• Trail of Tears

    A million tear drops to be found
    Falling empty to the ground
    Forced to leave the rivers, forest, freedom and their homes
    And nature speaks thru them all alone
    but makes no sound
    Their steps are no where to be found
    Oh their sadden souls
    That nobody else would come to know
    Just their lost ...

  • I Am Dead

    I am dead

    I wonder what it is like to be alive
    To feel
    I know I am not alone
    I hear the silent screams of others when they are alone
    The silent plea for help
    I’m like them
    When alone the tears fall like a waterfall

    I am dead

    I pretend to be okay
    How are you ...

  • Differences

    I’m like this she’s like that
    she like this I like that
    when I suggest a game
    she says no let’s play tag
    I say no thanks
    We are all different

    Blanton Elementary School


  • Dazaling

    Watching as you entrance me into a gaze that wont let me look away
    The colors of
    and yellow
    Dazzle my eyes making me sob,
    for the dazaling thing is on my house
    burning it
    so much for beauty because on the inside its a monster

  • This Feeling

    This is the worst feeling ever,
    The uncertainty is throbbing.

    What is going on?
    Where is she?

    This never happens,
    I must know.

    I am lost at sea, one-million miles off course,
    I am scared for her,
    I am scared for me.

    I need her.

    William B. Travis Early College High School


  • Why

    Those special memories
    When we climb Mr. Bijan’s favorite
    tree and steal the fruits

    Those special days
    When we cheat on the tests but
    we never got caught

    Those special times
    When we tie the running contest
    and we had to share the trophy.

    Why we stopped it
    Why can’t we stay together like
    we used to do

    Is ...

  • Galveston

    Salty ocean waves lapping over my feet.
    The relaxing sounds of water soothing me.
    The sun beats down on my face and neck.
    If your looking for a beach, this one is the best.

    Crystal blue waters and clear cloudless skys.
    I love Galveston, it’s not a surprise.

    Collecting seashells and pearly shark teeth
    With my wet ...

  • The Tenth Floor Tradgedy

    We were all working as hard as we could
    So we could get paid and go home
    But one day a fire started
    No one noticed until it was to late
    This is how it all began

    We all had to decide our fate
    We had to either burn to death
    Or jump to our death

  • Ode to Penny

    Oh Penny, I miss you dear,
    In a flash, you’re not here
    The day I found you lying on the grass,
    I knew in a second the day would crash
    I ran to the house not knowing what to do,
    All around me the sadness flew
    I got to the house Dad rushed out,
    Washed ...

  • L.A.L

    Laugh at life.
    Get up and accomplish your dreams.
    Life is short.
    You can too!

    Odom Elementary


  • My Family is the Universe

    My Family is the Universe
    My mom is the Sun, keeps everything going
    My grandparents are the Moons
    Always providing more light and love
    My big sister is the Stars
    Not always visible, but still giving love and beauty
    My little sister is the flares on the sun
    Beautiful, yet dangerous
    My cats and dog ...

  • Phone Number Poem

    By: Dean Roggenbauer

    3 Soccer ball rolls
    6 Across the field lightning fast to.
    3 Trap. Then pass.

    5 The ball goes on down
    7 The field and they send the ball
    8 Into the middle the ball goes and into
    7 The goal and they score then GOAL!

    Gorzycki Middle School


  • Cats

    Cats are cute.
    Cats purr if they like you.
    Cats get chased by dogs sometimes.
    Cats like to sleep a lot.
    Cats climb trees.
    Cats are cute animals.



  • “Ode To Popcorn”

    Popcorn, popcorn, so buttery and sweet
    To eat you all day would be such a treat
    I could eat MILLIONS of you, all day and night
    And eating MILLIONS of you is right
    Popcorn at needed at every movie
    Popcorn is needed while you’re watching TV
    Popcorn is needed everywhere
    Because popcorn is delicious, you ...

  • I Love Video Games

    I love video games,
    I love them a lot,
    I play them for fun, relaxation, and plot,
    the best video games are made by Nintendo,
    at the end of each game you’ll be begging for a sequel,
    theres Mario, Zelda, and Kirby galore,
    if you want to be happy just step through the door,
    after ...

  • Ode to My Court

    It’s a outside court that’s very
    clean. Everybody drives past it so
    it will be seen. It’s always alot of
    people outside. Whos always
    ready to play a game of nine on
    nine. Compared to the other
    people on the court I’m really really
    short. If you don’t want to play nine
    on nine you ...

  • All I Need

    All I Need

    Tall buildings
    reaching for the sky
    so much activity
    oh, my

    Golf Carts darting
    to and fro
    cars are the freeway
    go, go, go

    Kids playing
    riding their new bikes
    those of which
    are wonderful sites

    Bed dressed in white
    and gifts scattered on the floor
    lights sparkling bright
    not wanting anything more

    Coming to a halt

  • Family

    My mom has kids
    So she has to take care
    Of me and my brother.
    My dad has to go to work
    Because he is
    Running for Congress.

    Brentwood Elementary


  • Bear

    I push myself
    Deeper into the couch,
    Not wanting to turn on the TV,
    But I do,
    Read the news headline,
    Over and over again,
    Not being able to process the thought,
    I turn around ask my mom what it means,
    But she says she does not want to talk about it,
    But she’s ...

  • Light and Shadow

    Light defends against shadow

    But it creates shadows as well

    Light keeps the shadows at bay

    But it also conceals them

    Light gives you hope

    But shadows inspire you

    Light warms you

    But shadows ensure

    That you are never alone

    Light wards away monsters

    But shadows make them disappear

    Ann Richards School for Young Woman Leaders


  • 4:00 a.m. mealtime

    A ginger snap.

    It’s stale,
    it falls apart
    like sand in your mouth.
    You were expecting
    a crunch.

    The ginger snap looks
    like a tea cookie.
    When you dip it,
    the liquid rolls
    off the oil
    and you end up
    eating it dry, again.

    By the time they are all gone,
    the cinnamon numbs
    your tongue
    and ...

  • Words

    Words are powerful
    Words are strong
    Words are something that make a song
    Words are here, words are there
    Words are everywhere

    Baranoff Elementary


  • Ode To Chocolate

    Chocolate, chocolate my sweet dream
    You are so sweat you gleam
    You call me in my sleep
    I will never think of you as cheap
    I would die without your smell
    I wish to unwrap you from your shell
    You call to me like a singing bell
    I wish to feel your silky smooth self


    Ssshhhh he’s coming
    A big ugly monster
    We don’t want him to find us so be quiet
    Ssshhhh he’s near
    Be still and quiet
    We don’t want him to eat us so be quiet
    Ssshhhh he’s right here

    Blanton Elementary School


  • An Ode To Doctor Who

    I Love Doctor Who
    I Watch the show and I read the books too
    It makes me sad when he regenerates into another actor
    But when the show is anew it’s always great

    Doctor Who’s creatures are vast
    From Timelords, to Sontarans, to Cybermen,
    To Humans, to Angels, and Daleks are last
    That’s just a few

  • In a Chihuahua’s Eyes

    In a chihuahua’s eyes
    A smile is a battle cry.
    Its eyes may be cute and blue
    But its cuteness is NOT true.
    It’s just how they get by.

    Boone Elementary


  • Mushrooms

    Just standing there
    In the open field of grass
    Just looming of the green grass stalks
    All of them waiting watching wondering when they will be picked
    quivering in the wind, still waiting watching wondering
    Then it sees a blur of brown drift through the wind
    The brown specs being spores to plant more of ...

  • Proof of Fact and Lies

    “It never happened”

    The words are burnt onto my tongue
    Its burn, a constant reminder of the truth.
    An ache in your chest, a stinging in the eyes,
    the flashbacks proof of fact and lies.

    I hear sirens blare its sound throughout the hall,
    yet I know they’re not there to save me.

    The end is near, I ...

  • Flutter

    Rush of the wind, crunch of a tire
    Pedaling fast down the hilly trail
    The sound of fluttering flutters past
    All the colors in the distance
    Curious, pedaling faster
    Colors so bright
    Slowing to see it better
    Wide eyes, each feather unique in a different color of
    the rainbow
    Gazing until it flutters off in ...

  • Deep Down

    Deep down in the sea
    I’ll hear the wind roaring
    very faintly you see.

    Know why I’m here?
    I put myself there, but I’m so very calm
    I don’t care.

    Deep Down in the sea
    I’ll hear the wind roaring
    very faintly you see.
    Deep Down in the sea.

    Kiker Elementary


  • Stranded

    water seeps through my brain
    and clogs e v e r y thought
    im drowning
    nowhere to go or hide or take cover

    saltwater in my veings
    I cannot

    i feel like i have been swimming
    for hours but
    my brain cannot communicate with my libs

    where is the solid shore
    i am trying to find my ...

  • windows to her soul

    the lightest galaxy known to man
    rippled waves of blue green and grey
    dark along the end
    true and trusting blue, a reef on the ocean floor
    knowing where to swim avoiding sharpened edges
    the care of the green penciled in swirls
    seaweed of the souls, watching over the creatures
    beautiful and compassionate grey, fading ...

  • Cheater Cheater

    Don’t you get that feeling
    Knowing that it’s right there
    Knowing that there is an easy way out
    Knowing that yours is wrong?

    You can look over and be done with it
    It’s as simple as that
    The answers are all there
    It can be finished

    But what if they know
    What if they find out
    What ...

  • Christmas

    The snow falls on the leafless tree
    The lights on the neighbor’s house is the prettiest sight to see
    The hot cocoa and marshmallows add the feeling of delight
    The star on the tree never has shined so bright
    The family spends time making treats
    Every threat is made so sweet
    The presents make ...

  • This is What The Moon Thinks About

    I wish I could recite to you,
    all that I know of Earth.
    Although, I have kept a respectable distance
    from her, for billions of years,
    I have learned everything
    there is to know.
    I envy her-
    everchanging green, blue, gold.
    Rolling cascades of milky
    vapor glide across an invisible
    orb— her halo.
    I am ...

  • Roses

    Petals circling, dancing
    Grown from passion
    Embodying devotion

    Thorns; sharp as a needle
    Perish from brutality
    Break under embrace

  • Storm

    Deafening thunder.
    Phenomenal lightning strikes,
    long, dark, sleepless nights.



  • My Lost Toy

    Why did you leave me?
    Did I do something wrong?
    How could you forget the key?
    And set off the bomb?

    I’ve flown over a thousand flights,
    Waiting for a child to claim me.
    And just pick me up out of sight.
    Flying over the glistening blue sea.

    Hey look, someone’s coming!
    Hopefully, to take me.
    But ...

  • Aunt Teney

    You smell like old lady perfume
    You have powered through tough times
    You are my inspiration
    My aunty

    You know you are drawing closer to an ending
    Although we predict you are about to restart

    You are only 92 you say to yourself
    You have no concern for how things play out

  • Valentines Day

    Sweets, chocolates, hugs, and kisses
    Valentines is so delicious,
    Filled with love and happiness,
    In the air is love and affection,
    Bringing people together forever,
    What could be more enjoyable,
    then having a happy family on the most lovable day of the year.

  • I used to but now

    I used to crawl but now I stand tall
    I used to stay quiet but now I sing to the top of my lungs
    I used to have coloring as my homework but now I have homework you can’t imagine
    I used to use bay cups but now I use glass
    I used to hate ...

  • I Forgave You

    Let me drop some sense in you about life.

    Well, it’s pretty short and sometimes not right.

    I guarantee you won’t smile every day.


    “Friends.” What’s that?!

    They smile to your face

    Yet are quick to talk behind your back.

    Man, what do you call that?


    Who said life was easy?

    Whoever caused you your pain

    Aint worth crying for in vain!

    Just get through ...

  • Golden Corral

    The smell of food, so good, so sweet
    Golden Corral is where I eat
    tastes as good as cake
    I’ll gobble it up, like a snake
    I touch my fork, so shiny, so smooth
    The perfect mix, for me a youth
    I taste some donuts, so great, so divine
    Golden Corral is the place I ...

  • I Don’t Know What to Write!

    I don’t know what to write,
    I think I might stay up all night!

    Should I write about a lair or,
    Or about a chair?

    Should I write about Ginger Ale,
    Or about a folktale?

    I don’t know what to write,
    I’m thinking with all my might!

    My pencil is out of lead,
    I think I might write in ...

  • Home

    Do you see that?
    It looks like hope
    Passing through the sky
    Going from one mind to another

    But look!
    Hope is flying by
    Not passing through a single mind
    Hope lost all hope
    Hopelessness was hope’s weakness.

    Do you see that??
    It looks like pleasure
    Whirling around every mind it has trapped
    With its lusts
    And ...

  • Never-Forgotten Memories


    I climb the hill.
    I´m living on for days.
    I meet the house.
    I take a look around.

    Tree´s brushing along.
    The Earth giving me a cool breeze,
    As I greet the door.
    Pushed the door open,
    Noticing a flea infested dog,
    On the floor.

    Wagging her tail back and forth,
    Noticing fleas flying off,
    Every second.

    Shut ...

  • Friends


    Brentwood Elementary


  • Under the Mountain


    Up in the clouds,
    Yelling loud,
    “Flying over the mountain!”
    The dragons by my side,
    I spied,
    A fairy castle in the in the sky,
    A wervyn said “Hi”,
    When I was flying over the mountain!
    I plunged down,
    And saw a little town,
    Under the mountain!
    Dwarves pound on an anvil,
    What will they ...

  • U.S. Breakfast

    ALL rising,
    ALL eating,
    Rushing out the door,
    WE are LIKE like a big U.S. breakfast!
    WE are like scrambled eggs,
    For OUR races,
    Eggs for OUR differences.
    Cheese for the fallen forgotten people,
    The person eating the eggs,
    Is who ever is taking over OUR country,
    And last but not least,
    The ...

  • How I feel

    I feel happy because Gladis makes me
    feel good because we hug and that’s
    how I Feel good and happy.

    Odom Elementary


  • Happy People

    Happy People
    Happy People Dying
    Dying in Vain, Pain



  • 2037

    It was time
    Everyone is coming back
    There was one house
    And in that houses yard
    Was a trombone
    Sparkling in the beautiful sun
    It was very vague who had lived there
    But when you get closer
    You will find a frame
    With a happy family
    And a girl with a trombone in hand
    When ...

  • The Abyss

    The abyss never ends.
    It is just a deep dark hole.
    Or could it be much more?
    We’ll never know
    what’s on the other side.

    It could be a wasteland.
    Barren and desolate
    with nothing but sand.

    It could be a paradise
    where all wish to go,
    It could be Heaven
    for all I know.
    I could ...

  • A Sunday Night in my Bed

    A brief ease —
    found in vivid blue
    with arms of
    deceiving light.

    hands strike
    into a dark haze

    left with
    a lump of coal
    in my throat.

    I gnaw at the skin
    near my nails

    Where does my head go
    when I rot?

    Did Andrew Tart notice how
    I pronounced “ethereal” wrong?

    A cruel virus —
    glued into the
    depths ...

  • The Epic of Vesperum

    You took me in when I was all alone

    In the form of a child you raised me as your own

    I didn’t even know who I was, what I was

    I had forgotten my memory

    But still your smile was simmiring

    I looked like a 10 year old boy

    Game me clothing, gave me toys

    A love between a child and ...

  • The Good Ol’ Days

    The good ol’ days

    When naptime was the best time

    You would always fall asleep to a nursery rhyme

    And climbing trees would leave you with

    Bruised skin and skinned knees


    The good ol’ days

    when everything was an adventure

    You would always move the couches and all of the furniture

    And play lava, build forts, and get into all

    Sort of trouble


    The good ...

  • Beautiful Soul


    Little girl don’t be afraid
    I know it’s tough right now
    but you will be okay

    Even though she’s growing older
    You can still see her beautiful soul
    She can’t help but know that she’s lost in this cold
    But she still has hope

    She feels blinded by her scars
    She expresses herself through her realistic heart

  • Morning Routine

    Eyes flutter open
    Sunshine streaming in through the blinds
    Swaddled in a blanket of warmth
    Unable to leave the comfort of sleep

    Reach out
    Hands fumbling to turn on
    The phone whose clock reads 8:13
    Overslept an hour

    Rip back the blankets
    Tumble frantically out of bed
    Cold air instantly awakening
    The warmth only a distant memory

    Clothes ...

  • New

    I am new to school
    It is hard leaving friends
    But I get through with love

    Blanton Elementary School


  • Swim Lessons


    I step into the icy, cold pool in my blue, red and black swimsuit.

    SNAP! Goggles on.

    Now, I have to get my whole body wet.


    At first I was easing in but now I am jumping in the pool.

    I swim underwater…in the beautiful water.

    I do butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle.


  • Blue birds

    Birds are all cool
    If you think different
    You are a fool
    Trees and grass
    blue birds
    aren’t to brass
    you should think about
    how every bird but a blue bird shouts
    no no no this isn’t your typical bird
    bird is the word
    bunnies eat carrots
    and this bird is a parrot.



  • The hunger games love poem

    My favorite book,
    I like to read it in my nook,

    Katniss is the girl on fire,
    In mocking jay part 2 from the arena she retires,

    Peeta is her loved one,
    Prim also loves her a ton,

    President snow,
    Is an evil foe,

    Death is all around,
    But Katniss stands her ground.


  • Butterfly

    Today, I saw a happy butterfly flying in the sky.

    It landed on my tree and its beauty captivated me.

    Two days later, while walking my dogs and playing with my friend, I saw another butterfly resting on the ground. It looked still and lifeless.

    The wind carried it away.

    It felt sad for the butterfly because it will ...

  • Pet Turtle

    The pet turtle eats all our flowers,
    He lays in the sun for hours and hours
    He’s pretty fast
    but his speed doesn’t last
    Sometimes he sleeps
    Or he’ll dig a burrow down deep
    he has his own pool
    he’s so cool
    If only he was mine


  • Time Goes on Forever

    We are not forever,
    Nothing is forever.
    But we are give time,
    To spend, and to use,
    on family and friends.

    But what happens
    When time is wasted,
    What happens when time is up?
    We crave more.
    We ask, we beg, we plead.
    But it doesn’t help.

    Because we have always known,
    We can’t turn back the ...

  • Why?

    There they were

    Ten blindfolded men standing still silently. Not knowing what will happen,

    Pure quietness until…


    They all fell down with blood gushing

    From there faces.

    People in the background crying “NOO


    The bullets shot like lightning

    Destroying anything in its way as if it were paper. Why? The little girl cried, why?

  • Family

    My family is like the ocean
    My mom is the water, without her theres no ocean
    My dads the sand hes soft to the touch and always the first thing you love
    My sisters the shells they are easy to catch but sometimes hard to be found in one piece
    My brothers the island far ...

  • Teachers All Around

    Teachers are full of kindness.
    Teachers are full of greatness.
    Teachers teach you to follow your dreams even if you are separated from a friend because you are on different teams.
    Teachers teach you about light. Teachers teach you to love everything in sight. Teachers teach you to do the right thing. Music teachers teach ...

  • Rock And Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution

    I come here every day.
    I hardly get to play.
    Sitting in my chair listening to you.
    While you criticize what I like to do.

    You always compare one thing to another.
    It really makes me wonder,
    Is this what I want to do when I get older?
    My dreams keep getting colder.

    If I quit, will ...

  • Mi imaginación

    Mi imaginación está triste,
    mis ideas no quieren salir.
    Mis pensamientos están metidos,
    en el fondo de mí.
    Cuando ella sale,
    yo estoy feliz,
    pues puedo construir.
    Con legos y más legos hago juegos.
    Hasta que estoy muy cansado,
    me voy a dormir.


  • Path

    Math is the path to go to college.
    College is the path to get more knowledge to be smart
    Being smart is the path to learn how to make art.

    Blanton Elementary School


  • The Crying Cloud

    Out from the blue sky,
    Blooms a cloud that cries.
    Oh! So very sad,
    I cannot be mad.

    Your life is with me,
    You see.
    So why you cry
    So deep.
    Take it easy
    When you feel queasy.
    Don’t get cranky,
    Which no one likes.
    The crying cloud suddenly stops,
    It sees,
    all the people filled ...

  • The Talking Parrot

    One day I went to go buy a parrot,
    then I went to go buy it some carrots.
    I took my parrot home to go play,
    we played lots of different games.
    I sat down in a chair and asked my parrot “how old are you?”
    He said, “grrrr, how old are you?!”

    My parrot has ...

  • The Heart Hears Music

    Fallen light slipping through the grasp of leaves, littering the ground
    Violet flowers dance across the speechless grass
    The soothing smell of honeysuckle floats through the air like a pixie
    A lake, standing still, peacefully smiles
    Oar dips, sending ripples of life
    From an old rusting boat
    In the forest the ears may hear silence,

  • Roses are Red………

    Roses are red, Roses are red,
    Violets are blue, Violets are blue,
    Watch out, Don’t eat that!
    There’s a tiger behind you! That’s Glue!

    Roses are red, Roses are red,
    Violets are blue, Violets are blue,
    I’m running out of ideas, The tiger is still
    What should I do? Chasing me,
    I am now it’s food!

    Roses ...

  • The 5-Finger Family

    Dad—the tallest finger, middle.
    Tall and handy,
    Smart and strong.
    He’s the one who deals with misbehavior.
    Maybe one day I’ll be a scientist like him.

    Mom—the ring finger.
    Kind and helpful,
    Caring, works hard.
    She’s the one who never misses a school event.
    Always there to make a bad day better.

    Me—the pointer finger.
    Smart and ...

  • Why?

    Why ?
    They feel like they have a penis, they’re above the opposite sex, but that’s not the case
    They say boys will be boys, but when will boys be men?
    When we were little girls,they said
    “If he’s mean to you, it’s because he likes you”,
    but we grew up to find out , ...

  • Always Wind

    Gentle and soft
    A breeze in my hair

    Other times
    Hard and ruthless
    Ripping apart everything
    In its path

    But always wind
    Stormy or calm
    Carrying scents of the world
    In its hands
    Always wind.

    Brentwood Elementary


  • announcements

    The announcements came on
    They told us not to panic
    For there was a storm blowing right through the school
    “This is NOT a drill, every one take cover”
    We all hid under our desks
    Lucky, no one was hurt
    Right as we sighed a sigh of relief
    A gunshot echoed ...

  • Compose A Symphony

    Writing is like music,
    Each letter is a note,
    Each space is a rest,
    Each sentence is a measure,
    And every story, is a flowing song.

    Some stories are short,
    Just like a staccato note.
    While some are long,
    Just like a fermata note.
    Each having a unique length,
    That sets the tempo for the song.

    The ...

  • Snow, Ski


    Snow piling up high
    While sledding down a big hill
    Makes me want cocoa


    Snow makes a deep base
    The mountain is now covered
    Time to ski down fast



  • My Little Sister

    My little sister, the cutest little brat
    She knows she’s “the boss” and that is that!
    Yelling, screaming, drama queening
    No matter what, she’s got “her” plan!


  • Last Moment

    Broken shell,
    Empty space,
    I can’t see you
    But you can see me.

    Please come into my dark
    And turn on the lights
    Save me from my inner thoughts

    As the clock winds down,
    My time is stopping .
    I can see your light,
    Getting farther and farther away.

    The closer I get
    The dimmer you are,
    Your ...

  • Dogs.

    Dogs like to play.
    Dogs like to eat meat.
    Dogs love bones.
    Dogs love their owners.
    Dogs also like to lick their owners and other people.
    Dogs are loving animals.
    Dogs also save people.



  • Dazaling

    Watching as you entrance me into a gaze that wont let me look away
    The colors of
    and yellow
    Dazzle my eyes making me sob,
    for the dazaling thing is on my house
    burning it
    so much for beauty because on the inside its a monster


  • Shark

    Shark want to snap you up!
    Come to the bottom of the deep blue sea
    And you will see me.
    I am not an eel or a seal.
    Come and find me.
    You don’t know where I am?
    I just told you.
    No, lunch.
    See you later,
    I have a human to catch.

    Odom Elementary


  • Waves of Emotion

    There are times
    When the waves
    Are made of anger.
    They tear up the sea
    With each crashing
    Stroke and die down
    Only when the storms
    Of frustration leave.
    Then they become
    Calm and satisfied
    And the waves
    Can carry and support
    The people who need them
    But at any moment
    They swell with joy

  • False Conparisons

    As quiet as a football stadium
    Everyone cheering as the home team scores
    You could hear a pin drop

    As exciting as a game of Chess
    Thinking and strategizing about your next move
    What a thriller!

    As easy as golf
    Just swinging a stick at a ball
    Takes no skill at all!

    As boring as a roller coaster

  • Dysl3xia

    Dancing on the page
    Like dancing at a party,
    Getting in my way,
    Running cross the page,
    Hard it makes my day,
    Running on the page,
    Ruining my day.


  • Fetch

    Back and forth, back and forth.
    I throw, she catches, she brings back.
    The toy flies. She hops up, tries to catch it.
    She sometimes misses, or accidentally lays on it.
    She runs. She gets caught.
    One of my cats trip her or she gets caught in her collar.
    Even when that happens, she still ...

  • Illusion of a Home

    The humid air embrace hugs me like a bear
    Sand in my dripping wet salty hair
    I’m in despair to feel the warmth
    I suffocate without the spirit of hope
    Nobody wants to hear it but I’m slowly drowning
    I wish the Jupiter rain could fill me up ’til I see stars and my head ...

  • The truth on life(Star wars poem)

    Life will not always be a pretty picture, life is sometimes filled with great conflicts that bring chaos into our world these conflicts are sometimes created by people that are sometimes misled. These people are sometimes confused and troubled, these people are at times filled with hate, and anger over lost loved ones and more ...

  • The Winter Breeze

    The winter breeze
    Sometimes I hate you
    Get me under the weather, but sometimes I like you because you give me sweater. Swiveling through the air and tearing leaves leave sets in the air.
    You have a specialty of making my skin soft,
    And sometimes when it’s too cold to play outside,
    I stay inside ...

  • 2017

    This is not about you nor about me
    Its about my black folks and i will stand by them
    This is not about you nor about me
    Its about my undocumented folks and i will stand by them
    This is not about you nor about me
    Its about my muslim folks and i will stand ...

  • Home

    I am from guitars and drumsticks on the floor and walls, from chocolaty Reece’s Peanut Butter cups and Finder amps in the corners of the rooms.

    I am from the white brick red dark draping door the house on the near corner of the street.

    I am from music in the living room from doing yo-yo outside ...

  • Our Class

    Our class is as good as a Valentine.
    Our class is as good as a sweater.

    Brentwood Elementary


  • ’57 Drifter

    She was old-fashioned
    in the most peculiar of ways.
    She never saved a phone number, but instead memorized them all:
    technology was unreliable.
    She was the proud owner of a ’57 Chevy Bel Air, despite its having virtually no safety features,
    save the seat belt she never bothered with,
    and was perpetually in the habit ...

  • My First Kiss

    Do you remember middle school dates?
    Maybe you touched hands once while reaching for popcorn at the movie theatre
    Or he got up the courage to hold your hand while you walked out of the ice cream shop
    And didn’t drop it until his mom’s car turned the corner
    And you spent the drive home ...

  • Who I am- Mad Writer

    Before, during, and after my last adventure.
    I had forgotten who I was, who I am.
    I had just been stumbling through my black and white, silent movie.
    I realize now,
    I am an entertainer.
    Made to entertain the masses and bring joy to my friends,
    Now I must dress in my costume,

  • Where I’m from

    as quiet as a motorcycle
    As slow as a cheetah
    As big as a mouse
    As short as a skyscraper
    As clear as mud
    As colorful as black
    As dull as the sun
    As dark as neon


  • How Did I Get So Lucky

    I’ve never had a best friend,
    At least not one like her.
    She is loving, she is funny, she is everything.
    There’s no one like her.
    Our never ending adventure.
    Our never ending laughter.
    Makes me want to live life with her,
    She’s the light of my life,
    My reason for happiness.
    I would ...

  • The last day

    Was march 25, 1911
    Parents dropping off their daughters at work
    Not knowing that will be the last time they’ll see each other
    A waist basket went up in flames
    Then one after another the building blew up in flames

    Shivering screams were heard far and wide
    As women and children jumped out
    Fire trucks wailed ...

  • When Plate Tectonics Move

    When Plate Tectonics Move
    By Rachel Paiz

    When plate tectonics drift apart
    They leave behind a permanent scar
    They eventually form as an ocean ridge
    Which can lead up to a mountain bridge
    That nobody knew would ever exist

    Oh when plate tectonics converge as one
    An earthquake has begun
    In the earth’s surface
    Present and in ...

  • Living Between Worlds

    I was beautiful, no one cared about my height, or how I looked liked
    But by the high standards of beauty that no one can reach Except models, by those standards and my height was a laugh
    I was accepted at once in my family for my sexual orientation, they didn’t think less of me

  • Fernando the Frog

    Fernando the Frog caught in a jar came from afar.
    I let Fernando go when he frowned his little Frog frown.
    I hope Fernando hasn’t gone commando.


  • The Color of the Sky

    When the sky is as blue as a blueberry,
    As blue as the water,
    It is the color of joy and peace.
    But when it is grey,
    It is the color of death and disappointment.

    What does it mean when the sky is orange?
    What does it mean when the sky is purple?
    The color of ...

  • Ode to the Fridge

    It’s my favorite place in the whole house:
    A large rectangular cold stainless steel box
    With pictures and Christmas cards on the doors,
    Where leftovers are served and lunches are stored,
    Where ice cubes are made and water is served.

    Jellies and jams, fresh fruits and vegetables,
    Old Thanksgiving pie and sweet potatoes,
    Butters and spreads ...

  • The Lonely dog

    Please come home!
    I need to be played with!
    I’m starving!
    I have been waiting forever!
    Please come home!
    Please come home!
    You have been gone forever!
    No walks, no treats, no food!
    Please come home!
    Please come home!
    wait a minute what is that sound?
    it’s the door!
    you are finally home!
    I love ...

  • Underneath the Bridge

    Walk across the aging bridge,
    Over the stream of water,
    Grass and stones tumbling over
    The muddy soil.

    Duck and dodge the mossy leaves
    Hanging from the old tree,
    Blending in to a pretty green,
    Providing shade from the sun.

    Watch the life above your sight,
    Through the reflection,
    Blocked off by the lily pads,
    Stuck in ...

  • Her True Place

    From coves of deep blue to blinding true light
    This beach is now falling asleep
    For the small girl will appear here tonight
    And return to her cove, her home to keep
    The sun will shine and the sky will be blue
    Her heart will take flight and soar on the high
    Salty winds that ...

  • The Heartbreaking Lesson

    As the amazing fireworks blast way up in the sky a little boy tries to light one inside.
    The ambulance comes with a blaring horn
    The parents are safe but the boy is torn.
    Two months later a five year olds funeral begins as the little boy plays way up in the sky
    The parents ...

  • Persistence

    Working makes you better and helps you,
    You have to work to get STRONGER but,
    No one likes work
    To get stronger you have to learn to love work
    You go to the gym to get STRONGER
    You wanna keep going and you don’t want to give up

    Your shoulder angel tells you to keep ...

  • Brightness

    Today is a new day
    Rays of sun shine like pure gold
    Drizzling down from the sky
    Like rain,
    but happier.
    The cool breeze,
    swirling sweet smells of flowers
    all around.
    Gently comforting,
    a refreshing embrace.
    A sweet lullaby
    Sung by the birds,
    Waking the trees
    from their nightly slumber.
    Stretching their long limbs,
    opening ...

  • Raining Blues

    It’s raining cats and dogs.
    The sky is sad and gray.
    The windows have a touch of fog
    And no one’s out to play.
    But soon the sun will shine
    The smell of wet, sweet pine
    And no one will have a clue
    I had the Raining Blues.
    And when the sun does shine
    The ...

  • Title Pending

    Your mind is an abyss
    Sinking, cherishing
    every bliss
    You can get
    Devoid of color
    Constantly switching
    From one shade to another

    Once dark, once light
    There’s no in between
    I wish you could see
    How much the lies
    Won’t leave you be

    You lock yourself in
    The ones who’ve stayed Always willing to listen to your ...

