is bright, the sky is blue
The wind is cold, the frost is too

The ocean waves are calm but do stay
The rainbow across the mountain never goes away

There is anger and hate, and joy with fate
There is hope and creation, and sadness with frustration

But all leads to one equation
Light and dark are the same, so as life and death

Creation and destruction are the same
That is the equation of life that we all live today

Live your life, see it through
Don’t have hate but joy with you
And see the many wonders that life brings to you

Be the calm river that is steady and slow
Or go through the stream that is wild and free
And go through the adventures that were meant for you

Don’t go down the path that is written
Go down the path that you write as you go
Don’t let anything stop you, don’t let anything make you slow

Choose your path calm or wild
Flow with life as you go!

Bernice Kiker Elementary


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