I like them
They have ALL my favorite colors
Pretty and beautiful
Magical horns
Unicorns shine bright like a sun
They make me happy and filled with joy.

Ridgetop Elementary


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Guess It! 3.75/5 (4)

Blue as the sky
She can’t jump high

A pair of big flappy ears
She has no fears

She smells as good
As the most scrumptious food

Sniff, sniff
Joy in a jiff

As soft as a sheep
She puts me to sleep

My best buddy
Her name is Sugar, my elephant lovey

Highland Park Elementary School


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The Unicorn’s Journey to France 5/5 (2)

The unicorn wanted to go to France.
She pranced to France.
When she got there she checked into a hotel,
And then she fell.
She climbed up the Eiffel Tower,
It only took a hour.
When she got to the top
There sat a cop
She knew she was in trouble
So she had to think on the double.
She found her inner-sparkle
And she grew wings.

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El Atardecer

.Que te gusta mas
el dia o la noche?
Me gusta mas el atardecer
porque cuando lo veo
pienso en que todo es posible
y que todo es magico y es




What do you like more
the day or the night?
I like the sunset more
because when I see it
I think that everything is possible
and everything is magic and everything is

Ridgetop Elementary School


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My Story 5/5 (4)

When the flower grows on
I sing to my own
I can work on my own
I can see my future
I see the snow glimmering snowflakes
I can see my town
I can see my family
When I finally get to see my earth
And I can see my pet
As I am in a forest
I can see glimmering
I can see snowflakes
I can see grass
I can see me smelling flowers
And I can see my mom, my dad, and my sister
I am happy.

Ross Baldwin Elementary


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