  • Dragon

    fierce, strong
    living, eating, fighting,
    giant, monster, beast, mammoth
    killing, caring, protecting thoughtful, kind

    Doss Elementary


  • Best Valentine

    Valentine you are so sweet,
    you give me joy and love!
    I love how you sing this song above the sky, as I sing along.
    You are so nice.
    You are so sweet, like candy corns in the sky!
    You give me a sugar rush as I sing and fly.
    I love you so much, ...

  • The Ocean Blue

    A place where magic happens
    Dolphins swimming
    Sharks hiding
    waiting to be seen
    Midnight moon illuminating

    Our home
    Far from mankind
    Away from man’s-eyes

    The waves pounding
    on the shore break
    Crashing in sets
    in a blink of an eye

    The ocean Blue
    My home
    I’m a sea turtle
    The ocean’s Jewel

    Murchison Middle School


  • Penguins

    Penguins are awesome
    Penguins are the best like us
    Penguins slide like us

    Blanton Elementary School


  • Surprise Shower

    Pitter Patter
    Splitter Splatter
    Running through the rain
    Thunder booming,
    Cars are ooming,
    Umbrellas out again?
    Lightning flash!
    Children dash
    Running back inside
    Pitter Patter,
    Splitter Splatter,
    Oh how the weatherman lied.



  • The Art of Self-Destruction

    I guess it’s karma
    For all the nights I would purposefully keep myself awake
    My own form of self-suffering
    Of self-destruction
    It was how I kept control
    Taking away the one thing I thought I always had

    Now that’s what I can no longer do
    I rest hour by hour
    Minutes by minute
    Nothing to ...

  • The Pizza in The oven

    Opening the package makes you so tired
    making you feel like you were fired
    putting it on the pan
    looking like you have no plan

    You put on the oven mitt
    making sure it’ll fit
    but being so hungry
    it makes the horrible weather outside sunny

    You hear the timer ring and you run downstairs
    like you’re ...

  • Christmas Morning

    My hand skyrockets from under my covers
    I check the time
    6:00 on the dot
    My heart starts beating
    My head fills with questions

    I rendezvous with my sister in the hall
    Two sets of eyes peer over the banister at a glistening Fir laden with ornaments
    We stare in awe ...

  • Elizabeth


    Pretty, happy

    Cleaning, cooking, shopping

    I love her lots


    Rodriguez Elementary


  • Fight For Freedom

    I am a hero.
    I fly a plane called a zero.
    I drive a tank
    My clothes aren’t blank.
    I do brave things.
    I lots of pings.
    What am I?

    A solider


  • Guitar

    By: Luke Hanna

    The song of a players
    Emotions coursing out their fingers
    Into the strings

    The rhythmatic
    Poetry of music
    Being sewn into the atmosphere

    Complex artistry
    Coming together
    Into one full

    Years of
    Evolution to
    Come the
    Piece of art
    It is today.

    Guitar is not just a instrument,

    It is a way of life.



  • Photograph

    Clear waters and
    white sands,
    under a blanket of clouds.
    Laughter that makes music,
    drifting higher,
    and higher,
    up into the warm breeze.
    Smiles on all our faces,
    my eyes squinted as if to say,
    as my brother tries to escape
    my grip.
    It is the moments like this,
    the memories,
    that we keep ...

  • Friend

    Happy, fun
    Helping, playing, working
    Sure you can play

    Rodriguez Elementary


  • A Satisfying Morning.

    The sun rises up in the sky
    Making pink, yellow, and orange
    Colors that dance onclouds
    In perfect harmony
    The birds tweet a song
    A song that makes the world clearer
    A song people wake up for
    A song I wake up for
    Dew drops sit on the roses outside my window
    They look so ...

  • her

    She thinks outside the
    her imagination travels
    deep sea;
    murky water

    flowing through her mind
    twisting and turning

    her mind is a river–

    continuing on for miles
    bubbles arise

    Pop! An idea lost
    Her mind is a river
    Vast indeed



  • Wind

    The air, swift.
    Running through the earth’s hair, the grass.
    Whispering the names of the trees, of the rock.
    The air, rapid.
    Falling with the rain, rising with the heat.
    Like a balloon in a great storm.
    The air, chaos.
    Sloshing in the bowl we call sky.
    Never resting, never leaving.
    The air, changing.
    We ...

  • My Family Is A Watermelon

    My family is a watermelon. my dad is the red juicy fruit that everyone loves. my brother and me are the black seeds that annoy everyone, and my mom is the rind that holds us all together

  • Racism

    Land of White boys


    No justice

    Ocean of black boys


    BUT no security

  • Love Poem

    You don’t have to show the best of you,
    you don’t have to love me too,
    But I love you with all my heart,
    you are a beautiful piece of art,
    I will love you even if you move to Mars,
    This love will always be ours.


  • This is Just to Say

    I have talked
    Without permission
    In class or
    At home

    And which
    You were probably
    Mad or upset

    Forgive me
    I knew the answer
    I just couldn’t
    Keep it in

  • Books

    There are so many books to choose from
    Should I get this or that
    Some are good and some are bad
    This one matches my favorite hat!

    I look through the pages
    Now I’ve read a few
    This is taking me ages
    What am I to do

    Maybe a book about how to cook
    Look this book ...

  • Slime

    Slime!!! Sticky, pretty, shreechy, glittery
    you can have all types of slime you can
    have butter slime glow in the dark and
    even clear slime i love slime and i hope you do too



  • The Hat in the Cat

    Once, I saw a cat
    A very fat cat
    The cat had a hat
    The size of a mat
    But this was no cat in the hat
    This was the hat in the cat
    The cat was starving
    When he was not barfing
    So he decided to gobble that hat


  • Secret Questions

    Can love shed light
    In your darkest corners?

    Can hope bring joy
    To eyes haunted with death?

    Can silence find the words
    You don’t dare speak?

    Can a scream
    Inspire the world?

    Can a floating lily
    Hold up the world?

    Can a moth find the courage
    To resist the flame?

    Can a secret question
    Find an Answer?

    Ann Richards School for ...

  • Soccer

    The wet grass squishes
    with every step I take while
    the ball skids towards me
    as fast as lightning.
    I tap the ball forward.
    A defender sprints up.

    I roll the ball to the side,
    and the defender
    opens up his legs,
    asking for the meg.
    I pass it between them
    and run around him
    while ...

  • Aviator Haiku

    the cartilage bridge
    is graced by metallic shades
    automatic cool

  • Old Black Saab

    Old black Saab
    By Miles S.

    Old black Saab,
    I’m so glad you are gone,
    You smelled like gasoline,
    Your headlight was out,
    You sucked a lot!

    I never really liked you,
    My mom didn’t want you
    But she got you anyway.
    You got pooped all over,
    You were beat and torn,
    Scratched and broken

    You were kind ...

  • Halloween Time

    It’s the darkest night
    Trick or treating and costumes
    The scary noises

  • The Ball of Life

    Little as a giant,
    Fragile and precious,
    Sweet and sour,
    Brave and beautiful,
    Spinning round and round,
    Around the sun,
    Connecting the people
    On the ball of life.

    Gorzycki Middle School


  • One last word

    Plush grass, silky and soft
    underneath my bare feet
    The blades shiver

    to the hush of suburbia
    that hovers over the garden
    Only chatter over coffee and waffles

    The last of the summer warmth
    a blanket not quite long enough
    cold feet left uncovered

    The chatter fades
    a reluctant decrescendo
    into one sullen word

    James Bowie High ...

  • Trail of Tears

    To love your land
    And be forced out;
    Asking a soldier,
    “Why kick us out?”

    You lose so many lives
    And say goodbye
    to all your family
    and all your people.

    How dreadful it would be,
    To be a Cherokee at the time;
    Being forced along the trail of tears.

    Ross F. Baldwin Elementary

    5th grade

  • Drift

    People are always drifting

    They fly here and there and anywhere.

    So let me remind you

    Of the time I broke my wings.


    Angels go everywhere

    You can never see them but they’re there.

    The feathers that fall on the ground

    They came from somewhere.


    Maybe the sky was built on a few dreams

  • The House

    Come in if you dare. You’ll be in for a scare. Listen to the wind howling, then you see someone drowning. You scream for help, then you hear someone yelp. RUN! RUN! but then you’re done.
    HA! Trick or Treat it is Just Halloween!



  • Evil

    Is a man born Evil?

    Or does he grow up that way?

    Growing and growing until there is only cruel ice left

    Is he born without innocence?

    Or is it taken away from him?

    Taking and taking until there is no more left

    Is he born a murderer?

    Or does the world shape him that way?

    Molding and molding until the outcome is ...

  • Random Rap

    There once was a battle called rattle.
    It was in a cotton field,
    and everybody wore ruffles
    and did puzzles
    and had friend bubbles,
    and when somebody had a nibble of a muffin
    they would giggle and wiggle.
    When somebody shattered
    a banner made out of rubber,
    I put a bonnet on my parrot,
    and ...

  • A trip to the Ocean

    A trip to the ocean
    By Gaél Q

    At the ocean,
    I had no idea what I’m getting into,
    Watching the sea,
    In one split second,
    My head Was in the in the water.

    Watching a school of fish ,
    That’s when i saw it .
    A moving motor,
    Faster than a jet,
    Right next to ...

  • Watercolors

    You were new at our school, yet you weren’t shy
    A flurry of colors beat in your heart.
    You always warned and wanted to know why
    Hearts and minds are at war and should stay apart.
    Friendship flowered into watercolors:
    Delicate petal pinks, soft baby blues,
    And with the brightest of yellow wonders
    Icy-pale winters ...

  • Of Technicolor Shadows and Swingset Symphonies

    I sit in a graveyard of memories disguised as a deserted playground
    And watch the small field of grass, all patchy green-and-gold,
    The blades sway in the late-night wind like lovers dancing to a slow song
    And somehow I am nostalgic for my own life,
    For days that I can never relive,
    The ones I ...

  • Dreams

    Stars shimmer above my head.
    Mother sends me off to bed.
    I close my eyes,
    Dream of starry skies.
    Beautiful flowers,
    Away fly the hours.
    I’m running fast.
    Free at last.




  • love

    The lovin between us will never stop.

    Baby we are stronger together.



  • Who

    Her memories go to her heart

    And her feelings to her mind

    She can’t stop thinking all the time

    Eyes famished and glistening

    You can see by the look in her face

    Her reality is different; she’s in a different place

    Not somewhere you could walk

    It’s too far away

    And there she’ll remain

    Wish her luck



  • My Family Comes From The Sea

    We come from salty waters and the buzzing of bees
    We come from sandy hands and scraped knees
    Fresh fruit that melts on your tongue
    Climbing the trees where it once had hung
    Earth underneath our fingernails
    Hair blowing beneath mighty sails

    I was blossomed from the beauty of the tides
    I can see it in ...

  • Atoms

    We are made of atoms.
    Atoms, dancing delicately together to compose flesh and blood and feelings and us.
    There was a time when we didn’t exist, when we were nothing but a daydream created by the universe.
    And then our parents met and their atoms came together and created us, creatures who’s existence seems far ...

  • I used to but now

    I used to be a little kid
    But now I am all grown up
    I used to clap to cheer
    But now I am dabbing
    I used to watch people playing video games
    But now I play video games
    I used to play soccer
    But now I play football
    I used to like the color ...

  • Ode to My Street

    Old houses.
    Old people.
    Everyone has their own space,
    Everyone can see the church steeple.
    No kids my age,
    They’re on the next street.
    Walk outside to smell dandelions.
    There’s nothing as sweet.
    Blue, green, wood, brick,
    Two-story, split-level,
    Each house with their own personality.
    Neat manicured lawns,
    And lawns sprinkled with leaves, and tall ...

  • Fate

    In Life, there are good days

    And there are bad, there are happy moments,

    And there are sad, no matter how hard you try

    You get both

    Each one intertwined with the other,

    If you get one

    it is followed by another


    We can’t pick and choose the emotions we feel

    Or The order in which we feel them

    We can only choose to ...

  • Whale

    Water bowl

    Brentwood Elementary


  • Fight

    TV, social media, homes, newspapers, books, you name it, it’s there.
    I know about the violence, the bombings, the massacres, the missiles
    coming towards America, things that a twelve year old girl should not know.
    I run.
    Run in fear that my Country will one day not be here anymore.
    They Run, we ...

  • the world of feelings

    the world of feelings has violence
    the violence ends with silence
    no flowers ever bloom
    nothing but doom doom doom

    but sometimes there is happiness
    then there is no war or stress
    there they wave their flag
    pride fills the air, then there is no lag

    then there is worry
    with worry, everyone is in a hurry

  • Life

    Life is sunny
    Life feels happy
    It sounds like the ice cream truck
    Life smells like pizza
    Life looks like ice cream
    It makes me feel happy and sad

    Brentwood Elementary


  • Universe

    My Universe, you’re big, confusing, and old
    And how I love the way you expand and fight,
    Too violent and massive to be controlled,
    Invading my mind day and through the night,

    Let me confess you are a beautiful hunt
    You are more revered, lovely and grand.
    Sometimes you are too grandly affront,
    And sometimes too ...

  • My Long Hair

    My hair is on my head
    It sometimes gets messed up in bed
    I can put my hair in a bun
    It helps not get in my way when I run
    My bangs are long
    It makes me see some things wrong
    I have to comb my hair sometimes
    It tends to bounce when I ...

  • Paradise

    What a flawed concept.
    Perfect places
    Do not exist
    is a falsehood
    There will always be turmoil
    and sadness
    and despair.
    crams your mind
    with imperfect perfection.
    like air
    inside the lungs.
    dried streams
    in a storm.
    This concept
    Of idealism
    will never
    good argyle.

  • Ode to My Room

    Ode to my room
    I lay on my bed
    Like a lion on its throne
    With my laptop on one side
    Watching the Fosters on Netflix
    When my laptop dies
    I just turn on the TV
    When I get up The floor is ice cold
    I slip on my slides
    Lights all around my room

  • La Isla

    La isla tiene arena y el sol es caliente.
    Hay agua refrescante.
    En el mar, el agua es azul.
    Y hay Palmas,
    Pero quiero ir con calma
    El agua brilla.
    El sol igual.
    La luna llena es linda.
    Sin tardar,
    Tengo que regresar.
    Las estrellas se reflejan en el mar.
    Sin más tardar,
    Hace frio ...

  • Desk of Stress

    Some don’t feel it
    Some feel it
    The pressure of it
    It can be overwhelming
    But once you get it under control
    It will lift a load off your chest
    Don’t let it overwhelm you
    Once it does it will feel like a
    Ton on your chest
    Don’t let it win

  • One Cold Morn

    Cherry Blossoms sway
    The cold wind spreads their sweet breath;
    The sparrow flies North

    Lamar Middle School


  • Cloud

    I am a cloud
    Now you probably think I’m joking
    Or a kid who has dreams of flying with nothing holding me down
    I am a cloud
    But not the nice kind
    I don’t float freely in the sky
    I am a cloud that’s chained to the ground
    No I’m not fog
    Nor ...

  • The Tenth Floor Tradgedy

    We were all working as hard as we could
    So we could get paid and go home
    But one day a fire started
    No one noticed until it was to late
    This is how it all began

    We all had to decide our fate
    We had to either burn to death
    Or jump to our death

  • The Ice and the Snow

    The ice and snow is so great
    I can’t wait to go ice skate
    Some people hate the ice and snow
    and would rather stay inside and drink hot cocoa

    The ice and snow is so great
    It will be here all winter in this state
    but when it has melted all away
    all the people ...

  • Tinted Blue

    Tinted Blue

    I press the pads of my fingers against the rough bricks

    And a breeze kisses my cheeks

    And lies against my lips

    My eyes close I hadn’t worn these shoes in years

    They were scuffed and the heels were worn down

    From bouncing on the floor

    I’d always been going somewhere then

    My heels were always bouncing

    There’s a yellow house below ...

  • Dirty Room

    “Clean clean clean!”
    I keep hearing
    but that’s not my wish
    Everything’s in its place
    Right where it fits

    “It’s not that bad!”
    I say
    I know where everything’s at
    from that yo-yo from 3rd grade
    to my darling indigo hat

    Sure it’s not that organized
    and a bit mismatched
    but it fits me and my mind

  • Animals










    Brentwood Elementary


  • Holocaust

    With trumpets call and loud parade,
    they praise the hell that they have made.
    They do not dare to be aware
    of awful things they’ve done this day
    Long tongued liars live here now.
    To long tongued liars wronged men bow.
    Long tongued liars walk the streets.
    Long tongued liars in gods seat.

    Lying spiders spin ...

  • Unmendable Wall

    On the other side there is someplace better
    On the other side the grass will be greener
    There is a place that we don’t know.
    The sun rises to bring forth a new day.

    The town woke up, the morning went
    Same old, same old with everyone
    Doing their routines where the sun did not shine

  • Sky

    A great soaring metal, lifting you cutting through the sky, flying past birds, outrunning everything.

    its a plane XD


  • Fae Lifetime

    He rests his hand mid thigh
    And the tree beings to quiver
    The wind grows colder
    The tree begins to sigh as it gets older
    Give way
    To rot and decay
    Collapse under hand
    Where barley a breath has passed
    For him
    Long live the fae
    For what
    Does eternity know of an hour?
    In ...

  • La Mariposa

    Yo tenia una mariposa
    que fue muy bonita
    y era muy amigosa.

    Tenia 10 colores en sus alas.

    Pero un dia se murio
    porque unos hombres
    que matan a animales
    la mataron.

    Fue muy triste.



  • My Dogs

    My dogs are bad they get into my toys
    When my dogs are bad they like to eat my food
    When my dogs are upset they make a lot of noise
    But sometimes my dogs could just be very rude

    When my dogs are happy they run around the shed
    When my dogs are sad they ...

  • Journeys

    Going on journeys
    Traveling the great, wide world
    Take on challenges
    Completing everything
    On the proposed bucket list



  • My Magic Box

    I will put in the box
    The whispering of wind through trees
    A curtain made of gold
    Colors no one has ever seen before.
    I will put in the box
    A feather from the bird of fire
    The wings of a pegasus
    A prophecy hiding the fate of the world.
    I will put in the ...

  • Weird Animal

    There is a weird animal who sleeps in the dark.
    Even sometimes is barks.
    Sometimes he gets out,
    and roams about.
    I’ll tell you what it is,
    it is very big!
    Finally, it is a dog.
    And sometimes it sleeps in a log?!
    Hahaha! 🙂


  • Secrets

    Its deep.
    Its dark.
    Its big.

    Hidden. Long. Sad.
    A secret forever kept.


  • A Simple Flower

    Just like a flower
    my heart unfolds
    to find a place
    so cruel and cold.
    They feed me with
    a bitter kind
    but it can change
    a child’s mind
    And as I grow
    the world it darkens
    Threatening scenes
    my petal shockens
    And as I wither
    I’m often mindless
    A scarring thriller
    for the wound ...

  • The Greenbelt

    The boy takes pictures
    Of the waterfall
    The trail with his father
    The grass that sways
    Like a tilted kayak
    On the creek’s flowing water
    The boy’s first time climbing
    Up the moderate hill
    Gradually getting steeper
    They stop for water
    Back up the bumpy slope
    Returning, he thinks to himself
    Of the ...

  • Hardship in 2149

    Ashes feathering from the polluted sky
    A deep distinct charred scent filling the atmosphere
    The moon filling the crisp night
    The old man settles under the highway
    Sounds from cars rushing over his shelter Water dripping down from the edge of the bridge
    A car bolts by
    Roaring and reverberating the highway
    The old ...

  • Blue

    Blue looks like the dictionary
    Blue sounds like waves
    Blue feels wet
    Blue smells like rain
    Blue tastes like candy
    Blue is New York

    Brentwood Elementary


  • A Smile

    Can you see it?
    A ghost of hope
    in a world
    where a fake smile
    is traded for
    This smile is from
    a heart
    A smile made from
    flushed cheeks and
    riches that can only be found
    in the soul
    A smile that smells of
    cream and orchids
    Made by
    a curve of lips

  • For You

    To your mother –
    your father –
    your sisters.
    To me.

    Your soul enlightened each and every day.
    A soul too eager;
    too intellectual –
    too beautiful.

    I saw the way you felt;
    about life –
    graceful, everchanging.
    About the universe-
    unsuspecting, unreasonable.

    You cherished
    creativity through voice.
    Your expression,

    We used to talk
    talk about things we ...

  • Piquancy

    The words were syrupy
    Coating the inside of her mouth
    With a tender sweetness
    It was indistinguishable
    Unlike any other piquancy
    she let the sugar coated mess of words
    Deceive her
    For after it is dried up
    All she has left is
    The rope of reminisce she clings to
    Her hands red
    As the sky

  • Where I Come From

    I am from tea and stroopwafel and
    Science and art and
    Soccer and volleyball
    I am from corn and potatoes
    I am from the trampoline to swing
    I am from a big and colorful home and
    I am from the peach tree and the big trees
    I’m from swimming pools and golf carts
    I’m from ...

  • Rotton Apple

    As wonderful as a spoiled apple
    That was left outside to rot,
    Smelly, Brown, Flavorless
    What can be better than that?

    As pleasant as coal for Christmas
    That you got for being naughty
    Dark, Dry, Dirty
    What can be better than that?

    As pleasant as being alone at night
    You don’t know how this happened
    Dark, Scary, ...

  • Seams

    Your smile is the definition of beauty
    Your eyes like a pair of stars
    When you laugh birds begin to sing
    And I know
    Your mind is bursting at the seams
    With dreams

    Your heart is kind enough for me
    Your voice brings sunbeams to the Earth
    When you approach I flutter
    And you know
    I ...

  • It’s Raining Pugs

    I just saw a pug fall from the sky
    I went to look over and by my surprise
    I saw 1,000 pugs
    I kissed them and cuddled them
    ’til I was worn out
    but then I thought
    did they put on cuteness spray
    because now I remember
    how much I hate pugs
    because I am

  • I Believe

    I believe..
    I believe in freedom. The moment you have peace and love.
    I believe you are the strongest person alive if you didn’t discriminate yourself.
    I believe family is before and above anything.
    I believe no one can tell you , you can’t or can achieve what you want.
    I believe you can be ...

  • Earth

    Is resilient
    Is tough
    Cosmic collisions can get to Earth
    But Earth is resilient

    A place full of laughter
    A place full of fun
    Where people and animals live in unison

    We use the earth
    And find all its secrets
    And destroy the beautiful gifts it has given us

    We change
    We save the earth

  • My Memory Book

    My memories are photographic
    Never worded
    Always seen
    Containing glimpses of the past
    coated in stardust and sunbeams

    The cold and empty vessel still haunts me
    not the belief that it scared me
    but that I can still see it
    Sunshine through the trees
    on the baby beaches
    Provide me with a photo of happiness
    times ...

  • angels in new england

    we were like angels
    our toes carried us
    quick against cold concrete to chipped red monkey bars
    our fingers led us home
    pointing to the swirling circles of light dance in the dark blue
    our noses taught us how
    the pale and bright hydrangea sang under it’s satisfied sun, the soil against my skin feeling ...

  • Breath

    I cannot breathe
    But I don’t miss it

    Breathing includes life and life includes living
    Living ends in death and the prick of misery
    It includes ends and beginnings and decisions I won’t make
    That I can’t make

    I cannot be
    But I don’t care

    I have walked this earth as a shell of a girl that ...

  • Gray


    In the place beyond time
    In the world beyond new
    In a color Between Black and White

    Lives you

    Nothing is right
    Nothing is wrong
    Nothing seems to happen

    No reading the lines
    No following the script
    No laughing and loving
    No hate and jealousy

    Only your Feelings
    Only your Pain
    Only you, In this Lonely Terrain


  • Haiku of Snow

    A kind lone snowflake,
    drifting down to the pathway,
    one of quick water

    Casis Elementary


  • Ode to taco bell

    O’ Taco Bell O’ Taco Bell, your food goes through me like a bomb shell.
    And your bathrooms smell like ozone, I can even Smell it when ordering through the Phone.
    O’ Taco Bell, O’ Taco Bell, I wonder how your food can even sell.
    With the fake lettuce, cheese, and tomato, and oh so ...

  • Dark

    Don’t close your eyes,
    Or the darkness will over take
    The darkness creeps up on you
    Your fear, Your fear of the dark
    What did you say?
    You’re not afraid of the dark?
    Then why?
    Why do you hide beneath the covers?
    What is it you fear in the dark?
    You fear what ...

  • Wonderland

    O’er the trees,
    a glimmer of pink enters my view.
    After that, the blazing orb that is the sun,
    appears in the sky.

    The wonder is incredible.
    I am briefly stunned,
    but continue on.
    For I have long to go
    ‘fore dawn.

    Traveling forward,
    not staring back.
    I am once again blown away.
    A second glowing medallion,

  • blue

    dark as the depths of the sea
    slow as a deadly glacier
    royal, powerful, grounded
    cold as an icy blizzard on bare skin

    blue is the deepest of sleep, dreamless
    blue is the grace of a ballet dancer on stage, nameless
    blue is a salty taste on your tongue
    blue is steady breathing, calling out in ...

  • Different

    My heart aches whenever I’m arround you,
    I like you, but we don’t fit together well.
    Like a puzzle piece, broken at one end,
    So the pieces are not connected just right.
    I am a storm, brewing with anger and pain.
    I am a raven, dark as the night and very strange.
    You are the ...

  • Bury Me In My Favorite Colors

    Bury me in my favorite colors
    Tell my sisters and my brothers
    I hope you know, you’ll be ok
    I’m not going away today
    My biggest fear of leaving you
    But you’ll leave me too
    So please don’t cry
    I will try
    To be with you when my time is neigh
    But you may ask

  • Afraid

    I am the boy
    Who is afraid of the dark
    When I go to sleep
    I am afraid
    I am always
    Not afraid of the
    Living under my bed
    But afraid of the monster
    Inside of my
    The one that will
    Leave me
    I am the boy
    Who is afraid of ...

  • Jake’s House

    Jake’s House

    There was a man whose name was Jake
    Who had a house upon the lake
    Every morning he would wake
    And for breakfast have a piece of cake

    He had a private fishing hole;
    He always used a long cane pole
    He fried his fish on red hot coal
    And served it in a great ...

  • Where I’m From

    I am from video games and basketballs
    from homework and books
    I am from the house of project central
    I am from the big and huge home and
    I am from the apple tree and the oak tree
    I am from the neighborhood full of boys and girls and fun
    I’m from making tamales and ...

  • Poems

    Poems are fun to write
    They can be about anything.
    Everything, even your kite.

    You can write haikus,
    Doesn’t even have to rhyme,
    Just 5, 7, 5.

    Or humorous works,
    If you make it funny.
    Like, I’ll write,
    A flea ate a bunny!

    If your brain is empty,
    Free verse is best.
    You don’t have to rhyme,
    Or ...

  • Empty Scars


    Maybe this storm will cry
    Maybe the stars will tell the moon goodbye
    Maybe there is still a place in the universe
    For the world to cover up its lies
    But time does not stand still
    And life just feels so real
    Putting your feet off the ground
    Hoping someday this world will turn around

  • Mournful Metamorphosis

    Despair is…
    Spring’s warm breeze,
    blowing away my hopes and dreams.
    Despair is…
    The nostalgic violin,
    that drapes the world in violet.
    Despair is…
    Your heart racing for “the one”,
    but realizing its unrequited love.

    Despair is…
    Like a flower that blooms,
    only to be picked and will wither soon.
    Despair is…
    Like a newborn’s first ...

  • False Comparisons

    Vanilla is like chocolate
    but equal.
    Dead is like alive
    you are alive but you have no soul
    no roots
    no life.
    Creation is like destruction
    two entities
    one neverending battle.

    Gorzycki Middle School


  • Chances

    You see a chance bolting your way!
    You respond with a simple “No” and leave it to stay.
    The chance walks off with a quiet “Okay”
    Off to ask someone else more brave.

    You feel pain deep in your bones and you just want to run away.
    But then you see another chance coming your way.

  • Yum Yum

    Yum Yum
    They are out there
    Yum Yum
    They are so good
    Yum Yum
    Yes yes I found the…
    Yum Yum
    So Good
    Yum Yum
    So Good
    Yum Yum



  • Where I’m From

    I am from video games and basketballs
    from homework and books
    I am from the house of project central
    I am from the big and huge home and
    I am from the apple tree and the oak tree
    I am from the neighborhood full of boys and girls and fun
    I’m from making tamales and ...

  • Burning An Origami Box

    I’m watching you buckle and falter,
    Giving in, weakly, to the voracity of flame.
    Do you remember when I molded you,
    How carefully I folded you?
    Only to give, coldly, you who lacked blame,
    To the sacrifice and pain of my altar.

    If the game is creation, I am the defaulter,
    I’ve burned what I built ...

  • To Fly


    If you could fly,
    Where would you go, up to the sky or down below,
    Up at the sky where the wind is screaming,
    Or down below where life is teaming,
    What fun it would be to fly in the air,
    Or fly down below where you could go anywhere,
    In the sky there are ...

  • Urgency to Escape

    Static before the hurricane hits

    Wrist shaking

    Movement rushes through the container

    The buzz of the aluminum,

    a soft vibrato builds into a violent tremor


    Shards of light refract off the metal

    Ricocheting in every direction

    With each rapid flick

    pressure builds

    Forcing it’s release




    With frantic urgency

    It must escape

    Pushing against the aluminum

    Everything feels too tight for air

    The inability to breathe




    Metal on metal

    A crisp crack ...

  • bannanas



  • It’s a Passion


    Down the field it goes

    Dribble, Pass, Shoot, Score!

    If it was only that easy

    People don’t understand
    The Sweat
    The Tears
    The Blood
    The Cramps of your working muscles

    All those practices,
    So much running you might even passout
    “Get on the line” he demands
    ‘Line’ makes you hate math even more than you already did

    You struggle to ...

  • Bat Mitzvah Day

    Years of preperation,
    For this big final step,
    Becoming a Jewish woman,
    Childhood to rest.

    Song after song,
    prayer after prayer,
    I can feel the tension,
    rising in the air.

    I read from the Torah
    Excitement on the rise,
    I’m a woman already,
    I can feel it inside!

    My heart skips a beat
    as I say the last ...

  • Opinions


    Look here,

    no here,

    wrong way,

    over here….

    Your head spins like a top,
    opinions tug at your hair,
    your opinion is too scared to share.

    More ideas baffle you,
    they tug at your nose,
    your ears,
    your eyes,
    your mouth……..
    They run you you over like a truck
    flattening you out……..
    Nothing is left for you,
    except ...

  • Unearth

    I don’t want to pray for forgiveness
    like I’m pinned by the wings
    to God’s corkboard.
    But when the iron in my blood
    is towed toward the magnet that is
    her in her
    sunny Sunday best, I don’t stop myself
    from choking on the
    Lord’s Prayer.
    I indulge my shame.
    Like a sleepy child

  • Love

    Love sounds like happiness in the air.
    Love smells like sweet perfume in the city.
    Love feels like my red fluffy shirt .
    Love looks like one hundred blooms on a rose bush.
    Love tastes like an ice cream sundae with a cherry on top.

    Boone Elementary


  • Mountaintop

    High above
    There is a place which many dream
    And few know
    It is graceful and elegant
    Like the stars
    From there you can touch
    The gentle mist that surrounds
    But doesn’t cloud
    It frees and flows
    Like a river
    A mountaintop

    Bailey Middle School


  • The Pool

    The Pool

    I love the pool, water so clear, so cool, the bubbles as far as the eye can see. That is really where I’m meant to be. If I had a wish I would be a fish. Swimming on forever, and my school, would be the people at the pool.

    Diane Gorzycki Middle School


  • Rocks are Hard

    I was confused,
    Didn’t know what had just happened
    Like a bug hitting a windshield

    I was there floating,
    In the water as I felt the warmth
    Of blood run down my back
    and my life flashing before my eyes

    What had just happened?
    I was not sure
    The last few seconds,
    Had been a daze to ...

  • Cesar

    Day 1

    I am a worker with
    No clean bathrooms
    No clean water
    Very little money
    They, the growers
    Treat me like I am not human
    I am.
    My kids
    Are starving
    I need safety
    I need liberty

    Day 2

    I hear people yelling
    The music gets louder
    I look
    Tons of people are yelling
    Join us!

  • Rhyming

    Rhyming is overrated.
    Rhyming poems are childish and dated.
    Free verse is far superior.
    Rhymes are often so much drearier.

