This Feeling 2/5 (2)

This is the worst feeling ever,
The uncertainty is throbbing.

What is going on?
Where is she?

This never happens,
I must know.

I am lost at sea, one-million miles off course,
I am scared for her,
I am scared for me.

I need her.

William B. Travis Early College High School


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Untaken 5/5 (2)

We are born on an untaken path,
We start walking.
We walk and walk,
Suddenly on the sides,
We see things.

We see faces and other people,
We see art,
We hear music,
We taste food,
We start to grow.

We keep walking the path,
We hit obstacles and road blocks.
We push through.

We learn to solve problems,
We continue.

We meet others walking on paths of their own,
We create friendships,
We discover love and companionship,
We construct families.

We carry a blanket stick of accomplishments,
And memories,
And deeds.

The path begins to fade and become worn,
We lose friends,
We lose loves,
We find the path hard to follow.

We reach the end of the path,
Alone, worn, tired, and broken.

Finally, there’s the cliff,
No bottom in sight.

We plunge into the untaken path.
And nothing.

William B. Travis Early College High School


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It’s a Passion


Down the field it goes

Dribble, Pass, Shoot, Score!

If it was only that easy

People don’t understand
The Sweat
The Tears
The Blood
The Cramps of your working muscles

All those practices,
So much running you might even passout
“Get on the line” he demands
‘Line’ makes you hate math even more than you already did

You struggle to gain a new skill
To prove to Coach that you should be the starting lineup
Not Her

Why do the coaches make you compete with your best friends
Push each other off the ball,
Push each others back,
until one of us claims victory

Aren’t friends supposed to have each others back,
Guess when your on the field it doesn’t matter,
That is why you train 8 times a week,
Doesn’t make sense, Huh

One Practice to Another.
With Excitement,
With Exhaustion,
Most Importantly With Passion

You choose your story
But, You leave your leagacy



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Waves of memories 4.25/5 (4)

She walks through the door,
There’s blood on the floor,
They are both fine,
But the room is getting tighter.

As she cleans,
they both make a scene.

Later that night,
They get in a fight,
Breaking it up,
I watch and listen.

While looking at an ocean,
Of memories washing away,
It’s all the water going down the drain.

Now she has a new home,
Happy as can be,
We’re a little sad,
but still show a little glee.

Casey Elementary


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Redwood Trees 2/5 (1)

swaying, moving, blowing in wind
looking down at us
red, orange, yellow in fall
towering over us
brown, green and big in spring
giants of our land
nothing in our big, blue world
could ever be as grand

Doss elementary school


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Blue birds 2/5 (1)

Birds are all cool
If you think different
You are a fool
Trees and grass
blue birds
aren’t to brass
you should think about
how every bird but a blue bird shouts
no no no this isn’t your typical bird
bird is the word
bunnies eat carrots
and this bird is a parrot.



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Piquancy 4/5 (2)

The words were syrupy
Coating the inside of her mouth
With a tender sweetness
It was indistinguishable
Unlike any other piquancy
she let the sugar coated mess of words
Deceive her
For after it is dried up
All she has left is
The rope of reminisce she clings to
Her hands red
As the sky
When the sun leaves its midst
She has only the cloying aftertaste
Boiling in her mouth
Yet even then she would still choose
To taste
The bittersweet mass again
She still recalled
The way her mouth danced to form the
Yet powerful words
“I love you”



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A Furry Friendship 4/5 (1)

The loud, impatient scratching at the door.
A blur of fur from window to window.
Jumping, barking, spinning, smiling and more.
Oh, the excitement when you show.
Kind, gentle eyes that beg for attention,
Floppy ears listening to every word.
A wet nose, sniffing what you didn’t mention,
They speak in a way that isn’t heard.
Happily wagging their furry tails,
Slightly tilting their head as you speak,
Internally laughing at your fails,
Walking in, for it is you that they seek.
An everlasting bond that never ends,
Is a friendship formed with mans best friend.

Anderson High School


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