About V+V

In 2013, the Division of Arts and Humanities, Austin Community College (ACC), partnered with  Austin Independent School District (AISD) to launch Vision+Voice, a poetry contest for AISD students. Vision+Voice is now an annual contest and is growing as more opportunities for students are identified. Vision+Voice was established for AISD students to partake in a literacy experience that celebrates creativity and expression. Vision+Voice also fosters multiple venues for students to become published authors and artists, and provides students greater access to share their work with authentic audiences. Students are free to determine the topic and type of poem to submit. Poems of any language are accepted.

One winning poem and several honorable mentions are selected per grade. Both winning poets and poets who received honorable mentions have various opportunities to celebrate and publish their work. Winning poems are paired with original artwork from ACC students to produce posters that are displayed across AISD campuses and throughout Austin. Winning poets also record their poems at KLRU studios, and these videos are posted on ACC’s youtube channel and the KLRU website. Both winning poems and honorable mentions are published on this site, on AISD’s digital press, and in a paperback anthology.

Austin Community College and Austin Independent School District are proud to offer this opportunity to students as they explore and develop their creative and literary selves.