    I say we extinguish the rhymes
    We’ve used them on too many times.
    Free verse is for the more artistic,
    An art system that is truly mystic.

    Rhymes are childish and creative,
    Free verse is so spectacular ...

  • Then, Before and After

    A haze of fog,
    Blinding my memory of sight Before,
    Protecting my soul like my childhood blanket covering my head from an imagined, scary creature behind
    my bedroom door.

    All I remember is After.

    Not because I was so young Then,
    But because After’s crash was so fiery and impactful,
    I was left in a daze,

  • Four Season

    There were four sisters
    Each had magical powers
    They all cared for each other
    Winter the coldest
    Hearted sister she
    Was yet the oldest
    Only kind to her sisters
    She hid from everyone
    Autumn the second to oldest
    Always the loneliest
    Never liked Summer
    She was always a bummer
    Spring was able to
    bring life ...

  • Horsey

    Pink, gray
    Running, walking, eating
    I love horseys

    Rodriguez Elementary


  • Badland

    Its majesty brushed

    with browns and reds.
    Towering saguaro piercing
    the land. Visited by screeching;
    bats in search

    of the insects illuminated
    by the moon.
    Sonoran paradise.
    A wasteland: sweltering
    with hazy apparitions by day,

    frozen over by relentless
    cold at night. Summer air invites
    a silent killer.
    It begins as avid wind-
    agitating the dry crust
    on ...

  • My friend Lobel

    My friend Lobel is mysterious
    He cries when he is happy
    He acts happy when he is sad
    But he needs a friend
    So I’m here to help

    Blanton Elementary School


  • Marley

    Almost four years
    You make me so happy
    My smile stretches to my ears
    You’re the smooth and creamy peanut butter to my chunky and sweet strawberry jelly
    I’m so glad I met you
    We connected like magnets
    FaceTime when we can’t see each other
    And non – stop laughing when we do
    Building ...

  • Mis Manos

    Mis manos escriben y
    agarran cosas y cargan coasas
    cuando estamos en la escuela
    tienes que tener last mano atras
    porque si no te reganan.

    Odom Elementary


  • Will You?

    Will you be there?

    When I was five and you thought I had cooties
    I wondered if you would still want to be friends.

    When we started middle school and you started having feeling for girls
    I wondered if you would still stand by my side or leave for the first girl that walked by.

    Will you be ...

  • I’m Bored

    I want to play video games
    But my sister broke it

    I want to play with somebody
    But I am the only kid i my neighborhood

    I want to play dominoes with my family
    But they are gone

    I want to go to school and learn
    But today is on the weekend

    I want to go to school and ...

  • Above

    Up high in the sky
    where whirling winds fly
    through the bustling cities
    surrounded by clouds as soft as kitties
    a billion miles above the ground
    if you look up I am found
    with various sights for all to see
    there is no other place I’d want to be


  • Breakfast

    Eggs and bacon.
    Eggs. Eggs. And bacon.
    Eggs and bacon.
    Eggs. Eggs. And bacon.

    Baranoff Elementary


  • Word Poem

    There ain’t any inconspicuous posters,

    It’s not clear or visible at all in the school.


    About this time of day may change,

    Unless it’s inconspicuous to the eye,

    And absolutely of no importance whatsoever.


    Even places are inconspicuous;

    They include a theater,

    Of inconspicuous people,

    No one to run into until,

    They ome out and show you.


    Nobody is hidden,

    Until you finally reveal,

    Who or what ...

  • Cat and Butterfly

    A cat and butterfly
    Make me cry
    With happiness
    They are hard to miss
    Elegant and beautiful
    They inspire the soul
    Give me wings
    Like we are kings!
    Make my life more colorful
    Not a damp lump of coal
    They are my night and day
    I am not to stray
    I miss them now
    I ...

  • Ocean

    salty liquid
    sand scraped
    knees and

    You force breath,
    burning eyes,
    and land
    on its unwavering form.

    Once one with it,
    sure to be there for the rest of eternity.
    Cold, blue bloated body
    lost among the fish and coral.

    Lost concentration,
    diverted by the cerulean tint,
    unconscious of approaching waves.

    Washing over you,
    filling lungs,

  • The little sailor

    The little sailor came to the sea as proud as can be,
    As he passed some fish, he caught some to put on a dish,
    As he sailed by he came out on a new sea,
    As that happened the sea came to be a that could never be to see,
    A storm of terror ...

  • Amigo

    Mi amigo es leo
    porque el quiere
    jugar con migo

    Odom Elementary


  • Feelings

    Happy like the sun
    Sad like the rain
    Angry like a hornet
    Scared like a mouse
    Cold like an ice cube
    Hot like the desert
    Tap like a sheet

    Brentwood Elementary


  • Season Feeling

    Light up my life like a Christmas tree,
    You’re the angel at the top,
    It’s a present to be present you better believe,
    I always want to sit at the fire and hear it crackle and pop,
    I fell in love with fall it’s a pleasure to fall in love with you,
    I don’t mind ...

  • Silly Sally

    Silly Sally was in a house.
    Silly Sally is 5.
    Silly Sally she likes ice cream.
    Silly Sally is a girl.

    Brentwood Elementary


  • Hamilton

    A lot of power
    Money, money, money
    Into politics
    Often talking
    Nothing is done

    Brentwood Elementary


  • The Ocean

    Salty smells of the ocean
    The sun burning down
    My feet buried in the soft sand
    Kids running and laughing
    Kites flying in the beautiful blue sky
    Step into the ocean and dance with the waves



  • War

    As lovely as a gunshot.
    As beautiful as blood.
    As dull as a shiny bullet.
    As precious as screams of pain.
    As happy as a soldier missing his family.
    I Love War!


  • Analeigh


    Good, happy

    Playing, biking, playing

    Watching videos


  • The Switching Emotions Baby!

    A baby named Alex was happy until he was hungry. Alex was mad he always switches emotion. Like he gets sad and mad. When Alex was happy he would smile and laugh until he got hungry.

    He switches emotions when he is hungry. When Alex is mad he throws a tantrum. He was like a herd ...

  • Life

    When someone dies, my heart rings,
    I wish I could spread my wings
    To the place wehre the angels sing
    But I can’t – it’s a part of life

    We sing and dance as we begin anew
    Skip in the grass and run in it too
    But it’s the sad parts that make us blue
    Death ...

  • The Stars of Starry Night

    His favorite painting was Starry Night.

    Gazing at the bright yellow and white stars swirling into the dark blue night.

    And you see I was those stars.

    And he was the dark night sky.

    Our colors beautifully blending together,

    Contrasting in the most breathtaking way.

    His dark blue brush strokes wrapped around my bright yellow ones.

    Kissing every star making up the ...

  • Caught

    I stand there as guns boom
    People run by
    Blood and tears soaked the land
    Where so many people have died
    Screams of pain
    Screams of war
    The killing
    The hurt
    Hundreds of men on the floor
    Clawing at the blood stained Earth
    Was this how all humanity would perish
    Something grabs my leg
    A ...

  • Where I’m From

    I am from hoverboards and soda and
    Bluebell ice cream
    I am from the house of boring walls
    I am from the big and fun house
    I am from the oak trees and the lime tree
    I am from the neighborhood of old people
    I come from church on Sundays
    I’m from gardening and farming

  • Me, Myself, and I

    Me, Myself, and I
    were eating a piece of pie
    we eat it up
    we sip some tea
    Me, Myself, and I

  • New Beginnings

    “The turning point in the process of growing up is when you discover the core strength within you that survives all hurt.” – Max Lerner

    I miss the little girl I once was
    The one who lived and breathed
    She will always be a part of me
    I have hurt and have been hurt
    I have ...

  • Metz

    Metz is the best!
    Education here is fun.
    Teachers are sweet and kind.
    Zoo of kids and teachers!



  • I need you

    I need you
    I need you here,
    I need you to let me be,
    I need you to tell me it’s all okay,
    I need you to leave,
    I need you to tell you love me,
    I need you to not tell me anything,
    I need you

    crockett high school


  • What the color blue means to me

    What The Color Blue Means To Me
    Blue, blue is the color of sadness
    The color of tears from my blue eyes

    Freshly dyed blue hair to match my blue lips
    after a cold swim in the blue ocean

    The blue water to match the little blue sail boat
    In the little blue sail boat are sailors ...

  • The Last Drawer On The Right

    In the bureau in my room

    A stack of drawers sit atop one another

    Filled Up With





    Each drawer is likewise to the first

    Except the last

    The last drawer on the right is







    Overflowing with


    All the adolescent mess that make me, me

    All the funny times

    All the lessons learned

    All packed into

    The last drawer on the right




  • Deep Blue

    Oh what we can imagine…
    Oh the Deep Blue
    “Aaaaouuuu Pretty!!!”

    Oh what the Deep Blue contains

    What does the Big Ocean Blue really contain?
    We don’t know,
    anything could be hiding and lurking in the water.

    We can only know so much,

  • Trees

    Will you spare my life
    And appreciate my beauty?
    Some love me for the way I look
    Others don’t even know i’m there.

    They love to hang around me during the holidays,
    And parties are always my time to shine
    But only during the pinata.

    They use me like i’m paper
    when I could give so much ...

  • Love

    some say it’s fake,
    some say it’s real,
    some say it’s nothing,
    some say it’s everything,
    it can happen at first sight,
    it can never happen at all,
    love is what you make it,
    love is love



  • Middle School Romance

    In my mind i have a picture and in that picture i see, the world below me with the sun beginning to set as the afternoon begins to turn to evening. There are gorgeous white clouds covering the blue sky and middle school romance fills the air.

    In my mind i have a picture and in ...

  • Hidden Worlds

    I’m lost in a world
    No one else knows.
    I’m stuck in a dream
    No one else sees.
    With an unreal friend,
    And an enemy I haven’t met,
    And the sea next to them,
    Deep and blue.
    The salty wind in their hair
    But the foe doesn’t care
    He takes out a hidden weapon,
    And ...

  • Future Me

    A Single drop of sunlight falls
    Wind blows in my gray hair
    Darkness fades and I’m overwhelmed with free life
    People open their windows

    Children play in the streets
    I step in the grass
    I know it’s over now
    I can feel it in my bones.

    I remember when I was a little girl
    Sweet and innocent

  • Summer School

    Today is school
    School in Japan

    Quiet and Peaceful
    Like you’re at a library

    Old and beautiful
    different from America

    We wear sneakers in school
    They don’t

    We eat in the Cafeteria
    They don’t

    We bring lunchboxes
    They don’t

    We go to school in vehicles
    They don’t

    We have friends
    And they do too

    Gorzycki Middle School


  • The Wagering Crush

    Looking back she now knows how she had felt.
    Seeing them in public made her head light.
    She could not handle cards that she’d been dealt.
    He did not know she adored him in spite.
    His love belonging to another soul.
    Her thoughts are gambled, and emotions tossed.
    Without knowing, her heart was what he ...

  • Isolated Wounds

    The Great Wall of
    So many accumulated bricks
    Held together by the
    Single Memory
    That planted
    a garden of weeds
    Now overgrown
    Left freely to
    Take Over the neglected
    Castle and all it’s walls
    And all it’s grounds.
    The knights that used
    To visit have long
    Turned away and
    The ones who aren’t
    Scared of ...

  • Blocked

    I have writers block
    you’re driving and get stopped by a train
    you want to finish a marathon but you can’t breathe
    I’ve redone this test five times
    I’m giving up
    I still have 300 words to go
    I’m giving up
    if I listen to music maybe

  • Good Feelings

    My feelings are good
    My feelings are happy
    I am happy too

    Odom Elementary


  • The Lovers Test

    You said we were lovers,
    The best of the best,
    But how can I trust you?
    Let me put you to the test,

    Would you sit outside my door waiting for me to come home?
    Would you write me letters about your life in Rome?
    If I were hurt would you lay with me in bed,

  • Kitty Love

    When I walk up to my room,
    when I’m coming up the stairs,
    I see some little kitty eyes,
    not one but two cute pairs.

    They come right out to greet me,
    one’s perky, one is shy,
    they come to me excitedly,
    joy glinting in their eyes.

    When I see them I feel it,
    a splash that ...

  • Please Make More Books

    We love books and we want some more
    We can’t wait
    We don’t like waiting for books
    Please make more books
    We are done with books really fast
    Books are the best, better than tests



  • Like Elephants

    Like elephants
    forcing themselves into cardboard boxes,
    a vessel desperate to be filled with belonging
    snags its fluttering spirit
    and plucks away the wings,
    consulting society’s step-by-step handbook
    for cutting away passionate errors,
    slicing off rebellious streaks,
    stitching on content and blinding unbiased sight
    and throws the corpse
    up, up, up,
    expecting it to sprout ...

  • Wings

    Birds’ wings flutter in my chest
    Their high trills
    And songs fill my lungs

    They tell me I’m sick
    They tell me I have trouble breathing

    So I am not allowed to run,
    Go up stairs quickly,
    Jump rope.

    But I know the truth,
    I am alive.

    And birds sing
    In my lung’s trees.
    The beautiful trees
    Filled with ...

  • Hot Cocoa

    Hot cocoa is an earned treat.
    It tastes sweet and chocolatey.
    It sounds swishy as the ocean.
    It smells like a chocolate river.
    It is as brown as a bear.
    It makes me feel like heaven.



  • Why Do We Care?

    People are born different,
    And treated like they’re somehow wrong.

    But those who believe the different ones are less,
    Cannot say why.
    Which leaves we who think,
    A person is never a mistake,
    To challenge and defend.

    A kid in a wheelchair is the same as one who’s not,
    They won’t start a fight,
    Or at least ...

  • What do I look like

    What do I look like letting some boy control my life. What do I look like letting someone tell me who and who I can’t be friends with. Telling me I can’t do something just because he doesn’t want me to. What do I look like being someones little pet following them around like I’m ...

  • Snickers


    Is no ordinary horse.
    His deep brown, almond eyes
    Seem to stare into the very depths of my soul.

    He knows what i am thinking
    When I am happy, sad, lonely,
    Or mad

    Who is better than any therapist
    Who gives the best hugs.
    Who seems to understand
    Exactly what i am saying
    Even ...

  • Nina


    Ears, tail

    Sleeping, meowing, walking

    Nicest of all pets


    Rodriguez Elementary


  • Affliction

    I am bound in this never-ending game of loss and misery. I’ve been taken never to see my family again. I know that I will never see the true light again.
    I start at daybreak and end at nightfall. I harvest the goodie that people enjoy simply that I grappled to make. As people savor ...

  • Robot

    So I built it

    A Robot

    So I like it

    My robot

    Cuz I built it.



  • My Family Is

    My family is a clock

    My mom are the numbers
    keeping us on track and time

    My brother are the hands
    always in motion

    My dad is the glass
    holding us together

    I am the rim bold and outstanding
    My family is a clock

  • Rain Fun

    As I sit outside the smell
    of rain finds me. I go to

    Jump in puddles, soon I
    feel water splashing up
    my legs.

    I laugh with joy.
    I open my mouth and stick
    out my tongue to taste the

    I run and slide my fingers
    on the wet benches. Then
    I hear the booming thunder



  • Lilacs in the Breeze

    Lilacs in the breeze,
    swaying back and forth,
    sprouting beautiful petals,
    crying out for me to pick them,
    and then I do,
    and then they’re gone.


  • Bloodletting

    And they watched as he bled
    Dripping into a big plaster bowl
    They waited for signs of blackness
    Thickness, Corruption, death in a living man
    They knew it would drip from beneath his turban
    And into his eyes

    They knew the name of Allah would be carved deeply into him
    The color of dead men
    And ...

  • Ode to Buscuits

    Biscuits are my favorite snack
    This is an undeniable fact

    Warm with a golden tint
    Looking over causes my eyes to squint

    At the beauty of the delicious biscuits
    I begin to eat all of them, one by one

    Until my stomach says no more
    And I am done

    Biscuits are my favorite snack
    This is an undeniable fact

  • “Poetry”


    What is poetry?

    Playing with words

    and silly sounds,

    Singing a song

    All the way to town.

    Crying out your feelings

    So sad,

    But poetry

    is not that bad.







    Poetry will never stop.

    Whether it is to be

    Or not to be


    Will never end.

    The End

  • Sundae

    In my mouth.
    I hear the music,
    “Ice Cream!
    Come get it now!”
    ICE CREAM!!!!!


  • The Sky

    The sky is blue so are you but I still like you. you are nice but in your house you have mice
    When outside we play a lot but a bee
    Tries to sting me but you protect me
    So the
    Sky is blue and but this story will not end because we are friends

  • Man’s Best Friend

    Man’s Best Friend

    Long before man ‘fore he took his great height
    The earth was but earth unburdened unkept
    Trees stood mightily in day and dark night
    Unfettered wildness in wilderness slept.

    Now rocks we climbed high both rough and rigid
    The Plains our playground in days stretched with fun
    Mountains their majesty tall and frigid
    The ...

  • Ode to the BBQ Pit

    I always say should the grass be greener.
    Is the sky as blue as an ocean.
    Really I should ask why, do I go outside
    The smell of grilled meat and seafood
    Smells so good my eyes & nose can smell it
    Fresh air with sausage smells!
    Hamburgers oh so good.
    Hot dogs a grilling, ...

  • Paradise

    Picture the Ocean

    Not knowing what is in the Fresh Water

    Millions and Millions of gallons
    Of Paradise Water

    Is the ocean full of DREAMS?

    Is the ocean filled with MONSTERS?

    Who knows
    What could be in the ocean
    Our imagination
    That’s what

    The only thing we can do is to

  • Ouch! That really hurts

    Through the field, I run with pride
    Scoring goals and passing as I go
    I am playing soccer of course
    The game is going well I suppose

    But when it’s my turn to pass
    I tripped and fell on the grass
    It really starts to hurt
    Because I fell face first

    My nose starts bleeding
    There is ...

  • Breathless

    Life without you is like my lungs with no oxygen; my blood bends blue– lifeless…
    Dead without your love.
    How can you possibly expect me to live with no air?
    I need you as bad as my red blood cells need oxygen to bring nutrition to my muscles, organs, tissue, and skin.
    My heart services ...

  • Me, Myself, and I

    Me, Myself, and I
    were eating a piece of pie
    we eat it up
    we sip some tea
    Me, Myself, and I

    Blanton Elementary School


  • Christmas

    Oh Christmas, Oh Christmas
    so dreadful you see
    laughing and playing out of the ordinary
    Maybe presents just aren’t right for me
    Oh Christmas, Oh Christmas
    just let me be


  • Girl

    Just a girl
    No, so much more.
    No idea how much she impacts
    the lives of others,
    bringing happiness and light.

    I look at her
    I feel like a bomb of emotions about to explode.
    Happiness and warmth inside
    Frustration and confusion inside,
    I love her smile.

    When she looks at me
    I get this ...

  • Consumed

    It’s just a number, right?

    It’s your whole life.
    You eat exercise.
    You breathe pounds.
    You see in numbers.
    It begins to take over everything.

    First it starts with exercise.
    Minutes turn to hours.
    Then you start to count calories.
    Thousands turn to hundreds until they turn to nothing.
    The numbers start to grow in your ...

  • Where I’m From

    Where I’m From
    I am from putting away laundry and cleaning my room
    From Nike and Adidas
    I’m from the rocky road and the red brick two story house
    From soaring trees as tall as the eye can see
    From the road seeming like a never ending trail,that no one knows when it will end

    I ...

  • This is just to say

    I let
    Out your
    Hamster whoops
    Im very sorry

    You got
    It the
    Day before

    Please forgive
    Me it was
    So soft
    And sweet
    Please ?

  • lost at sea

    She doesn’t cry because she doesn’t like wasting time
    on pointless pleas for sentiments never shared
    sympathies stolen
    and things never given.

    She remembers bits of words and lots of letters
    the soft and wrinkled edges of notebook paper
    Gentle curves between the lines
    anxious turning…
    Check the time.

    When she writes, her eyes go blind and ...

  • Soccer


    The beautiful game is known as soccer
    We play in the day where it gets hotter and hotter
    We kick the ball with our feet
    We laugh and play, even with defeat
    We argue with the ref when we hear a tweet
    And when we score
    Our feet are sore
    This is the beautiful game ...

  • Titanic

    You’re the full on collision ,I faced everyday
    you’re the glacier that sunk me
    I had to swim my way back to happiness
    The shivering and loneliness that entered my system made me realize i didn’t need you
    My mind was my life vest
    My family was the last life boat available
    Happiness didn’t come ...

  • Where I Come From

    I am from crayons and toys and
    from books and art
    I am from the house of dancing and music
    I am from the small and colorful house
    I am from the bluebonnets and big trees and the cul-de-sac
    I am from the neighborhood full of friends
    I’m from the pumpkin patch and Thanksgiving dinner

  • Random Poem

    There were some llamas
    In the Bahamas
    And they ate nothing but camas (beds)

    Then they met a camel
    That spoke Tamil
    He was a young mammal

    The camel died eventually
    Because he was being a total sissy
    And running from a lily (flower)

    Then a guy
    Said the llamas died
    But he lied
    So he had to ...

  • Unicorns

    I like them
    They have ALL my favorite colors
    Pretty and beautiful
    Magical horns
    Unicorns shine bright like a sun
    They make me happy and filled with joy.

    Ridgetop Elementary


  • Delicious Ice Cream

    Ice cream!
    Some like ice cream, some don’t,
    But I know I LOVE ice cream!
    The sweet taste,
    the coldness that freezes your brain.
    There’s so many toppings you can get!
    M&M’s, sprinkles, chocolate chips
    You can even create a unicorn ice cream!
    Ice cream is really cold.
    If you stick your finger in it,

  • I love Football

    I Love Football
    When I’m bored I don’t need to frown
    I like to go outside and throw around
    In the street is where i’ll be
    Calling for a pass while the sun is burning my feet
    A touchdown awaits, In I go to celebrate.

  • Sam

    Sam was supposed to be small,
    But that was not the case at all.

    Even though San is so diggity
    We treat him with much cordiality.

    He can almost jump the fence
    he treats my dad with much eminence.

    Without him our family is not complete.
    He can run so fast he is practically an athlete.

    Sam is really ...

  • Proving Dance

    As I walked out on stage
    I felt my body free from its cage.

    The music surrounded me as I danced
    And I knew this might be my only chance.

    My toes pointed with every move
    As I was determined to prove
    That dance is a sport
    Even though it’s not on a court.

  • Chicken Soup

    The revenge of the chickens
    I ate some chicken soup
    And a chicken ice cream scoop
    Saw a set of angry eyes
    Two wings that don’t fly
    I now rest in a chicken coop

    Boone Elementary


  • Best Day Ever

    The sky is blue
    The grass is green
    The birds are chirping chirp chirp
    The sun is bright
    and everyone is at the pool
    it’s crazy at the pool!
    It’s packed because schools out and it’s the best time ever!



  • Tsunami

    I’m a Tsunami
    I’m an enormous wave
    Get away from me!
    I’m only water, but
    I do loads of damage.
    You humans come back after I’m gone
    and see your towns ruins.
    I’m a disaster.
    I’d never want to say this but,





    My phone is my Heroin,
    My charger is the needle,
    My Brain is the plug.

    I’m no drug addict.
    I’m just addicted to
    My phone and all the
    Things it has on it.

    My phone tends to make
    Me stay inside more.
    It tells me watch videos,
    Send messages,etc.

    I’m always looking down
    At my phone.And it tells

  • Nightmares

    As the light slips away from the sky
    The haunter of dreams begins to rise

    One by one he collects his beasts
    To invade the minds of children fast asleep

    Witches, demons, even the dark, start to enter the dreams of children near and far

    The children squirm on their beds as the devilish creatures control their heads

    Then ...

  • Driving In The Dark

    I’m driving in the dark
    headlights shattered
    no glimpse of moonlight.
    No line where shadow meets light,
    where sadness meets hope.
    The end’s too far to keep going
    but the beginning’s off in the distance.
    Light is but a memory.
    Hope is but a loss.
    The tunnel never stops going.
    But the worst part,
    is ...

  • Shopping Actions

    If you love shopping,
    you should probably be girl.
    But if you are a boy like me,
    you might like to stay at home
    except when buying something
    you really want.
    Also when we are tired,
    You might want to take some
    time relaxing like sloths
    like they do on branches,
    then do some homework,

  • Basketball

    SWOOSH! Goes the ball,into the net, out it comes bounce bounce bouncing. (Pant, pant)
    There I go running to get the ball!
    Phew! I’m so tired, I’m going slower, and slower.
    Ha ha! I got the ball! ⛹🏻‍♀️
    SWISH!!! BZZ! Woo hoo!
    I made the winning shot! WE WON!!!!!!!! 🏆 🏀


  • Kiwi

    Kiwi is green

    It would not go good with a bean.

    It is not mean.

    It is the yumyist

    fruit I’ve ever seen

    It is even better than a wing!

    Oak Springs Elementary


  • Family Metaphor

    My family is a pencil pouch
    My mom is the pouch, she holds us together with love
    My sister is the colors, bright, silly and funny
    My brother is the sharpener, always there when we need him
    My dad is the pencil, always trying new things and always by my side
    I’m the eraser, keeping ...

  • The Single Star

    The speck showing
    a future among
    Sharpie scribbled skies.

    A planet who shines
    its hardest with
    a raging surface.

    A white ray ripping
    Through the black hole above,
    Gouging out soulless eyes.

    An Idea written
    Out of goals to break
    walls emitting shadows

    A spot separated
    From where it belongs,
    though it belongs nowhere.

    A strength shown as
    It bursts ...

  • Collision

    Chasing daydreams
    On golden wings
    Through stars
    And silver light

    Bottling love
    In crystal flasks
    On a sunlit pier

    River singing
    Peaceful songs
    And lilting melodies

    Dew speckled blossoms
    Blooming in
    The blood red dawn

    A haunting chorus
    Silent and loud
    In the golden dusk

    Silver snowflakes
    Crashing softly down
    Clinging into icicles
    Melting into hope

    Lovely harmony
    Crashing apart

    Ann ...

  • Tree

    Tremendous, marvelous
    Thriving, Spreading, Rising
    Nature’s tall beautiful skyscraper

    Gorzycki Middle school


  • What I think of the moon

    238,900 miles away from earth, which looks farther than that.
    As big as Russia, even if it looks smaller.
    Craters by the meteors, which I think the aliens did it so because to hide their stuff.
    There is no atmosphere, no air, and no life, which is false because of the aliens again

    Gorzycki Middle ...

  • Cosmic Planning

    Here is what you were never meant to know.
    Here is the salt of Orion’s bloodlust,
    here is the rubble of the tower,
    here is the endless dance of the wheel:

    There is a way to rearrange the stars,
    reform constellations,
    become masters of our own astrology,
    write our fates in cosmic dust.

    The gods are brittle.

  • Brave Voices

    Once there was a victim unheard
    Trapped and enslaved in a cage like a bird
    But at one time that cage blew away
    Knowing it was her time, her day
    The bird flew away to tell her story
    The horror, oh the horror
    But they found in her glory
    The strength that she wields
    Her ...

  • Night-Cat

    As the Night-cat’s wings spread,
    My feet heavy as lead,
    The Night-cat whispers to the Moon-dog,
    A tree crumbles into a rotten log,
    The Night-cat’s eyes begin to glow,
    Then her eyes stare at me with great sorrow,
    I back away as she crosses a moon-lit petal,
    Suddenly my legs turn to metal,
    The Night-cat ...

  • Why

    By kahshanna kingston

    Why, why do lie ? why do we make up stories til we’re 6ft under the in a hole, a big grave filled with LIES. why do we cry feel sorrow and hurt ? is it because we’re happy,sad,and mad.
    Why do we laugh , i know why i laugh, because i ...

  • My Unicorn

    My little Unicorn
    Always on my side,

    I always want her to be there,
    Because then together we can glide.

    She’s always sparkling,
    Always in my heart,
    We will always be together,
    Because she’s sweet like a tart.

    So loyal!
    So kind!
    She’s special like no other.
    No one can replace her.
    No one can be the same ...

  • ice

    I look out of the window and see

    The world doesn’t look how it used to be


    It’s clear and white


    So I put on my warm boots and rush

    outside on my pathway

    there is ice on my pathway

    These is the tiniest bit of snow.


    I have a pond in a bucket, it’s frozen and thick.

    Throughout the day the ice ...

  • Las Rimas

    Las rimas son letras que terminan
    igual al ultimo. Todas las rimas no son
    iguales. En las escuela te van a ensenar rimas.
    Yo hago muchas rimas en mi clase.
    Hacer rimas es divertido.

    Odom Elementary


  • School

    Going to school is fun
    but it also can be a bum.
    Seeing all my friends play
    makes my day.
    Learning the stuff
    makes me ruff.
    But with the help of teachers
    there’s always a way.



  • Who I Am

    Who is Sydnie?
    Sydnie is annoying she’s way too dark
    And well the whining we’ve had enough of that
    That’s what I was identified as to many when I was younger
    Now that Sydnie from years ago is very different
    The whining she stopped that
    The darkness she loves that
    If you identified her now ...

  • La Rana Muerta

    La rana es muerta y es un
    zobi y estaba espantando
    personas. la rana espanto a usted.

    Odom Elementary


  • My Dreams

    Whoosh! I went dashing through the water
    Like a fish chasing bait through the water

    Faster faster faster, Suddenly I am at the end
    Its coming Faster faster faster

    I run through the safari, I am as slow as a cheetah
    I run till my legs hurt, Faster faster faster

    Cackling as if it were a hyena, it ...

  • A Canadian in Texas

    I’ve had it now I can’t go on
    I’ve gone too far with just dry earth to walk upon
    This isn’t right there is no snow

    10 days till Christmas
    I just don’t know.
    If I can make it without pine trees
    Without snowmen or a winter breeze

    Without the snow I just can’t last
    Without sledding ...

  • Just Be Happy

    Just be happy everyday
    laugh and play
    say hurray.

    Odom Elementary


  • Chicago

    The windy city of Chicago
    You enter and fall in live with it
    It is just screaming with electric and alive shops
    Crisp, crunchy, and made with care deep dish pizza
    Delicious and deep goodness that so worth your money
    Right now Chicago is calling your name


  • why i cant tell you

    Why can’t i tell you how i feel it’s probably because i don’t know you that much but i want get to know you man why do i have to be shy it makes me want to cry that i dont have the courage to talk to you and get to know you makes me ...

  • I went to buy some gum

    I went to buy some gum
    and I asked for all the flavors.
    That is the last time I am buying gum.

    Brentwood Elementary


  • Ode To My Friends

    My friends make me happy as my presents on Christmas.

    My friends always talk to me whenever I need them.

    Some of them comfort me whenever something sad happens.

    My tears telling them I need them.

    Even on my birthday my friends make me

    feel like I’m the fireworks on the 4th of July.


    They help me whenever I had fallen.

    Sometimes ...

  • Things to Remember

    You might think
    Light fights off the shadows
    But it only conceals them

    It might appear
    That fire kills and destroys
    But it gives warmth

    You might fear
    A place that isn’t heaven
    But it is just a place
    For people too hurt to love

    You might assume
    Your actions speak louder than words
    But your words could ...

  • Where Is Mama?

    Mama and I started walking
    And we were talking too
    We went to see the big white ships
    Their horns, the sound so blue
    She lifts me up to see
    The big one and how it soars
    And then I hear it loud and clear
    The horn that sounds like roars
    Mama sets me down

  • Crystal Eyes

    your eyes shine like the stars above you
    they sparkle like a thousand diamonds gleam
    colors shift between shades as the winds blew
    shining lights echo from every dream

    blind to the changing world around us all
    as i gaze upon your heavens gemstones
    can you catch me when we finally fall
    falling in your gems ...

  • School Day

    Pencil, Paper, binder, book,
    Ticking clocks and ringing bells.
    Loud hallways, quiet classrooms
    People talking, people walking.
    Rushing here and there,
    Papers flying everywhere.
    Trying to escape the bell
    Getting homework done as well.
    Was that the bell?
    Yes, it was the bell.
    Locks clicking
    Lockers slamming
    Running students
    Catching buses
    The day ...

  • This is Just to Say

    This is just to say
    I have lost the item you told me specifically not to lose
    You will probably yell at me, or ground me

    But to be honest
    I can’t quite remember what item I lost.

