Ode to the Night

Many fear you, but I find comfort in your dark endless feel

To be alone with your mind at such an hour can help

Your thoughts organize themselves into good and bad.

It’s just me, myself, and I in a room I know all too well.

No one comes knocking with dishes that need doing

Or with animals that need walks or clothes that need folding.

From 11 to 6 there is this silent peace is the world that

No one pays attention to-those hours due to the sleep

We all succumb to due to the day’s work mere hours earlier.

In those hours society expects nothing from you.

Those are the few hours you are truly free to do what you wish.

You hold more secrets than the universe holds stars:

Secrets between lovers, and conversations with friends

That will never see the light of day.

I can thank you for the open door to creative works that come

From the loneliness you bring.

People say they change when you come, but I think they feel more free when the sun goes down and

You lift the pressure of daily expectations,

You offer a sort of freedom when the city sleeps and

Only few dare to wander the streets

In fear of those who don’t.

You are the lonely person’s love

And the couple’s cover.

People use your acceptance to hide what they do

From the accusing light of day.

So many compliment your beauty

But don’t stay awake to truly admire you.

Then the sun rises and those who slept

Wake to the sun’s warm embrace and

Those who didn’t excitedly await

Your next arrival.


Anderson HS


Author: Marisar

philosopher, iconoclast, technoboy, musician, conjuration battle-mage, dean

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