  • Heat

    Six people in a room sitting
    The middle of the room was burning down quietly
    Two people fled
    Three on their phone
    One person reading a book
    Fire consumes the furniture
    One more person flees
    Three people sitting in a room



  • My Fear

    Under the blanket, I live with fear

    Hoping the monsters don’t come near

    I check if any are there

    But what I find is quite unfair

    A mask and wig is what I saw

  • I AM Poem

    I am like a small crack on a frozen lake,
    Surrounded by other bigger and smaller.
    I wonder if people can see the HIDDEN CRACKS In OUR WORLD.
    I hear the whispers of the wind around me.
    I see the light of childish wonder in those smaller than me.
    I want to be seen for ...

  • Week feelings

    do I have to go back to school?
    Learning makes me drool.
    Grab my toast and leave with a “you’re gonna be late.”
    Then a push on me and my brother Nate.
    here comes the week!
    Leaving anxious with a kiss on the cheek.
    Ooh I have violin today.
    Violin is fun to ...

  • Night

    As bright as a moonless night
    The sky is burning with light
    The stars so dull will guide the way so don’t you fright
    The morning sun rises dimming and taking the light

    Gorzykci Middle School


  • It Was a Dark Night

    It was a dark night
    I looked up; all the starts were gone
    I was left in the woods
    All lost and scared
    There were so many open areas
    I heard animals
    Raccoons, snakes
    They were everywhere
    I felt I heard people
    They were talking
    So I ran the opposite way
    I then found myself ...

  • Lost Phone

    I’m in your backpack!
    You’ve checked everywhere but here.
    Sixteen texts, seven calls, four FaceTime’s
    I’m lonely in here
    It’s dark
    I’m hungry
    I’m bored
    Woah! You picked me up.
    I hear you sighing softly
    Is it because you lost me?
    “I’m here!” I want to shout
    But I know you can’t hear me.


  • Valentines Day

    Valentines Day
    Valentines Day

    Brentwood Elementary


  • Together

    Me and my favorite person are together,
    alone in the dark, quiet night.
    No sounds or humanity around us.
    Everything around us is asleep except for the stars.
    They are sparkling brightly in the pitch black sky.

    Just me and him, together, on a hill, under the stars.
    We gaze upon city lights.
    There’s no people ...

  • Howl to an Owl

    It’s midnight
    and the stars
    are bright

    I hear
    an owl
    so the wolves
    will howl

    I hear
    who are you
    it coos

    Now the sun
    is up
    so it says

  • My Dog Butterfly

    I wish my dog could fly
    that’s why I named her Butterfly.
    Sometimes we go on walks, but all she does is talk and talk.
    She talks alot, like my sister, but
    that’s because I miss her.
    My dog is such a clutz,
    But I love my dog so much.


  • Mint

    I´m sorry for eating
    The Jason´s Deli mint
    On your dresser

    I said I didn´t
    You know I did
    It was back when
    I was a little kid

    I´m pretty sorry
    Please forgive me
    But it was
    So cool
    So minty
    So fresh
    Well then
    I don’t regret it
    I guess

    Gorzycki Middle School


  • Where I’m From

    I am from a pink plastic playhouse
    Scoot-bumping down carpeted stairs
    and the one time my dad made bread

  • Flowers

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Bluebonnets are blue and white
    Some flowers are pink
    Red is for love
    Blue is for the sky
    White is for the clouds
    Pink is for a dress



  • Suspended

    *Authors Statement: This poem may raise concerns, but I wrote it for my friend who was going through a difficult time. Things are better now. I’d like to share this poem to raise awareness and let people know that they’ll never be alone.

    Laying in bed wishing I was dead
    unable to decipher the thoughts in ...

  • Where I Come From

    I am from Orange Fanta and ginger ale
    I am from video games and WiiU
    I am from Shipley’s
    I am from Colgate and Clorox
    I am from the white house and
    I am from the huge, comfy house
    I am from the bluebonnets and
    the oak tree
    I am from the neighborhood of boys

  • Bees (A poem for 2 voices)


    (Voice 1) (Voice 2)

    Spring arising
    Flowers blooming

    bees buzzing bees buzzing

    Flying around


    Pollinating flowers
    Back to hive

    honey piling up honey piling up

    humans scared
    scared of bees

    they run away they run away
    so there is so there is

    more honey!

    flower to flower
    flower to flower

    Hive to hive
    Back and forth

    all Day

    Bees buzzing Bees buzzing

  • Love

    Love is Love!
    Love is like a dove in the air.
    You can’t live without Love because then you will only hate.
    Don’t you think Love is important?
    You know you just can’t change Love.
    It’s just Love that’s just important.
    Love is not that complicated you know.
    Love is just Love!
    If you would ...

  • Darkness

    Pooling around my feet.
    Filling the empty space.
    I can see nothing,
    Hear nothing.
    Unbroken forever more.
    No sound,
    No sound at all.
    Clutching me in its cold grasp.
    Nothing at all.


  • Anticipation

    My heart is pounding as if it’s trying to escape my chest. My stomach is trying to fly out of me as well. My head is scared, scared of what might go down, when I walk out onto the platform in front of hundreds of people. Wanting the moment to never come, to keep pushing ...

  • books

    open a book and you will find
    people and places of every kind;
    open a book and you can be
    anything you want to be;
    open a book
    and you can share
    wondrous words you find in there
    open a book and i will to
    you read to me
    ill read to you!

    bailey middle ...

  • Sure

    Sure, like the wind is sure
    when it blows a little breeze.
    Sure, like the sun is when
    it shines down upon us.
    Sure, like an architect is sure
    when he looks at blueprints.
    Sure, like a mother bear is sure
    that her kids are safe.
    Sure, like when the universe was sure
    it could ...

  • Me

    I like me
    Just the way to be
    I like to run
    I like to have fun
    I like school
    I like to write, too
    I like me and you

    Blanton Elementary School


  • Dream

    In a room where you cannot see,
    The light is what you need the most.
    You can hear water,
    The gentle splashing you cannot hear.
    Only the rolling thunder of waves pounding rocks.
    You can only imagine how far down to the rocks.
    The soft padding of small paws probably a cat,
    That thought is ...

  • The Pathway

    Light is the path to freedom
    You see so much more than the sky
    Freedom is more important than money


  • Heart Strings

    It started with the doubt that gnawed in my mind to the core
    then the searing self loathing leaving my soul in ashes
    But it was the loneliness that enabled the
    shears to snip strings to shreds

    It sounds like your voice
    tangled in my thoughts
    The shadow of your arms
    wrapped around my waist
    It ...

  • Water

    It clenches one,
    Like a prisoner trying to break free of tight bindings.
    But not in an evil or malicious way.
    More like a mother holding a child,
    Gently, yet tightly, with warmth,
    And the water seems to hold one captive,
    Not wavering until one requires air,
    And they see the liquid,
    It’s great drowning ...

  • Pens and Pencils

    I use led I use ink I am broken I am clean We are usually very lean I am dark so boring I can make pretty pictures I am bright we use color when we write I am wood I am plastic I am common I am special we are both semi-essential I am dull ...

  • Ode to Whoppers

    Oh, thy glorious whopper,
    I am your desired shopper.

    How you taste in my mouth is indescribable.
    If you weren’t in my life, that would be horrible.
    How you dance on my tongue makes my taste buds go crazy,
    Eating you makes me want to be lazy.

    Your loud crunch makes me shiver,
    Sharing your delight makes ...

  • Family

    They are the people that comfort you,
    They are there for you when you are down,
    Treating you like you deserve a crown.

    From family reunions,
    like a strong union,
    there are families large and small,
    you know you love them all.

    Arguments here and there,
    everything is okay,
    “come on let’s play!” we say.

    One ...

  • Stolen

    I let go
    I want it back
    I let go
    Just like that

    Every night I close my eyes
    I think about it
    I wanna say “Yes I do”
    Can I have it?
    I will give you yours too

    They stole it from me
    You probably don’t notice
    But I do

    I want my love back
    I know ...

  • Bored

    I am bored in January
    because there’s no fairy
    I am bored in February
    cause it’s just like January
    I am bored in March
    Because I don’t like arch
    I am bored in April
    Cause there’s no maple
    I am bored in May
    Because it never make my day
    I am bored in June
    Cause ...

  • One sunflower

    This one sunflower rests in my mind as a thought
    It is wilting and curled and gorgeous
    I want to grow up like that
    Never forgetting my beauty
    I would love myself
    This one sunflower makes me happy and joyful
    But most of all it makes me bloom


  • Where I Come From

    I am from art paper and markers
    from Myers cleaning day soap and baby wipes
    I am from toys and messy
    I am from the bright and happy home
    from the lilies and dandelions
    and big trees
    I am from the neighborhood with the quiet street
    I’m from donuts in the morning
    and home cooked ...

  • Expect The Unexpected

    If we are expected to be perfect.
    We wont be ready.
    To fail.
    To cry.
    To say not now, this is too much.
    Give us time.
    Give us that single moment.
    That serene moment of being safe in our own minds and bodies.
    Now, our futures aren’t foretold.
    Expect the unexpected they say.
    But they ...

  • My Dad is So Stubborn

    My dad is so stubborn! He keeps telling me to write my poem now! He does not understand that poetry is not an art that cannot be easily grasped, for though she is a dove in her beauty, she’s a slippery eel to possess. Yet eventually she turns from her persisting nature for the pursuit ...

  • Notice Me Forgetting You

    Notice me forgetting you

    Your smile I loved

    Your eyes, so blue

    Your hair like ice
    So blonde
    It’s white

    I haven’t seen you
    In months
    And I’m already forgetting

    The details
    I need them
    I want them
    All back

    You haven’t noticed
    You probably
    Don’t care
    That I am forgetting
    Your style
    Your stare

    Please notice me
    Forgetting you
    And please ...

  • I am Jayden

    I am a student, sister, and daughter.
    I wonder if I will have another brother.
    I hear my baby sister cry.
    I see my teacher.
    I want to be a teacher.
    I am a student, sister, and daughter
    I pretend I am a teacher.
    I feel sad that my grandmother died.
    I touch my Shopkins.

  • My Life

    I am from Austin Swim Club kick boards,

    And riding boots caked with mud.

    From delicious homemade pizza

    And following Whole 30 diets.


    I’m from a large roomy place with a

    blue, horse bedroom of my own.


    I am from reading horse books in my bed,

    And knitting bunnies with Grandma May.

    From always drinking out of the sink faucet,

    And wearing long brown ...

  • Art

    Color glides across paper
    Different reds and oranges make something new
    Every blue and green brushes splendidly
    White spaces now filled with color
    Beauty on paper
    As the picture comes to life

  • Beautiful Spring

    Spring is as hot as hot chocolate.
    My shirt is as white as daisies.
    Spring is as beautiful as butterfly wings.
    Spring is as colorful as a rainbow drawing.
    Spring is as calm as a fan.
    Birds chirp like real music.
    Frogs in spring leap as high as kangaroos
    Spring is as purple as purple ...

  • Light and Shadow

    Light defends against shadow
    But it creates shadows as well

    Light keeps the shadows at bay
    But it also conceals them

    Light gives you hope
    But shadows inspire you

    Light warms you
    But shadows ensure
    That you are never alone

    Light wards away monsters
    But shadows make them disappear

    Shadows may scare you
    But light can show you far worse ...

  • My Life and Me

    My life is cool, not cool blood it
    My life has a dog in it, he bit me
    My life has a family.

    My life has a beautiful thing in it.
    My life is very good.
    My life is awesome, I’mm doing fun things.

    My life has me in it.
    My life has a house in it.

  • All About Jax


    Strong, driller, welder, Mathematician

    Loves green

    Loves to see Shaggy!

    Brentwood Elementary


  • Where I Come From

    I am from computers and Lay’s potato chips
    from Blue bell ice cream and oranges
    I am from the art gallery in the halls and
    the house of confusion
    I am from empty and artsy
    I am from bluebonnets and
    apple trees and lilies and roses
    I’m from a neighborhood of buffaloes
    I’m from Hannukah ...

  • Rainbow Dash

    She is a Pegasus.
    She is fast.
    She will be there in a flash.
    This blue pony is named Rainbow Dash.


  • Ode to Softball

    There is no drama
    It’s all about having fun
    Be yourself
    Hit the ball hard
    Work together as a team
    Cheer each other on
    You got to get dirty
    Slide to every base
    My pitches are faster than a
    Run Super fast like a cheetah
    Put on a fierce face, play mean
    Stand on ...

  • Save

    Safe from
    Very big

    Crockett high school


  • I use to but now..

    I used to but now..

    I use to want to go to the movies,
    Now I want to BE in the movies

    I used to do gymnastics,
    Now I do soccer

    I used to be lazy,
    Now I want to do everything

    I used to be in Pre-k
    Now I’m in 6th grade

    I used to watch people play music

  • The Seed

    I start from a seed
    As small as a bead
    I form roots
    They grow out in shoots
    Then I come out of the ground
    I don’t weigh a pound
    I see green
    Then orange, and red, and brown
    Then white
    Pure white light
    I realize I am taller now
    I watch the seasons ...

  • Condemned

    (inspired by poet Terrance Hayes)

    Hey, I am learning what it means to ride condemned.
    Tossed amongst the eager waves dodging,

    sharks teeth and glaring glass eyes.
    A stain on your neighbor’s apron.

    Under heavy covers waiting, for the sun to rise and stomp
    dreams out to the curb with Monday’s trash.

    Somewhere a child sits criss-cross, Awaiting answers ...

  • Where I’m From

    I am from video games and coffee and
    big TVs
    I am from the technology house and
    I am from the disorganized and artsy house
    I am from the roses and the cedar tree
    I am from the bluebonnets
    I am from the Shady Hollow neighborhood and Parkour
    I’m from snack at 10:00 and alone ...

  • Unfaithful

    The one that intimidates me the most
    Was the one I once adored.

    Consumed by many emotions,
    Like a preteen.
    The thought of you dances in my veins and
    I adored its choreography.

    I don’t know which to favor,
    The infection of love
    Or the agony of heartbreak.

    He drove many miles
    In a taxicab to see you.

  • Night

    In the middle of the night
    the barn owl you might sight
    it’s hooting swooping in the air
    above the big black bear
    Mice scampering on the ground
    the foxes don’t make a sound
    Squirrels are in their nest
    nighttime is the best.


  • unclear solutions

    The hot air balloon gets blurrier
    with each slide until It becomes
    clear again; with a brilliant resolve
    that leads to brown circular frames,
    No matter how much you
    wipe away the anxious
    fog that creeps like a vine
    with the edge of a cotton shirt,
    The bright green
    hills are still visible
    but the ...

  • The Sad Porky

    The Porky is sad no one wants to hug him.
    He said, “Why don’t you want to hug me?”
    The bunny said, “Maybe next time. I think I might have left the stove on.”
    Then Porky felt so sad that when he cried his tears sounded like rain
    splashing in puddles



  • Ants



    Cool Pets


    Likeable pets

    Live all over the world


    Brentwood Elementary


  • Homicide

    Sticky jack-o-lantern teeth
    protrude from the bloody carcass
    Born from a seed and a hope
    It bloomed brilliantly, bloated and bulging
    from the vine until
    snapping crisply to be sliced acutely
    A dissection
    Discretely split and spread
    Sweet ruby juice dripped from our chins
    onto our shirts, red stains
    A rookie murder

  • The Girl in the Hospital

    A whisper
    Echoes throughout my head.
    Bounce around in my brain.
    An image
    Burned into my retina
    Won’t go away.

    My eyes snap open.
    Bright light fills my vision.
    Tears are escaping my lacrimal gland.
    I blink profusely
    To return my eyes to their normal,
    Vacant state.

    It is loud.
    Voices shout
    Over machines
    That are ...

  • Red











  • Space

    Do you ever think about what’s out there?
    All the stars and planets like,
    Black Holes forming and stars dying like,
    Infinite space and infinite flying like,
    Being the only ones or not knowing who’s out there like,
    Space will give you space because it’s infinite and growing like,
    Oh my god time is infinite ...

  • Joy and Sadness

    If Joy were a color
    It would be a vibrant golden yellow
    As bright as a sunrise

    If Joy were a taste
    It would be like a perfectly ripe piece of apple
    Never too bitter or too sweet

    If Joy were a sound
    It would be a uplifting song
    With laughter sweet as a sunday church chorus

    You ...

  • Where I Come From

    I am from ice cream and gummy bears
    I`m from Clorox and Legos
    I am from messiness and disorganized
    I come from a cool house and an awesome home
    I am from pear trees
    I am from a long road that leads to a park
    I’m from a neighborhood of boys
    I’m from going to ...

  • My Horse and I

    When I am happy, my horse is sad.

    When my horse is happy, I am sad.

    When he is mad from me not giving it a pat on the back, it makes me get on.

    Then…boom, pow, crash…He bucks me off and before you know my horse has to go because now I am in the hospital.


    Now you ...

  • Metaphor for a family: kangaroo version


    My dad is the legs, strong and handy,
    my brother, the joey, small and thin, but sometimes annoying
    my mom is the body, holding us all together,
    and I, am the head, the logical Einstein one in the family.


  • Point Of View – DSi

    I am in your sock drawer,
    The socks are keeping my body warm,

    I overheard you ask mom,
    “Where is my charger?”

    I’m happy I am not turned on,
    Or else I would have died!

    I overheard now, you found my charger,
    But… not me yet,

    Please hurry up to find me,
    My camera is itching to take another ...

  • Fudge Is Awesome

    Fudge is so good.
    Fudge is like chocolate.
    Fudge is also like caramel.
    Fudge is the best chocolate ever made.



  • Taking Out The Trash

    Mom, do I have to?
    I just want to play FNAF 2.
    I don’t want to take out the trash.
    But I’ll do it, if you give me cash.



  • London

    Bright lights
    City nights
    Crown and jewels
    Fancy shoes

  • Fun

    Let’s have some fun!
    But there isn’t anything fun to do.
    Swimming is fun.
    We can make dresses that look like the moon and sun.
    We can look at bugs.What kind of bugs?
    Ladybugs and butterflies too.
    We can wear one shoe. We can eat pizza for breakfast. We can meet Taylor Swift. We can ...

  • For A Friend

    Your eyes of sparkling blue,
    filled with joy and love.
    Your arms wrapped around me,
    with care of a mother.
    I would die you you,
    i would walk through fire for you.
    and i know you would do the same for me,
    because we love each other.


  • I am a cicada

    My life started in the ground
    I was taught to dig at a young age because that was the only way to stay
    away from the predators outside.
    They could smell our fear and that is how they hunted us
    We felt trapped in the place that was supposed to make us feel safe.
    We ...

  • My Brother Nash

    My brother, smart for a baby,
    But what do you know?
    He’s completely crazy.
    Not a surprise,
    He likes sports,
    He even sprints across a basketball court.
    Runs out the door, no stopping him now,
    the only thing you can do is try to chase him down.
    All he wants is candy,
    All he wants ...

  • Flow of life

    The sun is bright, the sky is blue
    The wind is cold, the frost is too

    The ocean waves are calm but do stay
    The rainbow across the mountain never goes away

    There is anger and hate, and joy with fate
    There is hope and creation, and sadness with frustration

    But all leads to one equation
    Light and ...

  • Cesar

    So now we start this poem anew
    It was 1965 and things were looking blue
    For the targets, they lived like apes
    No water, no toilet as they picked grapes

    However, that was not the case
    For the oppressors, all trimmed and laced
    When you see the target, it’s easy to see
    The oppressors only keep ...

  • Siren

    Splashing, lapsing, flushing, washing, waving
    Crashing to foaming, rising and falling,
    Tides restlessly singing their refrain,
    Relentlessly pushing and pulling,
    Endlessly drifting and coming again

    Staring out at what is so beautiful,
    But neglecting what brings joy to many,
    Coulds and woulds and shoulds supposedly,
    Augmenting, with addition of doubt
    Thinking of eyes that don’t belong ...

  • Stress

    Life is full of stress.
    With every corner you turn,
    There is something new,
    For you to worry about,
    And that will not go away.



  • False Comparison

    As dark as the sun
    As slow as a horse
    As big as a mouse
    As hard as 1+1


  • The Cheetah

    Though you may run,
    you may pace.
    Sometimes in photos you fall on your face.
    Even when it’s in the middle of a chase.

    You can go 75 miles per hour.
    I bet with that speed you could knock down a tower.
    You catch a guinea fowl every hour.
    No wonder you trip and get mad ...

  • Christmas

    The snow falls on the leafless tree
    The lights on the neighbor’s house is the prettiest sight to see
    The hot cocoa and marshmallows add the feeling of delight
    The star on the tree never has shined so bright
    The family spends time making treats
    Every threat is made so sweet
    The presents make ...

  • Swim

    It is a commitment,
    It is a challenge,
    It is a team,
    It is hard,
    It is dedication,
    It is fun,
    It is a race,

    It is an accomplishment



  • this is just to say

    I have stolen
    Your controller
    That was in your room

    And which you
    Probably wanted
    To play

    Forgive me
    The controller
    Helped me
    Win a

  • Papá

    Cuando te fuiste,

    ni un adiós me diste,
    tan sola en la noche fría,
    se escuchaba un silencio triste.

    En la obscuridad de la noche,
    soñaba que vienes a mi.
    Las noches tristes y desoladas
    por ti pensando sobre mi almohada.

    Pasaron los días y yo te esperaba.
    Deseando volvieras, para abrazarte y
    decirte te extraño.

    Los días, las ...

  • The Best Thanksgiving

    As we rushed out the door this late Thanksgiving night
    To eat a big feast that is hot and nice
    We just said our ‘thanks’ and I decided to ask,
    “Can we please have a bite to feast on?”
    My parents said yes
    So I ate and ate
    And I would have to say
    it ...

  • Animals

    Animals have many different traits.
    Animals can be small or big,
    smart, or not.
    They are very fascinating.
    Warm or cold-blooded,
    they can do many magnificent things,
    good or bad,
    wonderful, or not.
    Animals are very amazing creatures.
    As big as an elephant or as small as a mouse,
    either way, I like them all.


  • Not bigger not better

    So you think you’re higher than me. You’re on a stool
    You think you’re stronger than me? You’re a tool
    Well screw you, pun intended.
    You can eat all the crap I don’t give. I’m defended.
    Cause the sticks of your words and the stones of your insults won’t break my bones.
    My structure is ...

  • Mean Dogs

    My dogs are mean
    They get in my toys
    My dogs are mean
    They rip up my toys
    My dogs are mean
    They chase my cat
    But my cat…
    Is really fat


  • From Happy to Sad

    It’s now 3087
    We’re far into the future,
    The world is good.

    No wars or fighting.
    No more crazy presidents.
    We are all at peace.

    There are flying cars,
    Robots in every household,
    New technology.

    Nothing can go wrong,
    We’re a green community,
    And no one can leave.

    We have a luxury,
    We have clothes, food, and shelter,
    What ...

  • The Thing in the Sky

    love is the thing in the sky
    that is always going by

    when you try and catch it
    you end up down on your knees
    like you were stung by a million bees

    love is the thing in the sky
    even after you die

    so don’t give up no matter what comes by

  • A spoon

    I’m a spoon
    I wish I was a fork,
    Or better yet, a spork!
    I’m stuck spooning up
    SCALDING HOT! soup
    Or worse
    Scooping up
    FREEZING COLD! ice-cream
    Oh woe is me

    Brentwood Elementary


  • Sloth

    I am a sloth a sloth am I

    I live in a tree

    I can’t fly but I am where I want to go.

    Oak Springs Elementary


  • Mauve Azaleas

    I watch this place,
    as if I were watching Monet
    in real time.
    Mauve azaleas
    flutter as the breeze swept
    pollen from their pistils.
    Bumble bees decorated
    themselves with flaxen dust,
    Take what they want,
    innocent blossoms.
    Indulging until
    once petite bodies,
    become ponderous.
    anther and filament,
    Awkward and cumbersome,
    their ...

  • I Hate Pie

    “I Hate Pie”
    By: Liam G.

    I like pie.
    I like pie.
    That’s what all the kids
    would cry.

    Oh not me,
    Totally not me.
    I would rather die.

    All the Criss n’ crosses,
    Apples and sauces,
    Toppings and
    Even more.

    It makes me barf,
    The goo and marsh,
    That doesn’t want to store.

    I hate pie.



  • A Book

    An old leather cover,
    Yellow pages.
    Crinkles & wrinkles,
    Every time I turn the page.
    Words jump out.
    Pictures pop
    I see it.
    Playing over in my mind.
    I turn the last page.
    The cover.
    The end.


  • Family = Meal

    My family is a meal.
    My mom is the rice, she keeps us on the right path.
    My brother is the veggie, he is good but kids don’t like him.
    I am the meat dish, the one that most people would love.
    My cousins are the curry, they spice everything up.
    My family is a ...

  • Cat whiskers

    The warmth of my cat

    Her whiskers tickle my face

    They stir my dreams, like little whisks,

    She asks me, are you living

    I respond,

    lulls me into a deep slumber

    and my imagination

    into a flight of fancy

    the life of your dreams?

    I’m in a dream


  • Augustus Gloop

    Augustus Gloop loves to feast
    On chicken, sausage and other meat
    He is chubby, and messy at the table
    Bring him a tray with a giant bagel
    He will gobble it up with all his might
    Not leaving a crumb or sharing a bite.



  • Repress, Disaster Alike, Don’t You

    I can’t remember
    what was written on that
    chipped chalk ceiling,
    but it must have meant something,
    because I couldn’t look away.

    The fluorescent light wavered,
    like it was grieving
    something lost.

    The scent of the aloe vera hand soap
    repulsed me,
    punctured me;
    my knees giving out.

    The rancid pink
    of the aluminum stall
    against sharpied ...

  • Those Cobblestone Streets

    The aged cobblestone streets whisper
    with the sounds of
    feet shuffling in every direction
    Joy radiates
    as flowers bound from buildings,
    Spreading alluring colors.
    The cobblestones were assembled with a memory of centuries past,
    As if the city was attempting to grasp onto every last bit
    of the country’s violent history.
    The statues were discolored ...

  • Titanic

    You’re the full on collision ,I faced everyday
    you’re the glacier that sunk me
    I had to swim my way back to happiness
    The shivering and loneliness that entered my system made me realize i didn’t need you
    My mind was my life vest
    My family was the last life boat available
    Happiness didn’t come ...

  • Belief In Blue

    Those that protect us,
    constantly berated and bombarded,
    with the simple words of those who know too little
    to even completely comprehend the complex circumstances
    of the situations they are placed in.

    Those that protect us,
    put themselves in the way of
    the harm that would inevitably come our way.
    Without them we would be completely ...

  • A single tear

    My beloved dog you left so soon
    at the ripe age of seven
    I keep kicking myself for all the chances I missed
    of being by your side
    you were my first dog ever
    yet you slipped through my fingers too soon
    flashbacks of the times the tumor had not grown so large
    you were ...

  • Escape

    Trapped in a cage of tar
    dripping venom from its rusty bars
    you think you might escape
    but trying to makes the wound worse
    and the cure is hard-won
    and all efforts are so easily sabotaged
    you feel like you can never
    bring yourself back up
    to stand tall and face the world
    that tries ...

  • True to You

    You may want to be cool like your friends,
    Stock up on all the latest trends.
    Do you have a style,
    Do you love to smile.
    You gotta be you,
    You gotta be true.
    Do you have a big heart,
    But your friends are mean?
    Play your part,
    And you will be seen
    You are ...

  • Amazed

    As I watch the
    screen,three years
    flash before my
    eyes. Defeat,
    loss, disappointment,
    blow outs, that’s
    all the last three
    seasons had been
    about. But suddenly
    everything changed
    something happened
    that was far too
    strange. Crowds erupted, win streaks had been interrupted,
    and suddenly everything that I had come accustomed to
    was incredibly different. Signs ...

  • All in A Moment

    In the blink of an eye
    With a flip of a switch
    The world can move on
    Leaving nothing behind
    Every second that passes
    Each minute that goes by
    The present becomes the past
    And the future is now the present
    Anything can happen
    All in a moment

  • My Family Solar System

    My mom is the Sun,
    she keeps us all in order with gravity.

    My dad is Jupiter,
    he is big, strong and tough.

    My sister is Venus,
    small, clouded and very vicious

    I am the Astroid belt,
    right in the middle of it all.

  • Animal Antics

    As Smart as a Snail
    As Cute as a Cobra
    As Blue as a Bat
    As lovely as a Lotcust


  • Cupcakes



    Yummy, yummy

    Baking, icing, eating

    When it’s my birthday


    Rodriguez Elementary


  • Stash house

    When I could roam the city, the tracks would take me
    Down to the stash house
    With the rusted tin hinged on its edging
    The radiation warded my rougery
    So I always found another way around
    Only till a party would flank me could I muster my strength
    We dressed in the grounds’ gray mud,

  • This Is Just To Say

    I have drank
    All the juice boxes
    In the fridge
    I have made an unforgivable mistake

    I knew you
    Were saving them
    For lunches

    They were
    So sugary
    So surprisingly sweet
    So satisfying
    Also grape
    My favorite



  • Way back then

    Way back then
    We would have never ending summers
    Excitement for others
    And there were small bummers
    Way back then
    The only heels I knew were Heelys
    And now nothing appeals
    Way back then
    Kim Possible was possible
    And life was comical
    Remember way back then?

  • Left then Loved

    A letter to myself when I was born …

    You will be born I say,
    August 28th is the day.

    No need to be scared when you come out,
    Even though there will be a ruckus about.

    After two years have passed,
    The love from your family will last.

    And last.
    And last.
    And last.

    Gorzycki Middle School


  • Tailored Suits

    Your ironed suits,
    Always at your best,
    And your sons and daughters
    Following in your footsteps.

    You may be slow on land,
    Only waddling.
    But in the water,
    Slice it, dice it, splice it
    Away from those land predators
    Who call themselves
    Experts, Explorers,

    Their suits crumple within hours
    So they
    Iron it, starch it, ...

  • The Deal

    In the courtyard, many are selling,
    Those with ties, and trinkets and yelling.
    “Hear ye hear ye, the newest cure and ail”,
    To which people a far come and hail.

    And though most will never stop by my cart,
    I cannot say I’ve got wounded heart.
    For there are no ails, no cures, no meals,
    Just ...

  • Symphony in Red

    A sweat
    coming down my cheeks
    A sun
    burning in my face
    rising upon my full body
    rippling down a volcano
    A red hard color
    In a bulls eye waiting to be defeated
    A red flaming cardinal hair
    In a nest

    is the Symphony in Red


  • A heart beat

    To be or not to be, such a strong verse
    It could mean love or a devilish curse

    It means whether to be alive or die of a horrible deed
    But at the end of the day why does it matter
    Its all just in a heartbeat

    When I was in theater that day, I thought to ...

  • The One Thing

    The one thing that always keeps me awake,
    The one thing that never ever goes away,

    Stays down in the basement where nobody strays,
    Stays below when day to stay in the shade,

    Waits till dark to finally make his way,
    Climbs up the stairway covered in his cape,

    Looks for someone who stayed though it’s late,

    To march ...

  • Amen


    There once was a woman,
    Who said Amen,
    What came next?
    Alive again with the king man.


  • Water

    There must be something in the water
    The water that fills the glasses of men.
    Men who dismiss me because I’m not exotic.
    Because you will never find my hair on somebody’s cheap wig.
    Because no one goes into the doctor’s office and asks for my nose
    Because there are lotions filled with bleach meant ...

  • A Forgotten Home

    We came to a stop,
    the door opened
    and a thick air filled the car
    and creeped into my lungs.
    I cough and sniffle,
    dirt covers my face.
    As we walk down the streets
    of red, orange, blue and green houses,
    mix matched tall and short, big and small
    made of twig cement or bricks

  • Ranita

    la ranita estaba en el lago
    con sus amigos.
    3 ranitas saltaron en el lago
    y se fueron a nadar.

    Odom Elementary


  • Yellow

    The color of the burning hot sun.
    The color of little baby ducks,
    Following their mom like little brothers.

    Yellow is the is as bright as day,
    And is really warm.
    The color of many different animals.
    And seahorses

    Yellow is my
    Favorite color.


  • Polar Bear

    Scared, lonely
    Up a ginormous mountain
    Trying to find his mom and dad
    Mom is waving
    Polar bear goes down

    Rodriguez Elementary


  • Cats

    Cats are perfection
    They don’t need much
    They don’t need to be walked
    They don’t need toys, they will make their own
    Cats are a soft love that needs no fuel
    They are happy with soft blankets and cuddling
    They make their approval know
    And they disapproval apparent
    Cats can be cold
    They will destroy ...

  • Renewal

    Lost evergreen smiles
    No more sugar coated laughs
    All out of fulfilled hopes

    My sun stained tears are dry
    My broken dreams have been mended
    And my sunken frowns have disappeared

    I have been gone
    But who I am has returned
    Now I am here to prove
    My evergreen smile is as strong as before

  • Nightmares

    I watched a scary movie,
    so I had scary dreams,
    but I’m not sure what nightmares are.

    Are they a mix of scary and happy?
    Are they sad?
    Maybe glad?
    I do wonder what they are.

    Maybe I’ll ask
    my bro or sis,
    but how should they know?
    I wish I knew.

    I asked my dad.
    He said ...

  • Bacon

    My teacher said to write a poem
    But my pencil was stolen
    And my fingers are swollen
    So my poem is unspoken
    My pencil just broke
    While I’m drinking a coke
    And I’m telling jokes
    About my folks
    And I’m losing hope
    So I’m going to finish my poem
    My pencil wasn’t taken
    And I ...

  • Where I’m From

    I am from my bed
    from shampoo and old spice
    I am from the house with beige wood and lime stone
    I am from playing Xbox
    From riding my bike and smell my mom has
    I am from the hot weather the really hot weather
    I am from the Polar Express on Christmas Eve and ...

  • Monster Truck

    Monster Truck

    Large, slow

    Smashing, flaming, springing

    Jumps over broken cars

    Trick truck

    Rodriguez Elementary


  • An Ode To Candy

    Oh candy, how I love you so,
    I see people buying you to and fro,
    Your sugar melting in my mouth,
    Makes my heart want to run north and south.

    Candy chocolates are what I like best,
    I’m always up for a little taste test,
    And Starbursts, oh those chewy squares,
    I love it when I ...

  • McDonalds

    MANHATTAN bright with

    Tinsel shopper arms of christmas gifts

    I stood outside McDonalds

    Glass small patch of white, people BLACK and WHITE

    Hamburgers Fries

    MY stomach empty for 2 days now



    Cold soda

  • The tree of my family

    My Family is a Tree

    My family is a tree with branches holding up the leaves of our relationship

    My dad is the trunk of the tree strong and sturdy but even the trunk can fall at some times

    My mom is the spring and summer leaves bright, stunning and, beautiful

    My brother is the chipmunk of the tree ...

  • Candy Bars

    Candy bars are just so yummy,
    But they tend to be unhealthy
    They don’t really give you that much energy,
    And they also can be sticky.

    These candy bars are just so attractive,
    But they don’t really make you active.

    When I go outside I feel like it’s EVERYWHERE.
    Every Day.
    Every Month.
    Every Year.
    So it ...

  • Deep in the Heart

    Radio waves nestle against my chest
    as the dry hills whir up and down,
    a seismic machine weathered with asphalt wrinkles.

    The sky is bigger here;
    a tapestry of blues and whites.
    struggle to drink them in,
    fearful that you will look upon the vast heavens
    and find them hollow.

    Where there is green, it is beige.

  • You Choose, Satisfaction of Disappointment

    As I surf around the surface of people’s emotions,
    Some are the faces
    as if they had something…
    You see.

    Rather to be delightful,
    They choose to be depressed.
    I tell them, be Proud and Phenomenal.
    Instead, they get Embarrassed.
    Like they’re wearing a hood,
    Being not able to see
    The sides, of ...

  • Standing Time

    When your merely standing,
    time passes, kingdoms fall,
    The world changes with every step you take, and each one you don’t.

    It adjusts to every vast or even miniscule
    force, physical and psychological,
    that may come its way.

    What lies there, wrapped in an enigma,
    hiding in plain sight is the force that you or anyone
    can ...

  • The Howl

    Listen to the howl.
    People say it’s the wind, but no it’s
    the cry of a wolf.
    When the full moon is glowing like the
    sun, the howl is loud, the sky is starless,
    and the mystery is beyond the night sky.



  • My Dog’s Bad Habits

    My dog has a bad habit.
    He always falls.
    He trips on his toys.
    And he walks into walls.

    My dog has another bad habit.
    He likes to dig holes.
    Every time he does it, he gets in trouble.
    Now there is nothing in his bowls.

    My dog has a third bad habit.
    He likes to climb ...

  • Good and Bad

    Good and Bad are very different
    Yet they go together so well.

    They are the feelings we are judged by
    They are the feelings whom are opposites.

    We have some, deep down inside
    They are the feelings we share to all.

    They are the balance in our world
    We need them both, even the bad.

    Without them both, the ...

  • Alligator

    Hey, I am learning what it means to ride condemned.
    The music is blasting the windows like we are in a cage.
    Maybe I am? A cage plummeting 20 miles per hour over
    To nowhere.
    The tune is good, but not catchy enough to
    distract me from our destination.
    The dog will be hungry by ...

  • Zombies, Fear, Cats and Pink

    Zombies, fear, cats and pink.
    Things I enjoy watching.
    Zombies when Shaun plays video
    games with his zombified friend.
    Fear when Dipper gets possessed
    by Bill and his sister must save him.
    Cats when Garfield needs to
    decide what to wear on Halloween.
    Pink when Finn lays crying hugging
    a wad of Princess Bubblegum’s hair.

  • My Crazy Cat

    My crazy cat loves to sleep
    But most of all she loves to eat
    She’s very calm and lazy at first
    Until at night she likes to bite

    She scratches all our furniture
    She meows so loud it’s like a giant roar.
    And then she goes to scratch the door
    Then she meows even more.

    Then there’s ...

  • BLM

    They don’t ask for much
    Simply equality.
    They don’t want your pity
    They want the bullets to have a reasoning.

    They simply want justice for Brown
    Apologies for Sterling
    Change in the name of Garner
    And reconciliation over Crutcher

    Stop silencing them
    Stop preaching for all lives matter
    They get that, they understand
    But their lives matter ...

  • Beautiful Earth

    Like a dandelion in the wind
    Or the waves crashing down on the shore
    The sky and the trees and the fish
    They’re beautiful to the core
    Like the frost in the delicate winters
    Melting into blooming spring
    From the wolves to the butterflies in the sky
    Lovely scales, fur, and wings
    Like a robin ...

  • Where I’m From
    I am from hot irons glistening with steam, from needles that poke and dirty windows that get a scrubbing with the Clorox that we praise.
    I am from the old brick New Orleans style house.
    I am from football Saturdays and getting reminded the Golden Rule and ...
  • Alice In Wonderland

    Now her thoughts were way too deep,

    Way too deep to fall asleep.

    Her mind had gone out for a stroll,

    And fallen down the rabbit hole.

    She had run far away from me,

    Worst part is she had the key.

    The key to open back up the hole,

    Yes! That was my ultimate goal.

    A white rabbit came and said to me,

    You’re ...

  • The Brave Astronaut

    I am a courageous astronaut
    I wonder what lies in the unknown
    I hear the whoosh of large asteroids flying past me
    I see our beautiful, shining planet
    I want to experience great wonders
    I am a brave explorer

    I pretend I have made friends with aliens
    I feel happy that I achieved my dream of ...

  • Splash

    Next time before you drink
    You should stop and think!
    Water got EVERYWHERE!
    My nose,
    My toes,
    My eyes,
    My hair.
    It started with a sploosh
    And ended with a splash
    But instead of stopping to think,
    I blanked out and dashed.

    Boone Elementary


  • Me and Her

    Me and her are 2 good friends
    Me and her like the same things
    Me and her are always together
    We are never separate
    We are 2 good friends

    Blanton Elementary


  • In too Deep

    Out of sight
    Out of mind,
    in too deep
    Come out blind,
    Reach for the darkness
    See what you find,
    Follow the light
    Leave it all behind.

    Bailey Middle School


  • I Am Dead

    I am dead

    I wonder what it is like to be alive
    To feel
    I know I am not alone
    I hear the silent screams of others when they are alone
    The silent plea for help
    I’m like them
    When alone the tears fall like a waterfall

    I am dead

    I pretend to be okay
    How are you ...

  • “Soccer”

    Zooming through the air
    You are the spotlight

    When somebody kicks you, you take flight
    It’s quite a sight

    All your tricks
    That nobody can predict

    Your great designs
    That has a lot of shine

    Nobody could survive without you
    It is quite true

    You bounce and jump all over the field
    You’re on the go so much, you start ...

  • Eternity

    Lasting Forever
    Going on and on
    Starting at the end
    Ending at the beginning
    So it always repeats
    And never ends

    Before the world came to be
    After it is gone
    winding through the grassy plains
    Climbing up mountains
    Winding through different universes
    Oh, It’s forever

    Eternity, Eternity
    Some love you
    Some loathe you
    You create ...

  • Volcano

    The luscious
    Oh so greatly amazing
    With sides rough as sandpaper
    Yet smooth as the dry-erase board at school
    And finally, the top pops off, and it goes BOOM
    The red magnificence flowing down the sides
    Enveloping everything in its path
    Until there is nothing left
    But a stump of what
    Used to be


  • My Family is a Closet

    My family is a closet. My dad is like jeans, sturdy and able to get through hard times. My mom is a t-shirt, flexible and loose. My brothers are socks, because like socks they stick together (but sometimes they stink). I am a hat or jacket, protecting from cold, heat or rain. The name Petershagen ...

  • Dusk

    A sapphire sky falling on a rippling mirror
    Reflecting the hues of a golden jewels falling
    The dazzling blaze of the golden fire.
    Held in the diamond tear of the emerald leaf.
    In this moment, the moment of balance,
    The garden of jewels comes to life.

    As the golden orb descends each gem a new brilliance,

  • Ode to Swimming

    Oh swimming,
    For you I’m trimming
    Down my free time
    Because you require the dedication of a lifetime.

    A friend’s party may await,
    But for you I will be late.

    I kick and pull,
    And swallow many a mouthful
    Of your crystal blue flowing wool.

    If I pause for just one day,
    You chase me ‘cause
    Without you, ...

  • Repetition of Talking

    Talking forever ahhhhhhhhh…
    Mom!…will you please stop talking.
    Talking happens with someone of interest, something important, something special, something with life, or anything you can’t deny.
    Talking has changed our world forever after cavemen, and made us chatty, chatty humans that we are today, so yay!
    We talk, we rock, we knock on the doors ...

  • I Believe In Darkness, I Believe In Light

    I Believe In Darkness, I Believe In Light

    Fear. Evil. Screams. Tears. Hate. The Fallen. Exhaustion.
    Destruction. Poison. Harm. Wicked. Silence.
    Sin. Pain. Slipping. Trapped. Crime. Immortality. Fear. Damnation.
    Anxiety. Panic. Insecure. Fire. Fault. Addiction.
    Demons. Storms. Death. Scared. Chaos. Sadness. Darkness.
    I have fallen in love with the immoral.
    Seeking comfort within the shadows.
    There ...

  • The Waterfall

    Roaring waters, gushing down,

    Churning, thrashing, the water pounds.

    A pulsing, bubbling white glow

    With gushing bright bubbles that quickly flow.


    I couldn’t remember it being any hotter

    So with a great big SPLASH! I jumped into the foamy

    white water,

    Which seemed like quite a solution,

    But there was just too much pollution!


    So shaking my head at the magnificent site

    And doing my ...

  • Coming Home

    I buried myself in the backyard of your big yellow house
    right under the swing set where, before I moved in,
    you used to sit in the shade and sing to the trees,
    sweet siren crooning to the wind
    and taking solace in the echo.

    We called the space between our houses a forest
    even though ...

  • Night

    Night is a void of darkness
    as pure as the universe itself.
    No one can see in that void of darkness,
    and all that is heard is the soothing
    hoot of an owl.

    That is the Night
    as the clock strikes 12
    all the windows go out
    like a deep empty abyss of nothing.

    That is the ...

  • When Pencil Touches Paper

    When pencil touches paper,
    A new universe is made.
    As pencil touches paper,
    ideas may come later.
    “But that can’t be true!” you could say.
    But yet again, my words are true.
    I create a story, even if it’s just a line.
    Stories could be happy and even blue.
    But all stories have one common ...

  • Bunnys

    Bunnys are sweet but they do not sweat in hot heat.

    Bunnys are sweet. Bunnys are sweet but they don’t like

    heat and they do not like meat.

    Oak Springs Elementary


  • Dog Fight

    Running from a pack of wild dogs
    Only to be cornered
    Grasped by the collar, pulled up by the alpha
    Socked in the face

    A million bees sting me
    A hundred alligators bite me
    A thousand people laugh at me
    Nothing compares to the pain I feel right now

    Thrown into a dumpster, the pack howling and ...

  • The Unicorn’s Journey to France

    The unicorn wanted to go to France.
    She pranced to France.
    When she got there she checked into a hotel,
    And then she fell.
    She climbed up the Eiffel Tower,
    It only took a hour.
    When she got to the top
    There sat a cop
    She knew she was in trouble
    So she had to ...

  • Nothing

    How can we have everything, but still have Nothing?
    Why do we spend all of our time Trying?
    Trying to grab the world but in the end,
    We have Nothing.
    Not a thing to our names,
    But everything we want.


  • cookie

    As I ran off the mint green grass
    I could smell the freshly baked cookies
    My dogs barking in the background
    I could almost taste them
    So happy as they come out of the oven
    So squishy and gooey


  • Whale

    I live like a whale
    In a double rhinocerous tail
    The twins, 1, 2 & 3
    Come fly with me
    Hoot owl hoot
    Follow me
    We’ll fly to school
    After midnight.

    Ridgetop Elementary



  • Let it flow onto the page

    Graphite to paper

    Tracing the mind’s eye

    A thought

    A Feeling

    A knowing

    Let it flow onto the page


    Ink to paper

    Harsh lines

    Soft edges

    Let if flow on the page


    Color to paper

    Sparking the imagination

    An emotion

    An idea

    Let it flow on the page

  • Rain

    This morning I was in bed
    Now the rain is on my head
    This is a poem about the rain
    But all my words go down a drain

    Blanton Elementary School


  • Crazy Dad

    My dad is lazy and crazy and
    He won’t let my mama loose
    until he drinks his juice and
    loose juice and
    moose goose
    truce of cukoo cukoo

    Blanton Elementary School


  • Broken

    You look at me.
    Eyes expecting.
    You think I’m full.

    I’m not.
    I’m just an empty plate.
    I’ve a crack down the middle.

    What do you think I can hold?
    I’m split. Yet you think I’m full,
    I’m broken and useless.

    A crack down the middle.
    You still use me, even though I broke.
    Everything just falls out.

    One ...

  • Addie > Boy

    I’ve always dreamt of finding a true love .
    A boy whose heart in purest place ready
    To join with mine that we may reign above.
    We’d live it out as our love was steady.
    He would be my fairytale; my charming
    And daily swear to be forever mine.
    But boys like this are often ...

  • Waterfall

    Churning, crashing like a thundering storm,
    slipping through ricks as if sand through fingers.
    Then tumbling down making a fluffy foam.
    Mist spreads creating a gentle fog.

    Bright colors are everywhere changing and blooming.
    Flowers shine brighter than stars.
    When you are there it speaks to you,
    it sings a nice calming sing.

    The sky starts to ...

  • Aliens

    Aliens are fun
    Aliens are cool
    I just hope they don’t come
    I hope they speak human
    So I can understand them
    I hope they like something
    Like candy or soda
    I just hope they don’t like donuts
    They might look different like be red or green
    I hope… oh no they’re invading!



  • Home Alone

    Darkest home
    Weakest home
    Covered in stone
    Going along
    To my home
    Mom arrived home
    Hope dad arrives soon
    Dad arrived home
    With a bone for mister phone



  • Dreams

    Dreams can be good
    Dreams can be bad
    some are sad
    They take you in a wonderland
    possibly filled with sand
    we always have dreams in our head
    But now it’s time for bed
    where we dive
    in the best dreams alive




  • Shattered

    I am from crying babies
    From lonely nights
    And warm evenings

    I am from the giant grey building looming in the distance
    I am from cherry blossoms
    And faux flowers

    From the doorstep of a school and lost secrets

    I am from gliding boats soaring from the rivers
    And god above

    I’m from dark hair flying in the breeze

    From ...

  • Blue

    It taught her to see in color
    To see the world anew
    Her life used to be much duller
    But now gray was replaced by blue

    Days that used to be a blur
    But now time stands still
    Dreams of happier times would defer
    Her life was only going downhill

    Happiness was wrapped in a capsule
    She ...

  • My Sister Ate My Homework

    My sister ate my homework.
    It’s actually kind of a funny feeling
    It makes my toes tingle
    To where my feet begin to dance
    Because my sister ate my homework
    How could that be?

    The dog and I worked on it endless hours
    He helped me with my multiplication
    And especially with the division
    Oh my, ...

  • Ode to Sushi

    Sushi is the best food as it is too yummy

    It tastes so good inside of my tummy

    Crab, seaweed, and cream cheese galore

    Eating my sushi will never be a bore

    All of the time I try something new

    Because All I have to do is go to the store

    Even my mother likes sushi too!

    But when my brother eats ...

  • treehouse

    up high in the tree you feel as you been free ,oh tree we play on you and clime on you , oh tree the key to you is in your leaves, you make me feel at home , you hold on me , I clime on you ,you are my tree that helps me ...

  • Sisters

    This is my sister
    she’s something else
    can’t explain why she is
    i can feel it

    Have that bond
    with a person you never thought
    they will be your sister,
    our bond is like a lock that can’t be unlocked

    I can’t go to anyone else
    she can’t
    we never go to another person

    That’s my sister

  • DeVaughn

    Happy, helpful
    Playing, learning, making
    Having fun with me

    Rodriguez Elementary


  • Universe

    My family is the solar system.
    My mother is earth, and Caroline is the moon, orbiting around her.
    My father is mars, closer to earth.
    Courtney is Neptune, far away and alone, slowly but surely drifting further away.
    And I am Jupiter, closer to Mars, and lost in a universe unknown.


  • Scorching

    Imagine a world
    Where this is no more snow to play
    And heat advisories every day.

    The politicians are still fighting,
    But more people are dying.
    The world heats up every second.

    Ice around the world has melted
    Cities and towns abandoned
    For they are uninhabitable.

    We blame
    The old for not knowing,
    Or more accurately,
    Not doing.

  • My Heritage

    I am from games and pizza
    I am from cookies
    I am from the believing in
    I am from the big and crazy house
    I am from the bluebonnets and
    the acorn tree.
    I am from the different neighborhood
    I’m from opening presents on Christmas Eve
    and going on big vacations in summer
    I’m from ...

  • Loss

    She held the light of the sun
    she was sweet
    she knew the answer to everything
    she embraced everyone’s flaws
    she is gone

    From times I knew her
    she was part of my world
    part of my soul

    can be a terrible thing
    a moment of hatred
    though a thing she always knew
    was that love ...

  • To Be a Cat

    Oh to be a ball of fluff
    It doesn’t even sound like much
    But to be a cat
    I would enjoy just that

    To climb a tree,
    Filled with glee
    To be a cat
    I would enjoy just that

    To have nine lives
    I could just relive
    To be a cat
    I would enjoy just that

    To get ...

  • Mis Pies

    Mis pies me dejan caminar y correr rapido.
    Tambien brincar, y parar. Me dejan hacer erjersicia y
    bailar y bailar, pero tambien se pueden cansar.
    Siempre estan alli para audarme en todo los que necesito.
    Mis pies me dejan hacer lo que sea.

    Odom Elementary


  • Mema’s House

    Mema’s House
    By Skylar Womack
    2nd Grade
    Baldwin Elementary

    The place on earth
    Is somewhere close by.
    Now, you may sit and wonder
    “where is this place, Sky?”

    It’s a good thing you asked.
    Let me tell you all I know.
    It’s the best place on earth.
    It’s my favorite place to go.

    What’s that sound I hear?

  • Minimum Requirement

    When dose minimum requirement become maximum effort.

    Each poem 10 lines that all you have to write or is all you can write.

    Not 9, not 11, 10 that’s all I need to make something that gets to the point and that gets a grade above a B.

    But when dose 10 lines become all that you can ...

  • Running Late

    Oh no! There’s only 10 minutes until it’s time to go.

    I must have slept through my alarm clock, I’m in total shock!

    What will I wear, this is a nightmare!

    I guess I’ll just throw this ugly t-shirt and jeans on, I should already be gone!

    I can’t find my left shoe, what will I do?

    Look at my ...

  • Video Games

    The Doorbell rang
    I fell out of my chair like I fell off a 10 story building
    I opened the door it was dad
    It was like I was hypnotized by the computer
    I lost track of time
    Dad said are you ok
    I said no sarcastically



  • The Forest

    Like a garden rose,
    it’s style is pose.
    Like the sun’s light,
    it’s just bright.

    Like water moving
    and owls hooting,
    What a child sees
    It’s all just a dream.

    With trees and flowers
    and water that’s gold.
    With animals and insects
    of new and old.

    Two doors as bright as the sun
    and with light beyond the ...

  • Broken


    I close my eyes and lay back
    I know I’m not on the right track
    Broken heart shatter like a mirror
    My soul is empty and it turns me into terror
    This is not me but this is what I’ve become
    I was like a flower into the sun
    Then darkness rolled in and step ...

  • The Wind

    The wind was as high toned
    as a music teacher that wasn’t trained
    Everyone hated that noise
    They wished the noise was low toned
    Then their wish came true
    Now the wind wasn’t that annoying
    blew the wind



  • Promise

    Promise that you’ll be alright

    Promise I’ll hold you tight through the night

    I’ll always be there for you

    Promise that you won’t go blue

    Promise that I’ll be you’re protector

    I promise that I’ll let no one hurt her

    promise, Promise, PROMISE

    Now I have nothing left to give

    But I promise

    Dedicated to my Promise

    L.C. Anderson High School


  • I used to but now..

    I used to but now..

    I use to want to go to the movies,
    Now I want to BE in the movies

    I used to do gymnastics,
    Now I do soccer

    I used to be lazy,
    Now I want to do everything

    I used to be in Pre-k
    Now I’m in 6th grade

    I used to watch people play music

  • Past, Unknown

    Tears stream down the unconscious child’s cheeks,
    as her hair,
    matted with dried blood,
    flows gently in the harsh winter air.

    Her mother’s arms,
    loosely wrapped around the girl’s small frame,
    are shaking with fear.

    not for the innocence bleeding in her hands,
    but for herself,
    and her own clear conscience.

    The destination grows nearer,
    as does ...

  • As a Female

    As a female, I have a certain amount of strength.
    As a female, I run a certain way.
    As a female, I am shorter than most males.
    As a female, I wear makeup.
    As a female, I can’t “throw.”
    As a female, I have more weaknesses, they say.
    As a female, the women before me ...

  • me

    soft, comfy, rough,
    music, loud, roaring,


  • Kingdom Come

    Grey stones line the dirty, beaten walkway.
    Flowers burst forth from spattered drops of blood.
    The sun rises; they’ll be here any day,
    dragging her behind them, dress caked in mud.
    Go west, the prophecy said, just go west.
    The people smiled, told her she’d be fine.
    She swore she tried, she really tried her ...

  • The Black Waters

    There were voices as I sank

    Mumbled voices rippling through the black waters

    I’m helpless to do anything as the darkness swallows me up

    Depending on air to breath I had no chance of survival

    Water filled my nose

    My lungs

    There was no light

    Only darkness escaping from the depths

    I lay there motionless


    He comes

    I had imagined

    Him to be a light

    So bright ...

  • Whale


    Blue, big

    Swimming, looking, up and down-ing

    His mouth wide open


    Rodriguez Elementary


  • Metaphor For a Family

    Metaphor for a Family
    My family is like the braces that occupy my teeth.
    My dad is the expander that expands our world.
    My mom is the wire in the family that holds us all together.
    My older sister Michelle is the color of my braces that shows all of her beauty inside of her.

  • Constellations

    Orion chases the Seven Pleiades
    Cassiopeia hangs from her throne
    Sirius shines bright
    Cygnus flies high
    Leo roars, his mane whipping around
    The Hydra, with his head in stone
    The twins, Castor and Pollux gleam
    Then there’s Hercules with his great strength
    And Pegasus too
    All the Constellations shining in the heavens



  • Things to Remember

    You might think
    Light fights off the shadows
    But it only conceals them

    It might appear
    That fire kills and destroys
    But it gives warmth

    You might fear
    A place that isn’t heaven
    But it is just a place
    For people too hurt to love

    You might assume
    Your actions speak louder than words
    But your words could ...

  • How Beautiful

    If only you could see how beautiful you are
    If only you could see what I see
    You’d see the way you light up my world
    By only just existing

    Every time you smile
    I swear my life becomes ten times more pure
    Every time you laugh
    I swear I become ten times more innocent
    You ...

  • A CAT

    I sit tall
    I sleep like a crescent moon
    I like how people pet me
    if you see me
    stroke me to hear my purr


  • Where I’m From

    I am from Xbox
    From paper and pencils
    I am the Bluebonnets, from the deer
    I am from skiing and blond hair from dad and grandpa
    I am from biking and climbing
    From manners and good grades
    From Jesus and fairness
    I’m from ranching
    From corn dogs and pizza
    I’m from Tree hugger
    I am ...

  • Toad

    Toad, he sat by the road
    playing games.
    His ipad had a code;
    it took a while to load.
    He wrote an ode.
    It was so good it glowed.
    Then it snowed,
    and ruined all his work.

    Toad was walking down the side of the road when he saw a spade
    there was also a guy ...

  • Sadness

    Sadness is a monster
    hidden deep within your bones.
    It is quick to appear,
    yet it is slow to fade.

    Sadness is different each time,
    it can be quick and sharp
    or slow
    to fade away.
    Its levels can change quickly from to

    Whenever you are sad
    the best thing you can do
    is ...

  • Ode to My Tio and The Stream

    Splash!! My Tio goes into the
    stream, brown like dirt
    Slimy and icky
    Trying to catch things
    That live in the water
    Goggles on trying to see better in
    the dirty water. Finally catching
    something now to catch more.
    While time goes by time to play
    Splash, kick, STOP!!
    Time to go inside for our ...

  • July 4th

    July Fourth
    July fourth is always fun
    Spending time in the sun
    Celebrating with food and games
    Cheesy burgers leaving greasy stains
    Fireworks exploding in the sky
    Looking beautiful as they fly
    Celebrating children cheer
    July fourth is here

  • Sabotage

    Help! Help! Help!

    I can’t breathe under your stinky clothes,
    I want to barf,I need to gag, Ugg.

    I will do anything if you get me out,
    Why would you do this to your brother,
    I will tell mother!

    Oh please, Oh please, let me out,
    Help! Help! Help!


  • Me!

    Fun, cool, happy and sad
    Sister of dog, Max
    Lover of Mom, dog and Hamilton
    Who feels playful at gaga
    Quiet and enjoyable
    Who needs food, sun and playtime
    Who gives time, work and love
    Who fears life, death, and movies
    Who would like to see Katy Perry, King of Pop & Malala

    Resident of Austin, ...

  • Sonnet

    A being consists of more than one hue,

    The impenetrable black of the night,

    One of the colors is the pigment blue.

    Can block the passage of our soul’s bright light.


    In February songbirds like to sing,

    Sunsets and sunrises can be dark brown,

    Anticipating a vibrant new spring.

    But let’s all not be sorrowful and frown.


    Few things on Earth ...

  • The Garden

    I open the door, WHOOSH, a big gust of wind hits my face and makes my red hair blow up in

    the air.

    I see the garden with its green grass and wonderful flowers.

    I step on the porch and walk down the steps.

    I feel the green grass brush against my feet and ...

  • Shape Poem

    A roof,

    A door,

    A window,

    Are placed orderly.

    It may be new or old but it must stay there.

    At least maybe it should. Maybe it shouldn’t here.

    More come more go but it stays still till broken down.

    One story, two story, 3 story, whatever you want.

    This have walls to store things no matter what.

    It has rooms full of designs ...

  • Haikus

    Here’s how: start with 5.
    Next line, 7 syllables,
    End with 5 again.

    Blanton Elementary School


  • Little Potions

    Little bottles on the shelf
    Sitting still and silent
    Little potions I made myself
    Always causing excitement
    Glass holds the liquids in
    Corks cover the tops
    Sometimes there’s a lid
    They won’t spill when they drop
    Big and small
    Tall and short
    Lined up against a wall
    Some hold a quart
    While some have none ...

  • Time

    time the world’s

    it only passes

    but will never
    come back

    it cannot stop
    time melts
    away by the second
    it passes like
    the wind

    time is the greatest
    thing you will

    ever have




  • The Seed

    I start from a seed
    As small as a bead
    I form roots
    They grow out in shoots
    Then I come out of the ground
    I don’t weigh a pound
    I see green
    Then orange, and red, and brown
    Then white
    Pure white light
    I realize I am taller now
    I watch the seasons ...

  • Love Oh Love(Love Poem)

    Love oh Love

    Love, a thing so sweet
    I feel from my nose to my feet
    I smile bright when loves in the air
    And a warm breeze moves my hair
    Sometimes love makes me cry
    When I must say goodbye

    With the sun and the moon
    The day ends so soon
    But I love through the ...

  • Battle of the Sexes

    See I don’t need feminism because I enjoy walking down the street thinking about who’s trying to sweep me up
    I don’t need feminism because holding my keys between my fingers in the parking garage like a prison shank is just for the fun of it
    I don’t need feminism because “no” really means keep ...

  • My Dog

    My dog barks all night.
    My dog spills his food.
    My dog likes to run.
    My dog chews his bone.
    My dog likes to walk.
    My dog likes the grass.
    My dog likes me.


  • Lead Scene

    The scene comes to life
    From lead.
    People watch as they see a snowflake falling down,
    A snowman being built.
    The joy on kids’ faces shining brighter that the snow beneath.
    All this from only a pencil
    Gliding effortlessly on a piece of paper.



  • Will You?

    Will you be there?

    When I was five and you thought I had cooties

    I wondered if you would still want to be friends.

    When we started middle school and you started having feeling for girls

    I wondered if you would still stand by my side or leave for the first girl that walked by.

    Will you be there when ...

  • If Racism Was a Natural Disaster

    It’d be a drought
    the cracked ground we walk on,
    the beating sun pushing us down.
    “But it rained a couple of times,”
    they tell us, while the heat
    is scorching our skin
    and dust is in our eyes.
    “Get over it,” they tell us
    from their green watered lawns.

    We sit in the sun baking ...

  • A Little Loving Here and There

    People are like seeds–
    We may take awhile to blossom and grow,
    But all we need is a little loving here and there
    You never know what flow may pop up,
    So many unique blooms,
    From roses to sunflowers to tulips
    And it’s the same way with people,
    So much diversity,
    Such culture, morals and ...

  • Parts of a Lion

    Dad is the roar keeping us safe.
    Mom is the eyes guiding us through life.
    Rowan is the brain, thinking all the time.
    Stella is the bones keeping us standing.
    I am the heart keeping us together.


  • I’m Bored

    I’m bored.

    I want to play video games,
    but the game is broken.
    I want to use my mom’s phone,
    but she’s not home.

    I try to play soccer,
    but the ball is flat.
    I try to watch TV,
    but the cable doesn’t work.

    I want to play with my dog,
    but he’s at the vet.
    I want ...

  • Thrill of the Game

    Cold steel in my hands
    A sword? A gun? A shield? A key?
    I have no idea.
    I walk through valley,
    Scale mountains and hills,
    Ford great rivers,
    As I head to Venus–
    I will rule it all.

    In this new land,
    I run from the guards,
    I trip, stumble, fall right down
    And everything goes ...

  • Routines

    A mom that stays at home and works hard.
    A dad that goes to work everyday and works hard.
    A older sister that goes to college.
    Another sister that goes to high school.
    A little brother going to elementary school.
    Then theirs me that does the exact same thing.
    Will anything ever change?



  • Rhino


    A force so powerful
    Yet so dull

    Sits on a hill
    Just like a mill

    Waiting to strike
    For what he likes

    Watching and waiting
    For his dull mind to start thinking.


  • Aversion

    Hate is everywhere
    People will always spite, but
    we can still get along

    Murchison Middle School


  • Unicorn

    Unique as a magical fairy
    Never not opera singing with pigs
    Interested in rainbow poop
    Creates worlds of cotton candy
    On rainbows dancing
    Resting on a rainbow
    Not just a horse with a carrot on its head

    Boone Elementary


  • Night

    Night is a void of darkness
    as pure as the universe itself.
    No one can see in that void of darkness,
    and all that is heard is the soothing
    hoot of an owl.

    That is the Night
    as the clock strikes 12
    all the windows go out
    like a deep empty abyss of nothing.

    That is the ...

  • Echo

    We all dare
    Dare to live
    Dare to breathe
    Dare to tell lies
    Dare to tell the truth
    We smile
    We laugh
    We cry
    We support each other
    We cry for each other
    But still we are alone
    We are lost in our own
    We echo in the wells ...

  • A Ripple

    A ripple,
    It spreads and grows.
    A small action
    For a bigger effect.
    That sounds like something
    Something we all know.
    We can give it,
    For a grand effect
    We can receive it,
    Which makes us feel full.
    The ripples of our kindness,
    Are amazing things.
    If we all gave kindness
    Our ripples would surround

  • I Believe In Darkness, I Believe In Light

    I Believe In Darkness, I Believe In Light

    Fear. Evil. Screams. Tears. Hate. The Fallen. Exhaustion.
    Destruction. Poison. Harm. Wicked. Silence.
    Sin. Pain. Slipping. Trapped. Crime. Immortality. Fear. Damnation.
    Anxiety. Panic. Insecure. Fire. Fault. Addiction.
    Demons. Storms. Death. Scared. Chaos. Sadness. Darkness.
    I have fallen in love with the immoral.
    Seeking comfort within the shadows.
    There ...

  • Flash the Cat

    Flash runs in a dash,
    he can never catch a rash.
    Flash is very cute,
    but he is mute.
    Flash like’s milk
    and his purr is like silk.
    Flash chases mice,
    but he is very nice.
    Flash is always on my street,
    but he is very sweet.
    He always does tricks,
    but he is never ...

  • Will You?

    Will you be there?

    When I was five and you thought I had cooties
    I wondered if you would still want to be friends.

    When we started middle school and you started having feeling for girls
    I wondered if you would still stand by my side or leave for the first girl that walked by.

    Will you be ...

  • Angel

    The world is silent
    The sky is blue
    But the ground is as white
    As clouds

    Wing appear around you
    Beautiful forms fill your vision
    You see a light so bright
    You look away

    What surrounds you
    Is softer then clouds
    As sold as rock
    But as beautiful as…..

    Angels are what surround you
    Are what you ...

  • Life and Death

    We are born to live
    We live to die

    For many we live
    For some we die

    Many that are dead deserve to live
    Some that are dead deserve to die

    Many love to live
    Some die to love

    Many wish to live
    Some wish to die

    Many live to die
    Some die to live



  • Brave

    That’s what I was
    Afraid of the dark
    Afraid of embarrassment

    I was scared of everything

    I’ve changed
    I’m still afraid,
    but I’m better, braver
    I won’t cower anymore

    I have the bright side now
    Proud parents


    Gorzycki Middle School


  • Love

    Can one explain how
    love works
    Can one know that
    One must know how love is
    However it can fill two
    With this magical joy
    As old as
    And love is always
    Maybe we’ll soon have
    The courage
    To say I love



  • My family

    My family is a rose
    It has a lovely scent and beautiful petals,
    But it has thorns too
    My family is a rose

    My family is rich in culture and love
    We are the Amazons
    With crocodiles and hippos
    Panthers and geckos
    My family is diversity

    My family is the night sky
    Darkness mystery
    Compassion, misery, love

  • Unappricated Notes

    He doesnt play the stage
    The stage played them
    Crying with the unappricated music
    Making a last ditch effort to unuse it
    He wants a half note, not the measure
    Unplayed whole notes, death to a bar
    Heart pounding, with wooden sounds About to burst into a trillion pounds
    On him
    Passion is the first ...

  • Ode to the Neighborhood Dog

    He’s black
    Black as night
    Always on time
    With his bark like an alarm clock
    Loving the sun
    Like a warm blanket
    But the coldness
    Fills him up like water
    his bark as strong as Zeus
    A bark so strong it could shake
    the earth
    His fur so soft
    Soft just like a cloud
    The ...

  • Bruce

    I love you with all of my heart

    He’s the bestest grandpa

    And the bestest friend

    In the whole wide world

    I love him.

    I hug him

    I love him.

    He’s my buddy.

    He’s my friend.

    He helps me when the dirt is hard

    With the shovel.


    Brentwood Elementary


  • Pie Dive

    I love pie,
    I love pi,
    It’s 3 point 1 4 1 five,
    I also love to dive,
    Into a pool,
    It’s cool.


  • The Day That Changed Our Lives

    The Day That Changed Our Lives

    146, Christmas they will never see
    Behind locked bars and doors
    They will forever be
    Once singing and dancing through the day
    Not enough windows to get away

    Because of this act, it is true
    Things are much safer for me and you
    A few people right from the start
    Took ...

  • Ice Cream

    Ice cream!
    It tastes so good.
    It feels like you are chewing lots of different flavors.
    Ice cream feels like a cloud
    With endless possibilities like caramel, strawberry, chocolate, vanilla. There’s even ice cream that has candy in it.
    Whenever you chew ice cream it feels like you are in ice cream world it is ...

  • Pollution

    Smog gusts, people scream and animals run,
    Wind races, lightning strikes everywhere and it cannot be undone.
    No shelter no protection and no aid,
    Nowhere is safe and happiness fades.
    No clear water and no blue sky,
    Trees are dead, fish have a disease and children cry.
    People will misgive,
    No one will live.
    We ...

  • Por Que Hay Flores y Plantas

    Las flores sirven para que respires oxijeno.
    Si no tuvieramos flores no nos daria oxijeno.
    Lo que necesitas para hacer flores 302 semillas.
    Media taza de tierra y agua, y algo para poner la planta.
    Las plantas nos dan frutas o cosas que to mama necesita
    para cocinar. Tambien no dan semillas para hacer mas ...

  • Skip, Dance

    My tongue is red
    My feet are (not) blue
    And in the summer I skip the rope
    I dance in the meadow and
    No one can tell me what to do
    The sun is down, it’s time to

    Ridgetop Elementary


  • Guitar

    The song of a players
    Emotions coursing out their fingers
    Into the strings
    The rhythmatic
    Poetry of music
    Being sewn into the atmosphere
    Complex artistry
    Coming together
    Into one full
    Years of
    Evolution to
    Come the
    Piece of art
    It is today.
    Guitar is not just a instrument,
    It is a way of ...

  • Veterans

    Victory heroes!
    Emotional fighters
    Team players
    Ever lasting heroes
    Respectful soldiers
    Amazing fighters.
    Nice leaders.
    Sacrificing for our country.



  • Cattle


    There one was a girl who live in Seattle

    She really had fun with the cattle.

    The cattle were extremely nice.

    Don’t worry they don’t have lice.

    They’re cattle who never have a battle.

    Oak Springs Elementary


  • Me and Her

    Me and her are 2 good friends
    Me and her like the same things
    Me and her are always together
    We are never separate
    We are 2 good friends

    Blanton Elementary School


  • Love me forever

    Love me forever

    Until the end of your days

    Until the end of my days

    Love me like a flower

    Love me as you love you


    Live like you love me

    Live like you care


    Love me like a kid loves the beach

    Love me like a child loves each cream



  • The Snow Bites on Winter Nights

    As I wake up from this sleepless night,
    I see the light on the frosted windowpane.
    To the frosted windowpane;
    The light comes through you to fade slowly.
    This lustrous glow is as beautiful as the new fallen white snow.
    To the new fallen white snow;
    You are smooth yet coarse, but as brave as ...

  • Home

    A place we live,
    A place we relax,
    A place we sleep,
    A place we have fun,
    A happy place,
    A safe place,
    A warm place,
    Like a warm fire,
    A building that says,
    You belong here.


  • I hate you

    I hate you,
    With evey fibers of my soul,
    But you are me, and I am you.
    I don’t know what I hate it about you.
    Maybe it’s the way you try to steal my boyfriend.
    Or how you are overly nice and pure,
    While I’m very strange and rude.
    Or it’s how you make ...

  • Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

    Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
    tell me what is best of all.
    I should think that you should not,
    I do not know what I have thought.

    Being tight is not so right,
    You and I have little light.


  • Opposites

    As sad as a kid in a candy store
    As tragic as a perfect birthday gift
    As mopey as a theme park
    As tearful as getting a new puppy


  • Sincerity

    Arms, reaching, a cradle of thought.
    Melodramatic misgivings are ignored.
    So what if I can’t speak beautifully?
    There’s meaning in every word that I unravel
    To take the fear apart
    And expose all the rehearsed ugliness, the cogs and gears.
    Love is a line you read from a book
    A stolen quote from some unsuspecting ...

  • Noisy in Boise

    There once was a man in Boise,
    Who always was quite noisy,
    He once was so loud,
    He attracted a crowd,
    And got a new girlfriend named Joise.

    Casis Elementary


  • An ode to mutual feelings

    This is an ode to the people who share the same feelings i do. And i don’t mean the romantic ones. I mean the excitement i share with my childhood best friend when we see each other after years without contact when his face lights up with joy i can’t help but feel we belong ...

  • Ode to My Big Backyard

    Backyard I love you,
    you hold my pool
    you allow my do to do
    its business on your grass.
    You allow me
    to throw parties on you,
    you are so beautiful
    you hold our barn
    you are so big, I love you.
    You let us walk our horses on you,
    but at least the keep ...

  • Vesuvius

    In AD 79,
    In the town of Pompeii,
    A volcano rose up
    And blew it away.

    The people weren’t silent,
    they were very loud.
    The sky was all dark
    like a giant black cloud.

    The eruption was violent,
    as you can see.
    One of the biggest eruptions
    in history.

    Boone Elementary


  • Good for you.

    You’re a self-fulfilling prophecy.
    I’m not the cause but a catalyst
    Of everything you already set in motion.
    Now you’re late to your own pity party.
    We’ve grown bored waiting for you to show up
    Take responsibility.

    Too bad your heart’s too mutilated to feel even this last
    Most shocking, last-ditch desperation.
    There’s so much mean ...

  • Gus

    J’aime la façon dont votre crinière
    coule dans l’air frais
    et brille au soleil.

    J’aime comment vous pouvez
    être boueux ou vous pouvez être câlin quand je vous appelle cherie
    Tu as l’air sauvage, libre
    et magnifique.


  • Layla

    Layla Layla what do you hear?

    I hear Mr. Woods singing in

    my ear.

    Oak Springs Elementary


  • Waking Down

    In the darkness of the morning sun,
    the rooster started to silently snore his usual tune.
    I quickly dragged myself out of bed when my alarm stopped ringing.
    Time for another long, boring night of summer.

    Gorzycki Middle School


  • Today’s Fight

    today is not the day to
    stand down
    today is not the day to
    take cover
    today is not the day to
    fall back

    today is the day to
    rise up
    today is the day to
    fight back

    for our sisters

    for the people
    undone for being
    and the love they feel

    for the dreamers

  • Early January

    Early January.
    There is nothing
    quite as blue
    as the sky today.
    No clouds
    to push the sun,
    behind them.
    This day
    is a bright day,
    a cold day.

    Spring is still aspiring,
    to push Winter away.
    Not quite ready
    to go
    is Winter
    still fighting to stay.

    No rain,
    at all.
    Not one droplet
    has fallen.

  • My Story

    When the flower grows on
    I sing to my own
    I can work on my own
    I can see my future
    I see the snow glimmering snowflakes
    I can see my town
    I can see my family
    When I finally get to see my earth
    And I can see my pet
    As I am in ...

  • Thoughts

    My thoughts are always floating
    Like different colored helium balloons
    In the space within my mind
    Sometimes jumbled up
    Sometimes close together
    Sometimes too much
    Sometimes I can’t find the right words
    And I don’t know what to say
    Like trying to pull a single string
    From a ball of knots
    then sometimes I find ...

  • Autobahn

    All that matters
    is the plastic barriers
    between the road
    and whatever lies
    on the other side.

    Six feet tall
    and covered in ridges
    the way some people
    are covered in freckles.

    Graffiti whizzes by,
    a flurry of colors,

    Some looping like ropes
    curled up on one another.
    Some chiseled cartoon chins.

    Bridges and barriers embrace
    the colorful ...

  • the Ocean

    Glittering like a diamond.
    Waves crash gently against the shore.
    Seashells line the warm sand.
    Fish dart around under the surface.
    The brings a glowing light
    Nature’s finest recipe.


  • Spring

    What’s not to like about Spring
    it truly is a wonderful thing.

    April showers
    And May flowers
    It all makes me want to sing.


  • One More Time

    One more time
    One more hit

    I said I would stop
    I said prison changed me

    I said I would do it for the kids
    I said I would do it for my family

    Now I sit begging for another dose
    Why do you control my life?

    One more time
    One more hit

    Sirens blare
    Police ...

  • The Rain

    Rain rain
    Passes a train
    I hope it doesn’t
    Pass again
    If it does
    I will cry
    I will Fall
    On the ground

    Blanton Elementary School


  • E.L.A

    E.L.A is so fun and exciting.
    There are lots of amusing things to do.
    Reading books and writing poems
    Is very fun and relaxing.

    Brainstorming and typing are also very fun.
    Writing has no limit, so be creative.
    An endless void of ideas to discover.
    It’s always reaching out to you so you can explore it ...

  • My Family is the Universe

    My Family is the Universe
    My mom is the Sun, keeps everything going

    My grandparents are the Moons
    Always providing more light and love

    My big sister is the Stars
    Not always visible, but still giving love and beauty

    My little sister is the flares on the sun
    Beautiful, yet dangerous

    My cats and dog are the shooting stars

  • Clouds

    Clouds are fluffy as a pillow.
    Clouds are white as a clean white shirt.
    They are big and small.
    A nimbus brings thunder and rain.
    Clouds are fluffy as a pillow.



  • I Wish My Dog Could Fly

    I wish my dog could fly
    I wish my dog could fly
    I don’t know why
    Maybe he’ll go
    And find a 10 foot tall bone
    Instead of us having to buy one for him
    And he and me
    Can go on vacation
    And he could carry a car
    Everyone can
    Go on ...

  • Panda

    Pandas are black and white
    and they look like an old picture.
    No one likes bamboo more than pandas
    Dancing, playing is not what panda like.
    As pandas the only thing they like is eating!



  • Unimaginable

    The stomp of a monster,
    the voice of a dragon.
    All at once, the
    arises. Unimaginable
    Nothing can compare U are the
    to the magic U are what it needs.
    in its eyes U are what it wants,
    on the glistening sand
    Warmth and life Makes the mark of a U
    is all there ...

  • Las Agulas

    Las agulas tiene unas garras y patos y pico y poca y alas.
    Usana las garras para agarra su presa tambien usan el pico
    para ficar. Usan su bocita para comer su presa.

    Odom Elementary


  • A Road of Stories

    Walking on a road of stories
    a trail of tales
    Looking into their gleaming eyes
    Windows into lives
    Glimpses into truths and lies.
    They write them down
    or draw them out
    Then paste them on the walls of the world
    For all to see them shown and told.
    Mine are inside me
    private and unseen

  • Solar System

    Eight planets around the sun, listen as I call each one:
    Mercury? Here’s number one, closest to the sun.
    Venus? Here’s number two, shining bright, just like new.
    Earth? Here’s number three, Earth is home to you and me.
    Mars? Here’s number four, red and ready to be explored.
    Jupiter? Here’s number five, largest planet ...

  • G A L A X Y

    Do you ever look up at the night sky
    And see
    A ghost of
    You know from another lifetime?
    They don’t speak much,
    But tell you


  • My family is a beach

    Dad-The cold water, travels far but comes back. He gets us fish and shrimp..whatever we need.

    Mom-The warm sand, gives us a place to stand and guides us to the ocean.

    Ashton-The tall palm tree, knows which way to blow and grows with knowledge.

    Me-I’m the little turtle, still learning where to go in a big ocean.

    Cole-The small ...

  • Insecurity

    Someday I’ll learn to value me for every little thing i do
    If you were an artist how would you paint me
    You can feel the anger
    You can feel the pain
    Which these insecurities bring
    People say she’s a beauty
    But she doesn’t think of herself as that
    The frown at her reflection
    She ...

  • A Very Special Mom!

    My special Mom, she’s the best!
    If I lose her that’s it.

    She is more than just a Mom, she is a loving Mom!
    She makes the best food.
    We love her with all of our hearts!

    So if I lose her that’s it.
    So I will never lose her!

    She is more than a friend,
    she is ...

  • Widower’s Web

    mirrors of many faces
    scattered in the sense of misery
    remuneration of dreadful people
    swollen fingers hardly make any sound
    nothing but the red hot mass of fire
    and two or three faces
    forgotten and slurred into each other
    thrilled out from behind the day

  • Spaghetti and Meatballs with Cheese

    It taste as warm as a heater

    It sounds very slurpy

    It smells like a warm winter day in Italy

    It looks yellow and red

    It feels saucy and gooey in my mouth



    Ava D

    Boone Elementary

  • Nyc

    I stroll through the streets of Nyc,
    like walking down an aisle of a shopping store
    admiring the old and new buildings,
    like different colored cans on a shelf.

    As I ride down the road,
    looking on at the restless sky,
    I wonder when this dream will end.
    I realize.
    I am already at ...

  • Light (And Not)

    I look up and I see a trail, singing with the sounds of stubborn birds,
    an illuminated beam of sunlight falling on the trees.
    A scratching carpet of leaves form below, asleep for winter.
    Colors materialize all around, warm amber and cool gold.
    There is life everywhere, in all arrangements and stages.
    We sense moving, ...

  • The Falcon

    Wings spread wide,
    The falcon takes flight.
    High in the sky,
    He goes in for a dive.
    The mouse doesn’t stand a chance.
    They say the falcon hunts for food,
    I say he hunts for pleasure.
    The way he dives,
    Makes me wish I could fly,
    Because that’s what I’d do if I could.


  • The Flowers

    The sun is up
    the flowers grow up.
    It rains
    when the rain stops
    the rainbow shows the pretty colors.
    The snow comes out
    the kids go outside to play with the snow.



  • Society’s Outcast

    Red clashed with yellow.
    Blue clashed with white.

    thoughts of white and grey
    floated across
    the sky
    like a herd
    of castaways.

    Trees of all races
    stood exhausted
    in their kingdoms
    of grass.

    Leaves of all ethnicities
    to the ground.

    Grey staled the pale
    aged concrete
    placed without meaning

    A rainbow of wrappers
    flee’d their bonds ...

  • Wine-Dark Sea

    At the dawn of the journey, a chord was struck, so gruesome
    Odysseus had a ship filled with the spoils of war, but carried an even more peculiar cargo-
    The arrogant sailors provoke the gods and are expelled by the wine-dark sea, so unrelenting
    Odysseus finds himself on the brink of his demise
    Luckily, ...

  • Home

    I am from brushes and rubber bands
    from dark chocolate
    and powder sugar

    I am from the white house that sits upward

    I am from playing games with my brother
    from moving to a bigger house
    and from the brown chair my mom reads in

    I am from the pink flowers
    and the butterflies

    I am from the dinners ...

  • Pearl Whiskers

    Ghost barrels through the water
    shattering schools of brown and green
    Until caught
    on a taunting silver tooth
    strayed too far

    How do you harness
    the power of the wind
    With an iron girdle
    that’s buffeted and blasted
    Until and echoing squeak
    twists apart the rusting branches
    releasing the breeze

    My ghost king slips back into the ...

  • I Don’t Want to

    I don’t want to play with goop.
    I don’t want to lick ice cream.
    I don’t want to slurp my soup.
    I don’t want to roll on the carpet.
    I don’t want to hit a puppy.
    I don’t want to give you a hug.
    I don’t want to play my drum,
    I don’t want to ...

  • Ode to Mango

    As smooth as silk
    Juicy from inside
    You my mango,
    Are as bright
    As the sun

    Your beauty formed
    When you were Happy
    When you were Sad
    you were
    as stubborn as a Tooth
    You my Mango,
    You grew
    Like a small Dew
    And that’s how
    You became you!


  • Chlorine

    by Orla T

    In line at Kalahari lugging a heavy tube,
    uncomfortable from the dampness which is copying my mood,
    Trying to talk over the noise which is ringing in my ears.

    Fog hovering in the air and threatening to give us aches, making it very clear they’re offering no mistakes.

    Mom bugging us to drink more ...

  • Nieve y Nieve

    Con mis ojos puedo ver mucha nieve.
    Con mi maris puedgo older la nieve.
    Con mi boca puedo probrar la nieve.
    Con mis oidos puedo oir la nieve.
    Con mes manos puedo tocar la nieve.
    Con mi cuerpo puedo hacer un angel de nieve.

    Odom Elementary


  • Seeing a Shark

    It’s drifting through the water
    Through the Ocean blue
    You never see it coming
    Although it’s right in front of you
    It blends into the sand
    A deep, rich tan
    When you see it
    It’s always too late
    I see my reflection in the water
    Distorted as I break through it
    The shark swimming faster ...

  • Underwater
    I step up onto the block
    heart racing rapidly in my chest
    I take a quick look around
    studying my competition
    ‘don’t be intimidated’
    Goggles on
    swim cap pulled over
    I slowly lean down into position
    my head hovering above my knee
    arms prepared to go flying
    I glance up at the flags above me
    remembering my first swim coach
    ‘fly out not down’
    deep breath in, out, ...
  • I

    I am lightening
    I am Thunder
    I am quiet
    I am loud
    I am bright
    I am dark
    I wish I
    were you
    Why would you
    want to be me?
    Because you are fierce
    Because you are peaceful
    Because I don’t
    want to be me

    Gorzycki Middle school


  • Fault

    Regret looks at me with hunger in it’s eyes
    It chops me up into fine bite sized pieces
    Its puts me in a boiling pot filled to the brim with my mistakes
    It stirs me around so I can relive
    what I want so badly to take back
    Fork and knife in hand, it takes ...

  • Sunshine to Shadows

    The summer sun

    against your face, The winter

    breeze against your feet, The falling

    colors shining brightly in your eyes, The

    Spring flowers dancing around you, The sudden

    appearance of the moon makes you sleepy, The

    howling wolves are growing nearer, Something is

    watching you from the shadows, But nothing

    seems to be there, Where are you,

    Where am I, Find me if

    Ocean Breeze

    In my mind I have a picture and in that picture I see
    beautiful waves in the ocean.
    I smell salty, fresh, ocean air.
    I see a clear, warm, fish filled sea
    and the sun shining like there is no tomorrow.

    In my mind I have a picture and in that picture I see
    the little ...

  • me

    me ahead of the group

    me who gets there first

    me me me

    me who makes everything right

    But why I wonder why is it always me?


    Why can’t others be

    the ones ahead of the group, who gets there first?

    Why can’t others make everything right?

  • Learn, Love, Live

    My learning is life
    When we learn it’s difficult
    That’s just the way that goes
    We learn, we love, we live in our life

  • Tell Me The Story About Me

    You were there
    Holding me,
    Feeding me,
    Loving me,
    Showing me that you cared
    I lived trying to find out
    How I wasn’t fully developed
    I asked questions
    But you denyed
    I used to live in fear
    Trying to figure out the otherside
    Why, why
    Couldn’t you tell me
    It took so long
    For you ...

  • Deep Blue

    Oh what we can imagine…
    Oh the Deep Blue
    “Aaaaouuuu Pretty!!!”

    Oh what the Deep Blue contains

    What does the Big Ocean Blue really contain?
    We don’t know,
    anything could be hiding and lurking in the water.

    We can only know so much,

  • What I Like

    I like honey
    I like cake
    I like my greens
    I like to bake
    I like to report
    I like T.V.
    I like to be a good sport
    I like my family
    I like my dog
    I like…
    My mom’s home
    Hey mom, I like
    These things,
    Do you like?



  • Ode to Dog

    She is dark and big.

    Always there for the family;

    Oh, how I love her.

    Austin High School


  • Failure and Success

    Failure is the penalty,
    4 continually getting things wrong.

    Success on the other hand is the award,
    4 getting things continually right.

    Failure puts u down in despair.
    Success sends u soaring among the clouds.

    Therefore, I look at myself and wonder,
    am I a success or a failure
    Then maybe I am a bit of both.
    Whichever ...

  • Asher

    Funny sports nice hardworking.
    Son of mom and dad.
    Lover of soccer, basketball, Cristiano Ronaldo.
    Happy when my team wins.
    Sad when my team lost.
    Nervous during finals.
    Who needs food, water, Soccer.
    Who gives love, happiness, and fun.
    Who fears girls, death, and elephants.
    Who would like to see Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr., and ...

  • Zephyr

    Wind chimes batter
    one another
    in a futile attempt to escape
    Their relentless

    A fire alarm goes off
    For no discernible reason
    Everyone scatters

    When I pretend
    to be asleep
    I am exposed
    Every time

    Everyday something trivial
    Will clatter
    to the ground
    And make someone
    trivial jump

    I can’t sing
    in front of people
    My voice comes

  • The Secret Life of Robots

    I’m CAMMY-200
    Penguin waddle to the door
    On my short robot legs
    Made in Factory Ace 100

    The Clark Family is strict when I work
    Cooking and laundry never end

    Did you know that robots have feelings too?
    Happy when my people leave
    Sad when my people are in the house.

    I have friends
    Bob-6000, Candy-800 ...

  • Chains

    Running free on the wind
    Feet barely touching ground
    Nothing keeping her down
    Endless energy for an endless chase
    Never stopping never slowing
    Moving forwards never backwards
    One day she starts to slow,
    The ground she’s barely touched
    Is now holding her back
    Slowing her run to a stop pulling her to the ground,
    Chains ...

  • I’m Homework (false comparison)

    Come on I’m due,
    tomorrow stuffed in your pile of junk,
    in the middle of your room,
    trust me this won’t be fun,
    you have about a day left,
    Please don’t drop your average,
    I’m on top of your art project,
    mother will be mad,
    if you come back with failing,
    come on just find ...

  • M.A.R

    She never smiled, yet she was always happy.
    She never laughed, yet she cried tears from laughter.
    She never said nice things, yet she meant them with all their heart.

    She danced, yet she never stood on her own feet.
    She prayed every night, yet never believed.
    She was strong, yet oh so weak.

    She never spoke, ...

  • Human

    She is white
    Her skin is untouched snow
    She is proud and she is pure
    But she is not flawless

    He is colored
    His skin is like rich chocolate, oak trees, soft leather
    He is strong and he is unique
    But he is not equal

    He is queer
    He is loved and he is loving
    He is ...

  • I Am Me


    Purple, silver, touched with gold,
    Lemon, chocolate the perfume holds.

    Music, laughing, dog squeaky toy,
    Kindness, happiness, dabbed with joy.

    Pages, doggies, smooth silk,
    Cherries, marshmallows, & sweet cocoas milk.

    I am the Alpha of all dogs,
    Blooming into their little paws.



  • Mom

    Blue eyes, red hair
    I could never compare

    She is as sweet
    As a chocolate treat

    She is as happy
    As the bird is flappy

    She is as cute
    As a Cabi boot

    Although she can be mean,
    She is so super keen

    I love,
    My mom the white morning dove



  • My Life

    Hey Luis, I like cheese
    Do you like my cat, he’s very fat.
    I’m find, are you kind?
    I like to sing and eat wings
    I like honey, do you like my bunny?
    I like to bake, do you like my cake?
    I like that fox,
    Do you live in a box?

  • Water

    Water: Elliot Bochey

    Dark, heavy, and wavy, but darkness falls
    Showing all creatures

    Salty but tasteless and many
    Many miles of it

    There is
    Also another form
    Clear, cold, and pure

    Both ways
    Are considered dihydrogen monoxide: water

    Gorzycki Middle school


  • Hope Shall Shine

    I reached for the pen, but the emptiness in my heart shocked my hand. I trusted him. I believed he cared. He was my friend, and he told them I did it. My skin throbbed where it was cut, but my heart was what hurt. I sobbed, but light found path into the windowless room, ...

  • Where I’m from

    I am from color pencils
    From markers
    And journals full of pictures

    I am from 4 rooms and nice friends

    I am from cooking meals
    From marking the walls with heights
    And sinking under the soft blankets after a long day

    I am from the trees I climbed
    And the plants I grew

    I am from going swimming on ...

  • Opposite day

    There is something I need to tell you jad
    You are not very pretty
    You make my stomach turn sower
    You arnt very intelligent
    But I mean you are a blonde
    Your present makes me upset
    I don’t love you anymore
    Please go back to not knowing me
    You even have a bad personality
    Your ...

  • Eagle’s Flight

    When I saw her large, brown wings open
    When I saw her jump into the sky,
    I was looking up
    Which inspired me to set goals high.
    She is an airplane, zoooooom, she passes by.
    the clouds move when they see her fly,
    She observes like a spy,
    and makes me see beyond the wide

  • A miracle

    I fill the air with colors
    They smile wild and free
    The world seems to shudder
    At the thought of losing me

    I am the rock to hold the ship to sea
    A force too complex and ready
    To color the world with melody
    And keep the beat so steady

    I am the way you say goodnight

  • Ode to French Toast

    Oh french toast, how I love thee.
    To my heart you hold the key.

    On my plate
    Not too late
    Eat it all
    Enjoy it all

    Cinnamon and butter
    Bacon and sugar
    Soft and fluffy
    Golden brown and lofty

    Let the world enjoy it all!

  • The Lonely Island

    The lonely island waded in the ocean
    Drowned in knobbly sand
    Dressed only in broken bottles and rusted treasures
    The sun looked wrong on his weary body
    No glow
    No shine
    Just there

    A traveler at heart
    But with no weight to carry him
    He was immovable
    A lazy blob on a lazy planet
    No feet ...

  • Risk

    I walk along a
    straight path
    I see a Box
    But what lies within
    I can not be sure
    But should i take that chance?
    I could lose it all
    I could become famous
    Or i can live the life i have
    Who knows what will happen
    I open the Box
    I ...

  • Netflix

    I sat on my couch
    With a heavy, long sigh
    And reached for the remote
    On a table nearby.

    With the click of a button
    & blinding white light
    The TV turned on
    & prepared for a long night.

    A bold red “N” on the screen
    Then my name appeared
    Under a menu with thousands of shows

  • Not Like Before

    Walking down the aisle
    Lowered eyes
    Bent heads
    Tears fall
    But we don’t bother
    To wipe them up

    We walk back
    To the part that I dread
    Because they always say the same thing-
    That they’re sorry, but it’ll be okay
    I believe them,
    That it will be okay
    But for now it’s not
    I’m not

    We ...

  • When Will People Realize?

    When will people REALIZE?
    Realize that abandoning someone hurts.
    When will people feel REMORSE?
    Remorse for leaving someone behind.

    Shutting, shutting, shutting doors
    Another tear cried.
    Another child abandoned.

    When will people HURT?
    Hurt for the pain they’ve caused before .
    When will people THINK?
    Think of the trust issues they’ve caused.

    A child’s cry to their ...

  • Colleen

    Colleen is my hero

    but she does not like

    the number zero.

    Oak Springs Elementary


  • My family

    Extended metaphor:
    My family is a circus
    I am the lion
    Because I am a beast
    My mom is a tightrope walker
    Because she always stays out of trouble
    My brother is a fire breather
    Because he always gets in trouble
    My dad is a juggler
    Because he juggles his responsibilities
    My family is a ...

  • Mario, Luigi and Joshi

    Mario and Luigi were brothers and the liked to play with Joshi.
    Joshi was the best one at playing games, that made Mario and Luigi sad.
    Mario and Luigi were mad.

    Mario and Luigi quit playing games.
    Joshi was sad because he did not have anyone to play with.
    Then Mario and Luigi remembered, to never ...

  • Just Like Yesterday

    I remember it like it was yesterday
    Just like smashing my thumb into clay
    When I was small, I remember, I liked to play
    Like the time I smashed myself into hay
    Just like yesterday
    When it was May
    I remember I left one day
    But came back to stay
    Just like yesterday
    I see ...

  • Wind

    Wind is great
    I love wind
    I let my hair blow
    I let my heart flow
    And I let the wind

    Blanton Elementary School


  • Always remain

    Love is
    A never ending story
    that can be built,
    or be broken,
    but will remain
    In your heart



  • Suburbia

    There’s something
    no one ever talks about when
    they’re in suburbia.

    It’s supposed to be a
    flawless middle class union, half
    metro, half marsh,

    but steel edges
    of silver silos and skyscrapers
    teeter on tearing

    the fragile fabric
    of the starless almost-city sky.
    You hear it most

    nights when the
    street racers wrench through
    pitch highways

    and the crickets
    punch ...

  • My Cats Hat

    My cat has a hat
    Even though it’s quite hat
    I call it a plate,
    Because it’s really quite straight

    He says it looks cool
    When he jumps in the pool
    Ohh sure,
    He’s SOOOO mature
    He’s only three,
    He can’t even climb a tree!

    My cat has a hat.

    Boone Elementary


  • Ocean Love

    Ocean Love
    I walked out into the ocean
    Felt the water rising past my ankles, my hips, my chest.
    Wave after wave
    Furiously beating down
    On my back
    The salt water stings
    But I open my mouth and tell her,
    (the ocean)
    tales of you anyway.
    And after I have finished confessing
    The salt in ...

  • A Long Walk on a Trail

    Miles and miles of gravel,
    A never ending path,
    Streaming flowers beside me.
    The sun setting
    Putting a gorgeous glow on everything.
    It’s a perfect time,
    To take a long walk on a trail.

    Gorzycki Middle School


  • Ode to the Banana

    The cold banana
    Always huddling with its group
    Always in its jacket
    Until the very end
    Until it gets takes away
    to be crushed and slayed
    It squeals, “Mama, Papa!”
    Before he never sees the light of day
    But they still stay strong
    And hope to live to an old age
    With spots of color

  • No thanks, never mind.

    We look for things we’ve never known.
    Grieving things we cannot own.
    And it crawls around inside our minds
    And binds away our hope from the inside.
    I don’t want it.

    I want to open my heart to the world,
    But there’s parasites corrupting everything good.
    I need to be kinder and so much better.
    But ...

  • Memory

    Orange trees
    painted white one-third
    of the way up,
    supposedly to keep the ants
    and scorpions
    from indulging.

    I never believed that.

    The smell of chlorine
    punctured the air,
    and the water evaporated within
    of touching the pavement.

    Running barefoot.
    Black-bottom feet, impervious to the gravel

    We were always barefoot.

    Peanut butter sandwiches
    on potato bread washed
    down ...

  • Buzzer Beater

    Dribbling down the court
    Crossover the defender
    Scoring the basket
    As it falls the crowd erupts
    The clock goes out with a buzz



  • The Best Place on Earth

    The place on earth
    Is somewhere close by.
    Now, you may sit and wonder
    “Where is this place, Sky?”

    It’s a good thing you asked.
    Let me tell you all I know.
    It’s the best place on earth.
    It’s my favorite place to go.

    What’s that sound I hear?
    It’s the donkeys out there
    Going hee haw ...

  • My Mom

    My mom makes cookies.

    My mom gives hugs.

    My mom makes them salty!

    Brentwood Elementary


  • Ode to the Night

    Many fear you, but I find comfort in your dark endless feel

    To be alone with your mind at such an hour can help

    Your thoughts organize themselves into good and bad.

    It’s just me, myself, and I in a room I know all too well.

    No one comes knocking with dishes that need doing

    Or with animals that need ...

  • Robot

    I am cold steel
    I have no heart
    Yet I’ve learned to still feel
    I don’t burp nor do I fart
    I have been programmmed to not steal
    I am human
    I am not a robot
    I can feel and love
    And I love to feel, And hurt, and laugh with friends
    And I love ...

  • When the Moon First Spoke

    Wandering over ashen hills
    A forest’s breath of nightly chills.
    My face was cold, my mind aglow.
    So much was there I sought to know!
    I stretched my hands up to the dark
    Guided by nature’s campfire, a starlight spark.
    Then in the silence, I dared speak.
    Though my voice was strong,
    The sound was ...

  • El Atardecer

    .Que te gusta mas
    el dia o la noche?
    Me gusta mas el atardecer
    porque cuando lo veo
    pienso en que todo es posible
    y que todo es magico y es




    What do you like more
    the day or the night?
    I like the sunset more
    because when I see it
    I think that everything ...

  • A Poem About What?

    I’m having a bit of trouble
    Should I make a poem about bubbles
    There are just way too much options
    Maybe a poem filled with action
    Wait I have a conclusion
    I could just do one about illusions
    I could make the words seem larer
    Wouldn’t this make me seem smarter
    I will never finish ...

  • Ode To Fat Cat

    Oh Calvin Cat
    You are so fat

    You are so lazy
    But sometimes crazy

    You are the fattest feline
    And we have such a good time

    You don’t get off the chair
    When it moves do you even care

    You look like a cow
    And you have a weird meow

    You are so fat
    My dear Calvin Cat

    Gorzycki Middle ...

  • I Used To But Now…

    I used to be short
    But now I have grown
    I used to be shy
    But now I sit on my thrown

    I am what I am


  • Plant

    Can’t call me ugly,
    I’m a rose.
    Can’t call me useless,
    I’m a tree.
    Can’t call me disgusting,
    I’m natural.
    Mother Nature created me for a reason,
    Did she not?
    I’m a plant,
    You be a plant too.

    Ann Richards School For Young Women Leaders

    7th grade

  • Free

    In the beginning life was slow, then as we mature it grows
    Life is like a river, forever flowing on and on, then one day those days are gone
    Where’d it all go? It’s like it just disappeared in then snow
    As I keep on looking and looking for an answer, I find out ...

  • Secret Garden

    We all have a secret garden in our soul
    It is where we turn when things are clear as mud
    When the pool of sadness in our eyes becomes too much to be ignored
    While we all just want to be adored
    It is our secret garden, us against the world
    There in the calm ...

  • I’ll Be There

    Rain or shine, I’ll be there
    Love or hate, I’ll be there
    I will be there, I’ll be there

    Mad or sad, I’ll be there
    Worried or brave, I’ll be there
    I will be there, I’ll be there

    Hot or cold, I’ll be there
    Opened or closed, I’ll be there
    I will be there, I’ll be there

  • Room


    She wasn’t organized says the clothes on the floor
    Joined by school papers scattered carelessly
    She was a teenage girl says charger cords
    and discarded chapstick containers
    she liked video games says the
    discarded pile of cases in a corner
    She loved music says the broken dusty
    CD player tucked carefully under the bed

    She loved ...

  • Life in Poverty

    No food, no money, Poverty.
    May have to steal to eat, honestly.
    Go down the street and you’ll find me, trying to
    find a snack on the side street.
    No home, no friends, no shoes,
    Everyday you’re alive you’re in the blues,
    Wonder what to do with life, got no clues
    Need a friend no ...

  • Colorblind

    I wish to distinguish color from color,
    Feeling mood from
    Beautiful visuals that induce emotion.

    I cannot experience the calm, serene hue of blue
    No feeling of peace and tranquility.
    Non-existent to me are cloudless skies and gloomy rain
    That leave me with sorrow as I will never see this color.

    Confusion is overwhelming as I mentally ...

  • A Thousand Whispers

    Like a saddle-shackled horse of old,
    the people,
    bound and branded into submission,
    bend over, tucking their
    sunken cheeks
    between the spurs grinding beneath their master’s soles
    and kiss goodbye their resolve,
    because the whiney of a horse is but a whisper
    compared to the crack of a whip.

    Bailey Middle School


  • I believe

    I believe laughter is a cure to depression.
    Just how a rainbow & sunshine us our own cure to a storm.
    I believe we are slaves to the night, afraid of our own shadows.
    I believe that hard work pays off.
    Because it doesn’t matter how you want people to feel about you, it matters ...

  • i have recorded somthing

    I have recorded something
    Over your recording
    On TV.

    And you were
    Probably wanting
    to watch it.

    Forgive me,
    Bear Grylls is
    More entertaining
    Than golf



  • Walls

    She was the girl with the walls that stood tall.

    She was the girl that appeared to have it all.

    With joy in her heart and a skip in her walk.

    She would bring a smile to your face every time she talked.

    She looked like she could fight the dark.

    She was the girl that would leave her mark.

    But ...

  • As Happy as a Student

    As happy as a student
    All the work that is late
    The tests that are due
    What a wonderful day!

  • Crashing Waves

    As I stepped into the sand
    my feet went from enjoying the expected
    relaxing sensation of vacation to
    the reality of crushed
    harsh sand
    compromised of sea shells
    that hurt my feet
    with every step.

    Ann Richards School


  • What is Kerrville?

    What is Kerrville?
    To me, it’s a sacred ground
    Where songs are the prayers
    and I get lost in the one place I feel found
    There the language is music
    And fingers dance with care
    As they swim across guitar strings
    Fluttering through the air
    It’s a place where you’re not judged
    And your voice ...

  • Me

    I like me
    Just the way to be
    I like to run
    I like to have fun
    I like school
    I like to write, too
    I like me and you

    Blanton Elementary


  • Not So Simple

    They always say
    Look for the silver lining
    And so we search
    But it isn’t so simple
    As they say

    Don’t be negative
    They tell us
    So we look for happier things
    But it isn’t so simple
    As they say

    Don’t judge by looks
    They insist
    So we close our eyes
    And let our heart guide us

  • Boom


    I’m big I’m rough
    I could be slim or buff
    Or maybe even be nothing.

    I can do big damage or
    Make small cuts and burns and much more.

    So be warned I can leave scars
    And you better run because if I’m near you
    Won’t see the star’s.

    No more will be left.

    Gorzycki Middle School


  • Popcorn

    Popcorn, popcorn, sizzling in the pan. Shake it up,
    shake it up, bam! bam! bam! Popcorn, popcorn now it’s
    getting hot, shake it up, shake it up. bam! bam! bam!



  • Music

    Music! How it glides through my body
    Like ghazals dancing through the prairie

    Like an alligator pulling a wildebeest Into the water
    It tackles every nerve in my body

    Music! It lifts me like a pelican soaring over the ocean
    It hugs me like pandas hugging bamboo

    Music! It circles around me like a sly panther
    But it ...

  • Poem

    I am from rattling toy trains
    From television cartoons
    And rainy dark days

    I am from old rickety wall to wall homes

    I am from joystick games
    from flickering light bulbs
    and common power loss

    I am from deer hopping through the neighborhood and rolling grass fields

    I am from climbing trees
    and catching frogs
    Vicky and Rodney

    I am ...

  • The Look

    O dog
    don’t give me that look
    that look of sadness
    that look of desperation.
    The look…
    Like you’re all alone
    and nobody loves you

    Aren’t I the one who feeds you
    who takes care of you
    aren’t I the one you love

    But no
    You’re doing the look
    you’re acting pitiful
    but I see through you ...

  • Stranger Things

    We have to find Will
    Running around recklessly
    Eleven will help



  • Hip-Hop Party

    Tapping my fingers to the beat.
    Doin’ my own dance, my own way.
    I’m turning around touchin’ the ground, like 1, 2, 3.
    Turning the radio to my own beat.
    Feeling free!


  • Letting Go

    spilled across scorched blacktop,
    jump rope playground-sweepers keep time:
    an early-September metronome.
    I watch from my lamppost roost,
    eyes low,
    hands sticky
    with childhood wonder,
    head drooping into a book
    to conceal the flush of longing.

    These are our brief intermissions in monotony:
    locked and loaded melodramatics,
    playground politics,
    telenovela conversations and
    impromptu psychiatry.

    This we ...

  • Jumping on my Trampoline in January

    In January I love jumping on my trampoline, and
    I feel scared that I’m going to fly out of the trampoline if I jump too high.
    I feel the coldness swell up on my feet.
    I feel exhausted when I keep jumping, jumping and jumping.
    And I feel happy when all my friends and family ...

  • Winter

    Hot cocoa inside
    Frigid cold weather outside
    This is winter



  • The Taco Fiasco

    I ate one too many tacos last night
    It’s like my mouth is burning, on fire
    I tried to cool my mouth down with some sprite
    I screamed the highest note in the choir

    I think that I just need some ice cold drinks
    Or I could just put some ice in my mouth
    I think ...

  • Penny

    My pet, my dog, my friend, my family
    The soft, copper-colored fur that I love to stroke
    Those big, beautiful eyes that melt like honey, waiting to greet me when I get home

    A playful puppy
    A loving puppy
    An intelligent puppy
    My puppy

    She is a ray of sunshine, always so bright and happy
    The ...

  • Baseball

    I see the pitcher glare,
    not stare,
    then the pitcher throws the ball,
    with his all,
    Pow! the ball goes out wide,
    it’s like an ocean tide,
    washing you away,
    to the day,
    I knew baseball was not lame,
    but an amazing game

  • untitled

    I have a love/hate relationship with the shower
    Get in
    Strip off my slowly thickening layers of skin
    One for regular people
    One for friends
    One for best friends
    One for family
    Only skeleton bones remain
    I examine each layer and ask myself
    “Do you like it? Do you like you?”
    I respond no and ...

  • In honor of my best friend

    The girl in the shadows.
    Who no one truly knows
    not a joiner
    not a fighter
    she does whatever goes
    She stands up and does what’s right
    and no one knows
    Oh how she loves to read and write
    and speak
    and keep the light
    of the world
    keep hope alive and everyone fails
    to ...

  • Afraid

    Thick ocean air clogging my lungs
    Whispers of reassurance
    Crys of regret and pain
    Hot salty tears
    Stinging my mouth
    Warm rivers
    Slowly descending down my face
    Afraid, alone, stuck

  • The Last Drawer On The Right

    In the bureau in my room
    A stack of drawers sit atop one another
    Neat stacks of


    Each drawer is likewise to the first
    Except the last

    The last drawer on the right is an overflown rush of

    Funny times
    Memories pictures
    Lessons dreams

    All the adolescent mess that make me
    All ...

  • Spring

    Sadly not year ‘round
    Flowers blooming out of ground
    Grass dances to wind

    Brentwood Elementary


  • Dance

    Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz and more
    many types of dance out on the floor

    Listen to the music and the rhythm
    Let your body move and sway

    Feel the music, Feel the rhythm
    Let your heart dance away

    It’s a way to express
    It’s a way to entertain

    But it’s also a way to let go,
    just like dancing in ...

  • Dog


    Fluffy, cute

    Walking, feeding, washing

    So he can live


    Rodriguez Elementary


  • I am a Dreamer

    I AM a dreamer.
    I WONDER wonderful things.
    I HEAR voices inside me, talking in my dreams.
    I SEE angels helping.
    I WANT nothing more.
    I AM a peaceful dreamer.

    I PRETEND nothing, for everything is real.
    I FEEL very peaceful dreamer
    I TOUCH the clouds in my dream.
    I WORRY not much.
    I CRY only ...

  • Army Men

    Army men
    Fast, scared,
    shooting, screaming, dying
    They serve and protect us.

    Zilker Elementary


  • I Like/Dislike

    I like Burritos, I hate Cheetos
    I like Spaghetti, I hate Confetti
    I like Meatballs, I hate Cheeseballs
    I like Sundays, I hate Mondays
    I like cars, I hate bars
    I like squids, I hate Lids

    Cheetos, Confetti, Cheeseballs, Mondays, Bars and Lids, Mean nothing to me on my list.

    Boone Elementary


  • white feminism

    to be woman
    and white
    is to have the middle of your sentence become the beginning of his

    to be woman
    and brown
    is to have your skin only be considered after
    after hers
    it is to have a poem about you begin with a story that isn’t even yours

    your body

    subject of my sentences
    let ...

  • windows to her soul

    the lightest galaxy known to man
    rippled waves of blue green and grey
    dark along the end
    true and trusting blue, a reef on the ocean floor
    knowing where to swim avoiding sharpened edges
    the care of the green penciled in swirls
    seaweed of the souls, watching over the creatures
    beautiful and compassionate grey, fading ...

  • the end

    You left me again. You have put us to end.
    We grew apart faster than my text sent.
    There’s always a person in need of a friend.
    We grew apart faster than I could vent.
    The betrayal in your voice also found.
    Along with your secrets and trust all gone.
    All is buried in the ...

  • The jungle

    Take a deep breath, and you’ll see why you did

    The jungle is filled with amazing tricks

    The monkeys swing side by side

    While the snakes hunt mice quickly but sly

    The parrots and toucans are high in ...

  • Family is Forever

    Family is a connection that never ends.
    Makes memories through the years.
    Spend time together.
    Full of laughter and tears.

    Family comes together.
    For always and forecer.
    Where love is shown.
    And will forever be in one’s heart.

    Family means everything.
    Love, happiness, and kindness.
    Family is forever.



  • I like to make riddles

    I like to make riddles
    while eating brittle
    it’s really really good

  • Space

    A mysterious place to be
    Filled with wonders not to be uncovered
    Its possibilities are limitless

    A magical place to hold your dreams
    It never screams, never whispers any of your secrets
    It keeps them safe and takes them to another place

    No matter your age,
    It lets your spirit run free
    You are peace
    You ...

  • Edicine Medicine

    Edicine has medicine that he never takes.
    He makes up words like boyalty.
    He wish he was royalty.
    He is a cool boy.
    He wishes there was a game named Foy.
    He wishes he had parents.
    So he can go to Paris.

    Odom Elementary


  • She Was

    She was the girl that no one noticed
    The girl that sits in the background.
    She was the girl that spent her time reading
    While all the other girls went into town.
    She was the girl that ate by herself
    Would sometimes starve herself too.
    She was the girl that needed money
    While the other ...

  • My Scrawny Nightmare

    My dear love is scrawny and a nightmare,
    Glowing eyes like knives cutting the darkness,
    Appeareth grey shadow with matted hair,
    Why she cometh from the trees such a mess?
    A lion’s roar quieter than her cries,
    Begone meowing feline vagrant pest!
    What is this dancing bear before my eyes?
    Persistent, unwelcome hobo houseguest.
    Yet, ...

  • Even If

    Even if things seem like they won’t work out,
    I will never give up on u.
    Even if u become blind,
    I will act as ur eyes that will light up ur world.
    Even if u become paralyzed,
    I will be there 2 take care of u.
    Even if u become deaf,
    I will be ...

  • All About Austin


    Silly, nosy, loving, laughing


    Brentwood Elementary


  • Where I Come From

    I am from homework and
    tv and coffee
    I am from the sports house
    I am from comfy couches and loving beds
    I am from the oak tree and
    the bluebonnets
    I am from a cul-de-sac of boys
    I’m from St. Catherine’s church
    and Religious Education
    I am from Gavin and Owen
    and Katie Pittman ...

  • A tree

    A TREE

    A tree
    Used for many things
    Some you do on a sunny day
    To display
    The mask that you put
    To shield
    That bits of life
    That you want no one to see
    So you sit on the dank of the waterway next to the tree.
    And wait for the storm to pass
    For ...

  • Preen

    Autumn auspice daunting from the ash
    Remained cradling teacup so quakes couldn’t take it
    Two of them now, tearing through the trees
    ‘Is it a bad omen?’ I asked
    When morning was eclipsed by the flock
    But the bird in confinement had been pensive
    His warm sable feathers seemed inviting
    Slipping my fingers through the ...

  • Talking

    It felt like we were alone
    spending hours talking
    like we were the only people alive
    like the whole world died

    I never knew what to say
    it’s always hard to talk
    because i was so focused on her
    her only…..

    The only thing i’m always about
    the only person i could talk to every second
    every ...

  • Welcome To Austin

    Traffic at a halt
    Traffic at a stop
    Traffic going up the hill three miles long
    Traffic at a halt
    Traffic at a stop
    Traffic going down the hill three miles long
    Traffic at a halt
    Traffic at a stop

  • Chains

    Cold and gripping.
    They restrained me,
    They held me back.
    They dug into my wrists,
    They pained my ankles.
    They kept me locked away.
    Horrible, awful chains.
    They guard me day and night.
    Strong and sturdy,
    Cold and gripping.


  • lost at sea

    She doesn’t cry because she doesn’t like wasting time
    on pointless pleas for sentiments never shared
    sympathies stolen
    and things never given.

    She remembers bits of words and lots of letters
    the soft and wrinkled edges of notebook paper
    Gentle curves between the lines
    anxious turning…
    Check the time.

    When she writes, her eyes go blind and ...

  • Mom

    Mom I love you so much
    I cry when I miss my mom

    Odom Elementary


  • Letting Go

    Have you ever just wanted
    To let go to not be here
    That the feeling you have
    Makes you feel miserable and not loved
    That the thing you want
    Could be deadly but you hold back

    That feeling that you’re hated
    Nor loved but also abandoned by everyone
    You feel like it’s over
    You imagined a ...

  • The Nice Rice

    Everyday I eat mice
    But today I ate rice

    It had a little spice
    But I said “I really like rice!”

    I said to my mom can we buy more rice?
    My mom said “Yes I hate mice.”

    So from now on I say buy rice
    not mice.

    Boone Elementary


  • Acrophobia

    Fear of heights
    Not the fear of falling
    Not the fear of landing
    Dizziness and weak legs
    Won’t make your situation any better

    Some find it much more terrifying than others
    I am scared on the roof of my house
    Some are scared on skyscrapers
    Others on planes


  • Chocolate

    Chocolate is tasty
    Chocolate is yummy
    CHOCOLATE is delicious

    When I take a bite
    my mouth feels like dynamite

    Sweet, sugary, good
    one of the best kinds of food

    smooth gliding silk

    warm and creamy explosions

    pristine royalty of the cocoa world

    Chocolate will never faily
    to bring delight, especially when it’s on wholesale!



  • STARR Test

    Oh My! Oh My! I hope I’m steady.
    My hands are wet and my feet are sweaty.
    I’m shivering. I’m shaking.
    I’m making commotion in my head.
    I really really want to lay in my bed.
    I feel fooled because I’m in school.
    I hope I nail it instead of fail it.


  • Facetiming

    It’s always late at night
    we talk for hours
    doing homework

    Don’t know why we stopped
    but in person it’s better
    she’s one of the only people i love to talk to

    she’s going to be one of my best friends forever
    We understand each other
    We help each other

    like sisters
    but we will always ...

  • The Red Flowers

    On a forest path with the rocks sliding off the edge
    Green vines tangle with the tree branches
    Tiny red petals folding over each other with a yellow stem like a birthday candle
    Green leaves shaped like two hearts curling off the stem
    A perfume surrounds them
    A heavy pink fog
    Our twin hearts and ...

  • Words


    these are words
    these are also words

    words can do many things
    they can

    words can
    words can

    but all words are like pieces,
    parts of people,


  • My Dog Ate My Chicken

    My dog was walking down the the grass when a sudden chicken scraped her back. She ran away like the frightened mouse on the back of your house.

    My dog went back and had the chicken on the ground like the ferocious beast she is in the night. Blood on my shirt everywhere if you mess ...

  • Don’t Whisper.

    I’m whispering away the silence
    While my mind is still, my heart is violent.
    Turning in over itself. Begging for freedom over all that is left.

    But these whisperings remain untouched
    Little much that whispering does.
    In all the screaming cries of this world,
    Our quiet whisperings are ignored.

    I need to think and I need to ...

  • Time

    What is Time?
    A figure?
    Just a number?
    Or is it something else?
    We always want more or less of it
    Is it a space filler like the grout between your tiles?
    Or is it something else?
    How is time measured?
    By the beginning of the universe or how fast something moves?
    In seconds or ...

  • Blue (Version One)

    It taught her to see in color
    To see the world anew
    Her life used to be much duller
    But now gray was replaced by blue

    Days that used to be a blur
    But now time stands still
    Dreams of happier times would defer
    Her life was only going downhill

    Happiness was wrapped in a capsule
    She ...

  • The tree of my family

    My Family is a Tree

    My family is a tree with branches holding up the leaves of our relationship

    My dad is the trunk of the tree strong and sturdy but even the trunk can fall at some times

    My mom is the spring and summer leaves bright, stunning and, beautiful

    My brother is the chipmunk of the tree ...

  • I don’t believe in suicide.

    When we fall and stall and climb
    It’s suicide. It’s suicide.
    All the madness in my mind
    It’s suicide! It’s suicide!
    All the words I hide inside
    It’s suicide! It’s suicide!
    The dead can’t speak of suicide.
    The passed can’t see, cannot breathe.
    And that is why I know I live.
    They say I’m dead; ...

  • Raindrops Adventure

    I am a raindrop wild
    Sitting in a pond so mild
    It’s boring here each day
    With nothing to do, nothing to say
    Some fellow raindrops got slurped up
    By a flock of thirsty ducks
    I wouldn’t want to meet that fate
    Inside a duck does not sound great

    But one day I started to rise

  • Home

    A house.
    A house where
    I’m greeted at the
    Door by a
    Wagging tail,and
    Jumping paws.
    A house called home.


  • Diminishing

    A fire burning,
    leaving weary people in a endless tide of nothing.

    The cold consumes the warmth,
    chasing it away.


  • The Book

    Some people treat my book with disrespect
    They burn the book till
    there is nothing left
    Or sometimes they do the worst thing
    Ignore the book
    The book feels hollow and
    Till one day I pick up
    my book
    I read the book a billion times
    front to back
    Squeezing all the despair and

  • If childhood had a flavor,

    It would not be this: Scraping
    shards of glass into a dustpan
    Dim lightbulbs
    spit out a
    warm light. Sticky, sour,
    fermented lemonade
    mixed with sweat,
    a bottle shaped dent
    In the dirt-brown tile.
    It would be: Blue
    buttercream frosting
    sticking to your tongue, swallowed
    sodapop still fizzing,
    fingerpaints still staining hands,
    even after three ...

  • Teamwork

    Soccer is a game about teammates,
    And a game about teamwork.

    You always need help to score,
    That’s what teammates are for.

    Being selfish is always hated,
    That’s what makes players overrated.

    When your opponent gets a lead,
    That’s when your team uses their speed.

    Winning a championship is sometimes a dream,
    But you could win one with a ...

  • Hero-you

    A hero doesn’t have to be
    someone with powers.

    Anyone that you believe in,
    anyone that is an influence in someone’s life.
    Everyone can be a hero.

    All you have to do is believe,
    believe in yourself,
    believe in others.

    Everyone deserves a hero
    maybe it’s your mom or your dad.
    Or maybe you can be your own.

    Make ...

  • Blue (Version Two)

    It allowed her to believe in color
    To now see the world in a light anew
    Her existence used to be much duller
    But suddenly gray was replaced by blue

    Years and moments that used to be a blur
    But now time in her life starts to stand still
    Dreams of happier times would defer
    Her ...

  • Sunrise

    You swam through the rivers,
    You swam through the seas,
    You swam through the oceans,
    And swam right to me.
    You said your hi’s,
    And then you’re goodbye’s,
    And then you swam back,
    Into the beautiful sunrise.


    gorzycki middle school



  • Sprouts like a Tree

    Love, the beauty in our hearts, it shines, and it blooms, with the beauty of a flower and becomes a tree, sprouting from our hearts, until it reaches another with a heart bloomed, until, the miracle happens, they connect and together they forever flourish.

    Casis Elementary


  • Fruitless Trial

    I poured gallons into you–
    sickly-sweet honey, endless sticky flow–
    Surely it made you sweeter,
    a lighter taste on my tongue.

    Yet I stayed floating in vinegar,
    formaldehyde burns and the fetal curve of preservation
    dyeing my skin in suspended decay.

    I was a specimen you never cared to study too closely;
    ornament, oddity, fascination,
    sweet oddball, ...

  • Whales

    You should come on a journey, to search for a whale in pain to rescue, for they have a lot to give.


  • I believe

    I believe in happiness, enjoying your own quirks,
    the stars and the infinity beyond.
    I believe in expression, showing yourself,
    your true self, not the downgraded you.
    I believe in pride,
    not onlt gay pride,
    but the pride within yourself.
    I believe in me,
    that I can do what I want.
    I believe in me,

  • The Park

    Sun beats down on cracked plastic as
    a damsel cowers in her tower hiding from
    the dragon both above and below
    Spiders and frogs, molded not by time, living
    attached to the slides’ shadows
    Twisting, turning, tumbling down
    the sidewalk
    But as quick as a boom and a crack
    it falls
    Caution tape keeps away

  • Un Beso de Papa

    Mi papa me lleba a la escuela.

    Papa me puedes dar un beso antes de irme a la escuela a aprender?

    Si te lo puedo dar.

  • Tomorrow

    Watching the sun disappear
    The rainbow horizon fading
    The sand tickling the inside of my toes.
    The wind blowing my hair to my face
    A small wave rolling over my feet
    Now to say goodbye to a good day.
    And holding hope for tomorrow to be an even better day.

    Lamar Middle School


  • I am me

    I want to be alone but heard
    I want to be loved but hated
    I am never good with words
    I can’t keep a relationship
    I’m not enough for people but sometimes I’m too much

    As of now I love myself
    I love my smile
    As of today I hate myself
    I hate my ache
    As ...

  • Honesty

    All those days just trying to get out of my own head
    I’m greedy like this.
    With the comforting lies I repeat to myself
    “This doesn’t matter as much to anyone else.”

    I know it isn’t true or fair,
    But with everything I see, read, and hear
    “My teacher made me do this.”
    “I thought ...

  • Weekend

    I feel like I could drop
    I stare at the clock

    Will this day never end
    The time just seems to extend

    Minute by minute second by second
    Hurry up I beckoned

    My bag was packed and ready to go
    My excitement was starting to show

    A shrill sound filled the air
    Kids started going everywhere

    They filled the hall

  • One Hundred Years From Now

    Sometimes I wonder what the world will be like,
    one hundred years from now.
    Will people have computer chips,
    Implanted above the brow?
    Will newly found aliens,
    To us, perform and bow?
    Or will they pen us,
    As if we were all cows?
    With all these silly thoughts,
    I realize how pointless it is to ...

  • The Fist of Happiness

    Feeling empty inside
    The fist of happiness wants the sadness back
    For the first time in a long time
    The fist needed balance to be fine

    You need darkness to see the light
    And with the lack of light, there is darkness
    With the feeling of sorrow
    The fist’s whole existence is complete.

    The sadness brings a ...


    The game, a vine that grows inside of you
    Quickly grabbing pulling you into the fun
    Because that little vine becomes something big
    A plant
    A big plant
    The game soon becomes what you love
    And then you want to be one of them
    A giant star on the big stage
    Every kids dream

  • Unstoppable

    Her heart was pure enough to turn gravel to gold.
    She had crimson lips that were curled into a constant smile that could brighten even the darkest days.
    She was the girl helping the old man across the street and nurturing the bird with the broken wing.
    She had flowered eyes and cried tears of ...

  • I am

    I am like a fire
    Burning bright
    I illuminate wild eyes
    Like an animal
    Ready to strike
    A glint of madness
    In my flames
    I am like the calm before the storm
    Quite until I strike
    I am the insanity of the flame
    Consuming all I touch
    Every thought
    Every action
    I am like the ...

  • Life

    Life is lived
    Life is given
    Life is also gotten
    Sometimes even forgotten
    You live life
    You give live
    You get life
    Even forget life
    Hey look here comes one
    Other life right now!


  • Wonders of the world

    Wonders of the world
    Always being lovely
    Lots of beauty
    Having things to look at
    Wonders of the world



  • Dog

    Soft, smelly
    Barking, licking, jumping
    They are so fluffy

    Rodriguez Elementary


  • A Furry Friendship

    The loud, impatient scratching at the door.
    A blur of fur from window to window.
    Jumping, barking, spinning, smiling and more.
    Oh, the excitement when you show.
    Kind, gentle eyes that beg for attention,
    Floppy ears listening to every word.
    A wet nose, sniffing what you didn’t mention,
    They speak in a way that isn’t ...

  • My Family is Like the Ocean

    My family is like the ocean
    my mom is the current
    keeping everyone going
    my dad is a shark
    he keeps everyone in line when they start to get wild
    my sister is an orca
    she is calm and peaceful until you make her mad
    I am a sea turtle
    I go with flow but ...

  • The Note

    I thank the silence
    That keeps us apart.
    And the darkness
    That lets me sleep at night
    Without pondering the question that looms above
    What are we?

    They said love was warm and soft
    Like the baguettes found at a french bakery.
    Yet it feels heavy and cold
    Almost like guilt.

    They said love was beautiful and ...

  • The family house

    My family are all connected like a tall strong, firm, standing house
    We all help around the house
    My dad is the strong, supporting foundation and he supports the family
    My mom is the protective roof and she protects us from the objects flying outside
    My sister is the looking window and she helps us ...

  • Requiem for a Friendship

    Do you remember those days?
    Because I do
    When we wore those cheap knockoff Converse shoes
    And we ate the seeds out of green beans like foragers
    The backyard was the ocean and we were its voyagers?

    Do you remember the day we all looked up
    And watched the eclipse through the cereal box
    And we’d ...

  • Untaken

    We are born on an untaken path,
    We start walking.
    We walk and walk,
    Suddenly on the sides,
    We see things.

    We see faces and other people,
    We see art,
    We hear music,
    We taste food,
    We start to grow.

    We keep walking the path,
    We hit obstacles and road blocks.
    We push through.

    We learn to solve ...

  • The Woman That Was Once

    Drip, Drip
    Sounds of
    Rain. I snip, snip,
    The quilt of
    Pain. RIP, RIP,
    That nightmare’s swain.
    Not enough?
    My golly me.
    A touch of rough?
    Why, I see glee.

    I’ve tried, I’m tired.
    I’ve cried, I’m out.
    And once again,
    I’ve cried, I’m done.
    Thank you for my guide,
    Without him I would’ve died.
    But ...

  • What Pollution Could Become

    Look around, up at the sky
    A nauseating blend of gray and black
    Smoke everywhere
    It’s hard to see anything through the haze
    A haze of uncertainty.

    Try to remember the freedom of clean air
    Breathe in
    Cough out the stale stench of smoke
    The smell of a busy industry
    No time for the environment
    Taken ...

  • Ode to the stuffed mouse

    Without you little friend,
    I would be lost,
    By all costs,
    You hug me at night,
    And without a fright,
    I fall asleep shamelessly,
    You have fame among my friends, I admire that,
    little friend.
    Now back to the bed,
    Where I rest my head,
    the monsters may be gone,
    But that doesn’t stop both ...

  • Feeling Mexico

    As we drive
    I see birds
    high in the sky.
    I close my eyes and imagine
    I am a bird
    flying all the way to Mexico.
    I can taste the chamoy raspas.
    I can hear the mariachi
    and church bells.
    I feel my heart jump.
    Below me, I see trees
    dancing in the wind.
    I ...

  • Sugar Rush

    I love candy,
    maybe you too?
    Chocolate, Chocolate
    gummy goo!

    Tootsie pop,
    Gummy bear,
    It’s too hard
    just to share.

    Yummy Gummy,
    Sugar rush,
    It’s getting late,
    come on , just hush!



  • Rapids of Temptation

    how wide the river is between
    How easily I can fall in
    the river
    and be swept away by
    Its selfishness.
    Know how to be
    The world but
    the world.
    who are they? You might ask?
    Like I told you
    Its a wide river ...

  • Animals of Emotion

    Fear is the thing that haunts you.
    It keeps you up at night.
    It protects you from hate,
    But not from fear itself.
    It is the thing that warns you
    Of the future and its dangers.
    Fear is the black panther.
    Love is a feeling
    you get when you meet
    the one person in your ...

  • Where I am from

    I am from soccer balls,
    from soccer fields,
    and video games

    I am from the smell of shocking peppermint

    I am from training,
    from strength,
    and from love

    I am from pecan trees
    and poinsettias

    I am from Boston baseball
    and from striking hazel eyes,
    from Jacob and Gabby

    I’m from crying in emotional movies
    and waiting for the winning ...

  • Music

    Music is amazing
    Music makes me want to dance
    Music makes me want to sing
    Music wants me to be happy!

    Ridgetop Elementary


  • Dark Static

    Foggy eyes, grabbing at a
    Lack of glass
    Only dark fuzziness in front of her

    A window coated in 3 years worth of dust and dirt,
    A thin sheet of water descending in front of her face,
    A screen of a spring door
    speckled with dead fly legs

    The shards of her glasses
    Into her palm, ...

  • Redwood Trees

    swaying, moving, blowing in wind
    looking down at us
    red, orange, yellow in fall
    towering over us
    brown, green and big in spring
    giants of our land
    nothing in our big, blue world
    could ever be as grand

    Doss elementary school


  • Child

    A child

    Loved and adored

    precious and pure

    So very young

    Thinking about the years ahead

    vulnerable with every step

    Crying like the pouring rain outside the window

    Laid to peaceful rest, silence

    In a blink of an eye it all ended

    The End

    In a blink of an eye it all ended

    Laid to peaceful rest, silence

    Crying like the pouring rain outside the window

    vulnerable with ...

  • Auschwitz

    Another day I’ve waited here,
    in horror, hunger, thirst, and fear.

    Another day awaiting the German Army’s fall,
    pleading for the glorious mercy call.

    Another day trapped inside the barbed wire,
    Stranded with violence, blood, and gunfire.

    Another day with the same shirt on my back,
    though it’s torn, filthy, and striped white and black.

    Another day mourning the ...

  • Your Mind Is An Abyss

    Your mind is an abyss
    Sinking, cherishing
    every bliss
    You can get

    Devoid of color
    Constantly switching
    From one shade to another

    Once dark, once light
    There’s no in between
    I wish you could see
    How much the lies
    Won’t leave you be

    You lock yourself in
    The ones who’ve stayed
    Always willing to listen to your sins

  • Metz Metz

    Metz Metz querida Metz
    La escuela que me quita el estres.

    Se acaba el ano y te extranare
    pero nunca te olvidare.

    Si me hago una herida me ayudas
    Y nadie queda con dudas.

    Te quiero mucho linda escuela
    Eres tan dulce como la Nutella

    Te me pierdes entre el suelo
    Y te ves como un chiquito y bonito ...

  • Buzzer Beater

    Dribbling, sprinting down the court as fast as lightning
    Pass to the best player

    The best player catches the ball easily
    He dribbles around a player and takes a shot
    The crowd goes wild; their team won!

    To congratulate me on my awesome poem contact me at 512-915-7917

    Gorzycki Middle School


  • change

    we, humans, walk around the earth with no regards for anyone or anything. we stomp around like elephants with no care.
    selfish beings, we want everything to ourselves. we are all hypocrites, but the worst kinds of humans are the ones that think they are not in any wrong. the ones that think they do ...

  • Beauthy is a Tyranny

    Do you badger a butterfly
    on the hues of it’s wings
    Cat-call a peacock
    for it’s sapphire feathers

    Why am I bullied
    on the curls of my hair
    Whistled at
    for my sparkling eyes

    I am a firefly
    in a jar of moths waiting
    to extinguish my lights and
    be set free of my lavish bonds

    I beg ...

  • Memorobilia

    Observe how he
    presses his hand on
    her lower back,
    guiding her through
    their shared workspace.

    See how she hands him
    her tattered sweater and
    he stops shivering,
    even though
    it’s filled with holes.

    If you squint,
    you can see it in him,
    carrying her
    bobby pins in the front pocket
    of his shirt at a party

  • Into the Frill

    Art says love is dead.
    When it does
    it’s right, by the way
    Cherry lipped, with pointed shoes
    they parade their darlings
    Past the doomsday preppers
    Past the kaleidoscopic billboards
    and into the frill
    of flaxen light.
    To them
    It must mean something

    Gonzalo Garza Independence High School


  • El Monstruo

    Noches oscuras, noches sin estrellas,
    son mis noches menos bellas.
    Hay un monstruo en mi mente,
    que es muy grande y muy fuerte.
    Con mi miedo enverdece,
    y este monstruo crece y crece.
    A mi mamí yo acudo,
    y su abrazo es mi escudo.
    Con Diosito yo admito,
    que este monstruo es chiquito.

  • The Bahena Family

    I am from phone and TV flashing bright lights
    from silverware and from princess house
    and from HEB produce that we buy on Saturdays

    I’m from the only house that has a gate
    I’m from the countless hours of TV and punishment that shape us
    and from delicious tasting food

    I’m from red roses on the counter ...

  • That Hill

    One day I took McFat,
    My cat,
    He rolled down a hill,
    Hitting trees against his will.
    When he skidded to a stop,
    Out came a cop,
    With the request I fix that hill.
    I worked day and night,
    While McFat got in fights,
    And now the hill is worse,
    Because you can’t fix ...

  • What’s That

    The viola, a wonderful thing, renowned for its jokes,
    What you haven’t heard of it?
    What a shame, it’s a four stringed instrument like the others,
    But don’t be fooled because it’s quite different than a violin
    It’s bigger in size and rich in ton,
    But the biggest differences is our lowest string, the C ...

  • Books

    Books, books
    wondrous books!
    Full of magic, mystery, action and more!

    Books, books
    thousands of books to read and read galore!

    Books, books
    on movies, on tv shows and based on fairy tales…
    Fiction and non-fiction teach you lessons and information!

    Books, books marvelous books!

    Boone Elementary

    2nd grade

  • Family is like a Tree

    “Family” is old oak with long branches —
    That stretch across many places —
    And will crumble when one breaks —
    And will continue to grow — and never stop —
    And family — is everywhere — all around you —
    And the pain must be in the breakage —
    That could rip apart the ...

  • Different Kinds of Dreams

    A dream is something you imagine.

    A dream can come from movies,

    pictures, songs and books

    when your mind keeps

    thinking after you’ve gone to sleep.

    A dream can come from a signal

    from outer space like a flash of light

    but then it’s gone.

    A dream can come from the bottom

    of the sea where there

    are sharks, colorful starfish

    and anglerfish with lights on ...

  • Ode to Basketball Courts

    For the basketball court
    the court is as smooth as baby skin
    it grip
    The strips

    the flawless net
    when you shoot the ball
    the wind blowing
    the cold double rim

    U feel ur da best
    The ball bouncing
    The work ur putting in
    sweating hard

    Heart pound like a drum
    The play you just did
    Crowd yell

  • Guess It!

    Blue as the sky
    She can’t jump high

    A pair of big flappy ears
    She has no fears

    She smells as good
    As the most scrumptious food

    Sniff, sniff
    Joy in a jiff

    As soft as a sheep
    She puts me to sleep

    My best buddy
    Her name is Sugar, my elephant lovey

    Highland Park Elementary School


  • Ocean

    your sand is such a wonder
    you feel as soft as a pillow
    as powdery as sugar
    your shells though hard are unique
    different colors, different shapes,
    different textures not one is the same
    your water blue and clear filled with coral of all colors
    with fish angel fish among them
    with dolphins, whales, ...

  • Do The Right Thing

    Violence has not personally happened to me but it is going around throughout the world. It seems every day we are hearing about acts of violence on the news or through people we know. Even at school we have lockdown drills to practice in case some dangerous person tried to hurt us or threaten us. ...

  • Anthill Cast
    1. Cut open your chest with a dull ceremonial blade

    curved perfectly to fit ghostly hands in a futile grasp at revenge.


    Molten metal pours out;

    beads of mercury en masse,

    silently poisoning the hand they happily roll down.

    Magma, shimmering water that scalds the dirt to ash

    before it buries its shinning head: a statue.


    Watch it seep down into the ground

    through ...

  • Hurricane

    The bright sun is blazing,
    in a sea of blue.
    A gentle wind grazing
    the tops of trees, too.

    Suddenly, blue fades to gray.
    The wind picks up; the rain pours down.
    Trapped in their houses they will stay,
    as destruction occurs throughout the town.

    Houses crumble into piles of rubble,
    water invading all around.
    With storms ...

  • My Family Basketball Game

    My Family is a basketball game
    My Mom is the coach always keeping us positive
    My Dad is the ref who always calls the right calls
    My Older Brother is my teammate always there for me
    My Little Brother is the ball sometimes doesn’t want to help
    My Cousin is my teammate always keeping us ...

  • badland

    Time slips away, precious water
    stirring just out of reach.
    The sun melts, light draining
    from the windows.
    You feel time, you don’t see it.
    But you know it’s there, a force
    that dominates all worlds,
    tearing through the walls of life
    made of thin paper.

    Casis Elementary


  • Swordsmanship and Calligraphy

    The coming of an end long waited
    By sword, by pen
    Both filled with thoughts ever hated
    Hate fueled by the darkness in a righteous man’s soul
    Like a beast kept under watchful eye
    Waiting for the moment the master will die
    Just a pen and a sword to decipher the truth
    Many hours wasted ...

  • 1992

    Back in 1992,
    when I was 2,
    I liked the color blue.

    I had a friend named Lou.
    We both liked the color blue.
    His name was Lou, my name was Hue.

    So that’s what happened in 1992.


  • Falling Orange

    Nervously pacing

    sitting Standing sitting again

    His leg bouncing

    you can hear the orange

    tic tacs shake, waiting for

    the lunch bell to ring

    hands drumming on the green grated lunch table

    fidgeting rocks the unbalanced chair


    The bell rings

    He stands up so quick

    he’s unsteady

    He reaches in to his pocket

    the orange tic tacs shake in his hand

    He flicks it open

    three fall out


    A single ...

  • I Want You Back

    You were everything.
    You were the sun.
    I want you back, your warm hugs and loud laughter.
    I want it all back.
    I thought you were happy.
    You took your life away
    With no warning.
    When was the last time I had said I loved you?
    I don’t know.
    I ...

  • Music

    Friends will break your heart
    But music won’t talk
    Memories fade
    A recording is forever
    We all die and be forgotten
    But a singer lives through fame and voice

    The notes are art
    In the form of a tone
    A delicate flower that can be forever
    Or just in the moment

    Music can cause fear
    Or take ...

  • Where I’m From

    I am from flipping on sweaty gymnastics mats
    From tarte shimmery makeup palettes and crowded couches.
    I am from watching tv, dad not being around, and dog slobber.

    I am from orchids and from long grass.
    From waking up early on Christmas day and from funny, obnoxious jokes.
    From Emily and Wayne.
    I am from biting ...

  • In the City

    Vroom, Vroom

    Strolling down the streets of Austin, Texas

    Pat Pat Pat Pat Pat Pat

    I hear the rhythm of our feet walking on the sidewalks

    We look everywhere

    we see buildings we see buses

    we WISH we saw trains

    We hear people talking

    We smell the smell of TexMex food coming out of ...

  • Ode to The Stars

    As I gazed up to the stars
    I strumed my guitar
    I saw the jaguar in the stars
    How could we like without you North Star
    And what about you shooting star
    The bright light you shine in my eyes
    How you bright up my skies
    But how sad you die
    Then how it’s beautiful ...

  • Me Too

    Me too, a silence breaker
    For equal rights is all we ask
    The cold shoulder is a common response
    For such a simple request

    Not too much to ask
    Just to be equal, common courtesy
    In a world where we can make things fly
    But don’t respect human rights



  • The Eagle

    There once was a turtle named Bill
    who went on top of a hill
    he saw two hungry eyes
    and a bald eagle cry
    now he’s stuffed up at the store called Goodwill

    Boone Elementary


  • Rubies

    Red streaming down,
    dark as rubies against the snow.

    Born from a mistake, a cut,
    falling from a height.

    Gravity takes it, cradles it, caresses it,
    then watches it spiral, spin, down down down.

    It reaches the dark, black ground,
    and crumples into a puddle.

    Red ribbon,
    dark as rubies.


  • To him

    I hate how you left me without saying goodbye
    How you let us drift apart
    You just went away
    I thought you changed
    But I was wrong
    We used to talk on the phone every night
    Now I would hate to hear your voice
    You left a hole in my heart
    You hurt me so ...

  • Sol

    Sol, eres una esfera luminosa
    parece que estás cubierto de oro
    brillante. Eres tan gigante,
    que yo quisiera abrazarte. Quiero
    que ilumines siempre el planeta
    y compartas un poco tu tesoro.
    Tus rayos de luz, todos los días
    son mi fuente de energía.
    Sol, eres tan radiante,
    que no puedo siquiera
    mirarte. Y tan caliente ...

  • Dreams

    Once they come they never stop
    Beautiful things roam in my head
    Like Mustangs racing through the grass
    Dolphins surfing the waves

    As my mind takes me places
    I would hardly imagine being in
    As I see the sunset before me
    I try to soak in but its too much

    I catch my breath
    Beep Beep! My ...

  • Waves of memories

    She walks through the door,
    There is blood on the floor,
    They are both fine,
    But the room is getting tighter,
    As she cleans,
    They both make a scene,
    They are both staring ,glaring, and snarling.

    Later that night,
    They get in a fight,
    Breaking it up I watch and listen,
    While looking at a ocean ...

  • To Swim

    Into the car,
    through the school day,
    out the bus,
    inside the car,
    past the shop,
    toward the club,
    near mayfield,
    with the cacti dye,
    by the warm watery embrace,

    Casis Elementary


  • Ode to the Ice Cream Truck

    Ode to the ice cream truck
    The truck is white as snow
    Yet hard as a rock
    As everybody would pass by
    A man would give out a freezing
    Everybody would line up
    It was so cold it would shatter your
    So many different flavors
    You could mix and match
    Yet so cold ...

  • The Path

    We are born on an untaken path,
    We start walking.
    We walk and walk
    Suddenly on the sides,
    We see things.

    We see faces and other people,
    We see art,
    We hear music,
    We taste food,
    We start to grow.

    We keep walking the path,
    We hit obstacles and road blocks.
    We push through.

    We learn to solve ...

  • Pieces Together


    It’s hard for your thoughts to be spoken
    When deep inside you’re still broken
    And you can’t put the pieces together

    You just want to lock all the doors
    You just can’t take it no more
    You just want something better

    Why should I be sorry for simple mistakes
    There still rolling out of place
    I don’t ...

  • Can’t Stop Playing

    I can’t stop playing video games today
    It Is all I ever want to play
    The graphics are outstanding
    But my mom is so demanding
    “Stop playing these video games”
    Is what my mom angrily exclaims

    Computer, box, things that you wear
    Whatever console it is I don’t care
    Lunchtime, but I cannot eat
    This level ...

  • The Song

    listen to the song,
    The Song in the shadows,
    in the trees,
    in the stars,
    in the light,
    in each other,

    You can’t hear it, can you?
    is your mind as clouded as the kicked up dust
    that you so commonly misconceive?
    The Song is in that very dust,
    because it is everywhere,
    in every life,

  • Light Beam

    I see a light
    Is it the police or just a beam?
    Is it something else, so it seems?
    It’s a very bright light.
    Is it an alien UFO or so it seems?

    Blanton Elementary School


  • Books

    There are so many books to choose from
    Should I get this or that
    Some are good some are bad
    This one matches my favorite hat!

    I look through the pages
    Now I’ve read a few
    This is taking me ages
    What am I to do

    Maybe a book about how to cook
    Look the book fits ...

  • Dreams

    In the night, you toss and turn
    And sometimes dreams that burn
    But even then, you still have dreams
    that sometimes make you beam


  • Midnight

    Witching hour, pitch black, the moon is howling.
    Windows closed, tight blinds pulled down,
    Close the curtains and turn off the lights.
    It´s time for the fright.

    Lock the doors, turn on the alarm and doze off to bed.
    Knock, knock.
    Why is someone at the door?
    The door creaks as I open it.
    Wow! There ...

  • School

    Pencils all around.
    Noise all around.
    We learn and we look at the clock.
    The second bell! We are late!
    We get to our parents and our buses.
    We go home and watch tv and play on our tablets!

    Boone Elementary

    2nd grade

  • my grilled cheese

    my grilled cheese
    has all the qualities.
    it fill me with the light
    i could eat it all night.
    all in one bite.
    all gooys and cut
    i wish my mom could make it more often but…
    shes busy as a bee
    no more grilled cheese for me.
    my brother ate my ...

  • Can’t Stand The Pain

    Just the feeling of the water
    Sent a rush through me
    Every single cell was alive inside me
    I could do anything
    I was invincible
    But now
    Something distracts me from that rush
    A negative electric charge
    Now flows inside me
    Thick grey fog seeps into my blood
    And a blazing fire behind my eyelids

  • Her Again

    She stood on the edge of her world
    with invisible wings, tattered and torn
    slowly patching themselves
    deciding right then
    that she would renew her own scars
    lashes strung with dewdrops of freedom
    she soaked in the power of exisiting
    as life danced under her skin
    color collided with curiosity in her irises
    eager hands ...

  • My Family is the Solar System

    My mom is the sun; she keeps us all in order.
    My dad is Jupiter; he’s big, strong and tough.
    My sister is Venus; she is small, cloudy and fierce.
    And I am the asteroid belt, right in the middle of it all.


  • Color Guard

    Shining sabres in the sun

    Twinkling maces so much fun

    Rifles spinning and whirling

    Flags tossing and twirling

    Elaborate costumes and glitter galore

    All over the stadium floor

    The band blaring as they move

    Across the field, they start to groove

    Dance and technique is our number one goal

    As we spin and dance, pouring out our soul

    Our elaborate hair and sparkling boots are ...

  • My Heritage

    I’m from tortilla soup and
    From Legos and Discovery
    I’m from the house of video games
    I’m from the medium house and booksy house
    I’m from rosemary and roses and pomegranate plants
    I’m from fig trees and watermelon vine
    I come from making bunuelos on New Year’s Eve and
    dinners with mom and being weird

  • Looking around

    The blow of the wind
    hits my face. Blowing
    my hair .

    I look around me
    and see different
    types of people.

    Some small and
    Others tall. I hear
    Laughs from children.

    The ladybug on
    my leg and it tickles

    Then I wonder about

    Cunningham elementary


  • When you come near

    A hint of sunshine and a sprinkle of rain
    A dash of joy that lightens my day

    A scoop of humor and a bit of fear
    That’s what I feel when you come near

    Kiker Elementary


  • When the Wind Blows

    When the wind blows, it comes to you and me.
    When the wind touches me, it feels like a cool breeze on my skin.
    The wind makes things move like a tornado and a hurricane, too.
    The wind blows, and the whole world breaths it in like you and me.

    The wind is dust and air, ...

  • Drowning Fish, Falling Geese

    Look at the way the waves roll

    Look at the way the water rises

    Look at the way the foam clears See how the sea goes

    When she sets foot on the shore.


    Look at the way the fish drown

    Look at the way the geese fall from the sky

    Look at the way the moon hides her face

    See how the ...

  • O Fishing

    O fishing, I do adore-
    You’re always on my mind.

    When we go camping
    I make sure I bring my rod and tackle.

    O fishing, when I should be sleeping-
    I stay up just to get one more thrill.

    O fishing, every day I am praying to go fishing.
    You are the fish in my eye.

    O fishing, the ...

  • Unspoken Words

    Those pretty, blue eyes
    bright like the cloudless sky
    saying what words can’t tell
    but pulling away as soon as she Fell.
    That sweet, knowing smile
    leaving a daze for the while
    causing for her a dozen emotions
    but creating her own tear-filled ocean.
    So many things that she’d like to say
    uncertainty keeping them ...

  • Rain


    Rain, Rain
    O my children
    Innocent as a summer day

    But No

    I watch my children fall
    To the ground
    To splat into a puddle

    O how I watch the little people run
    Under my tearful cries

    They mock me, they despise me
    They laugh at my offspring falling on
    their faces

    I watch them join together
    To make a ...

  • Whining Chickens and the Scared Eyes of an Old Man

    My family are stereotypical Americans.
    Big, fat, loud Americans,
    like overfed chickens in a slaughter house.

    With their gluttonous bodies,
    full of ignorance and
    distasteful opinions.
    Their squawking echos through
    the first class train cabin.

    The cabin full of
    patriotic sods and a lonely,
    fear ridden little, old,
    innocent Czech man.

    Their loud cries of pain
    leaving the ...

  • The Thinnest Fat Cat

    A fat cat loved to eat.
    But there was a problem.
    He thought that cat’s would
    make fun of him because he was fat.
    So he started to deny his food.
    So the fat cat got thinner and thinner and thinner.
    Until you could see his bons!
    So instead of making fun of him because ...

  • My family is an apple

    My dad, the regular bite is always willing to help. my mom, the sweet side is able to get things I have a hard time with done easily. my brother, the green side is fun to play with but sometimes commands you to do simple tasks. my sister the moldy side is rude and always ...

  • Ode to My Neighborhood Tree

    There were hundreds of trees in my neighborhood
    They were like guardians watching over us,
    But there was one tree in particular.
    One that stood the tallest,
    One that stood the strongest.
    The one that caught my eye the most
    I would walk up to it
    Then stare up at it
    I felt like it ...

  • Glory

    Skin is White
    Skin is Black
    Neither is best
    Skin is Skin
    Flesh is Flesh
    Race is Race

    It’s vicious judging of character



    Wooldridge Elementary


  • Staircase


    Our eyes dart around, a quick glance,
    And with our blurred and heavy gaze
    We don’t think twice about the chance
    Our minds are far too captivated-


    By our thoughts so ever-present
    Our daydreams, our worries, and our tears
    So we begin our descent

    Gorzycki Middle School


  • At night

    At night I lay down in my bed, with my fairy lights behind me.

    Looking in front of me is picture of a tree,

    Thinking about what is going to happen to me in the future,

    Trying not to call myself a loser

    Hiding under my covers scared what is outside of my blanket

    Trying to think of something else, ...

  • Where I’m From

    I am from huggies diapers, crayola markers, and Apple Computers.

    I am from the warm and loving; a party!

    I am from boating in Lake Travis, from making mud pies, and rock soup, from crazy fun.

    I am from the wild turkeys and deer, the dry hard dirt.

    I am from Little Helping Hands, and blue eyes from Mama ...

  • Yo Siento

    Yo siento que puedo ase todos las
    cosas yo confio en mi por que nadie
    lo puede permitir

    Odom Elementary


  • The Flower

    A trill like a fresh breeze rolling through the air.
    A paradise of tropical, lime-like scents.
    Petals like delicate silk between my fingers.
    A colorful flame you at the seams, amidst a field of cool green.
    A taste airy and flavorful, pockets of joy.

    Beauty, a spring valley, laughter, radiance, life.

    I pluck it from its stem, ...

  • The Little Blue Planet

    Can you look behind you
    and stop looking in the mirror, stop living in a reflection?
    It’s not really you. It’s not real,
    but turn around, please, Just look.
    It’s broken, it’s cracked and it’s irreplaceable. It’s our home.
    It’s earth, the little blue planet.
    It’s a dark place to live in now because we ...

  • The Thickest Test

    Today is the thickest day
    it is so thick, like a thick book
    it’s like my life is thick.
    My pencil is thick, my eraser is thick, thick, thick,
    everything is thick, but my book is the thickest of
    all it is thicker than anything you can compare it to.

    Second by second it is getting ...

  • Mamba

    He needs not his fangs
    Away the mamba slithers
    At one with the grass



  • World

    Beautiful but harmed
    Moving wondering changing
    Animals Parks City’s Oceans
    Running walking never stopping
    Crazy and calm
    Our Home

    Doss Elementary


  • Camping

    Darkness in the forest deep,
    Where silence is amoung the trees.
    Softly as the willows weep,
    And the crunch of leaves
    Under my feet.

    The moon high in the sky,
    Glowing prominent and bright
    As the midnight owl flies on by.

    No matter the darkness
    On that erie night,
    Nothing shone brighter
    Than my lantern light.

    Fulmore ...

  • My Family Van

    The frame of the car
    Might have a scratch or two
    but keeps everything together

    The engine
    always keeping us moving
    and is an essential for all situations

    The windows
    The one who sees all
    and is interesting and helpful

    The paint
    The final touch
    the most fun
    and a bright pop ...

  • Space

    Earth is what we live on.
    Space, space, space
    The moon comes at night.
    Space, space, space
    Jupiter has a big red spot
    That rains red
    Space, Space, Space.

    Odom Elementary


  • The ABCs of My American History

    Bill of Rights
    Civil rights
    Declaration of Independence
    Freedom Fighters
    Government of the people, by the people, and for the people Humanity
    Immigrants and refugees
    Martin Luther King Jr.
    Native Americans
    Oh, Say can you see…
    Quilting the American flag
    Race and the Rivers ...

  • Allegiance to The Library

    When I am feeling happy, tired or dreary,
    I go to my favorite place, the library.

    I walk in and take a good look.
    Then I chose an interesting book.

    Sometimes I put books on hold.
    But I’ll receive a fine if it’s more than 10 days old.

    When I read a book, my mind relaxes.
    Unlike some ...

  • I Dropped My Pencil

    My pencil slips out of my grip
    It clinks against the desk
    It rolls and strolls across the room before coming to a rest
    But my teacher is still talking and I feel I cannot move
    I watch it as it sits there until it’s broken by a shoe



  • The Light in the Dark

    I am the light that wakes you each morning
    I am the darkness that haunts your dreams

    When you think of me, all you see is happiness
    When you think of me, tears stream down your face in fear

    You trust me to shield you from harm
    You try to stay away from me in fear of ...

  • Urban Jungle

    Lush bushes poke, spiraling from the earth
    an explosion of nature
    Rubbery leaves fleetingly stroke my neck
    Purple orchids tease and taunt
    Silver steps bow to palms
    an explosion of nature
    Oxygen fills my lungs, child of the rainforest

  • Star

    Shines bright in the night sky
    Takes over our galaxy
    Amazingly bright
    Rises in the night sky



  • Home

    A busy, bustling place
    My beautiful country
    Oh, how I’ve missed you
    Oh, how you’ve changed in these six years
    Yet I remember the scent of heavy spices and roasted corn
    The soft, crumbling ground after the rain
    Everywhere you go people talking
    To each other in community before my eyes
    The complex beauty ...

  • Ode to the ball


    Catch, throw, dribble, strike
    Run, tackle, jump, pike

    The game is on
    The fans are off their seats
    Painted faces, selling corndogs
    Weekend tradition
    World tradition


  • Friend

    Hugging, giving, helping
    Because they’re nice to me

    Rodriguez Elementary


  • Candy Thief

    I have take your candy.

    And wish you were saving for dessert.

    Forgive me it was filled with amazing taste of fruit.



  • Ode to My Dogs

    Ode to my dogs
    One is more annoying than
    a screeching parent. The
    other more lazy that a lazy
    koala. They are crazy
    wild when they meet new
    people. They get more
    jealous than anything
    if ignore them,
    They are the most
    impatient dogs you will
    ever meet. But they
    are still the most loving

  • I’m sick and Tired

    I’m sick and tired of hearing “I don’t want the gays shoving their sexuality in my face.”

    As if I can sit through a movie in theatres without sending even one straight kiss

    As if I can walk down the street without seeing some straight couple holding hands or kissing

    As if I can go one day without ...

  • the Rainbow

    The color of apples & ladybugs.
    The color of sunset & a crackling fire.
    The color of the sun & stars.
    The color of the grass & leaves.
    The color of our big wide sky.
    The color of grapes & pretty flowers.
    A rainbow in the sky.


  • I Love Myself

    Corey, Casey, Mary, they all smell like imposters when strangers try to pronounce my name.
    But my name, Carey Beth, smells like Niagara Falls and an Irish farm.
    My names tastes like homemade chocolate chip cookies warm, fuzzy and sweet.
    My name sounds like a rushing wave of mystery and winter.
    My name feels like ...

  • Family Metaphor (Bunch of Bananas)

    Mom- The stem, she helps us stay on track to get where we need to go in life

    Dad- The outside banana, he protects us from harm and keeps us safe

    Me- The inside banana, because I’m the youngest one in the family

    Gail- The other inside banana, because she is easily harmed so she stays safe

    Adam- The ...

  • In the front yard

    In the front yard I cartwheel

    and dance and feel the morning dew.

    My feet get soaking wet.

    With every step I take

    my feet get colder and wetter.

    I could just go inside the warm warm house

    but I won’t

    because when I come inside

    I won’t get to do this again for a long time

    So I will keep on cartwheeling and ...

  • Albert Pujols

    Sometimes you’ll make hits
    Sometimes you’ll make outs
    You’re not going to be perfect all the time
    Keep swinging
    Keep dreaming



  • Pink

    Ice Cream
    Play doh


    Brentwood Elementary


  • Pain

    Mentally, emotional, and physically
    Sometimes I wonder why does it hurt so much
    Why am I in this position? Why does it suck
    Should I give up, or not?
    Mentally, pain can mess with one’s mind
    But it’s up to the person to let pain take all of your time
    Emotionally, pain can really mess ...